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Checklist: How to best secure your home while on holiday

Looking forward to jetting away to an exotic destination this summer to do nothing except relax, unwind and put your feet up for a change? We don’t blame you, but first you need to ensure that your home is protected and fully secure while you’re away.

Amid the excitement of planning a holiday, it’s easy to overlook the issue of home security. However nothing can spoil the memories of a good holiday like coming back to find out you’ve been the victim of a crime. It’s worth taking time to secure your home both with security systems and a little help from your friends and neighbours.

To better prepare yourself for some all round fun in the sun, I spoke to the experts at Select Garage Doors who gave me the following checklist to ensure your property is left in safe hands:
1) Ask a friend
The trouble with making your home look lived in when no one is there is that it isn’t lived in and on one is there! A quick, pain […]

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Tasty juice diet recipes for easy and painless weight loss

It’s summer and we need to be well hydratated. So, why don’t we turn that juice-drinking into a quick weght loss and into an easy juice diet. In weight-loss tips you’ll find an easy juice diet and painless weight loss tips and of course, one 7-day diet including only juices.

Here’re some recipes, which will help ypou body to detox and to lose that copule of pounds you’re fighting with for so long.

1. Juice diet for weight loss and detox.
We’ll start with one juice which is really detoxing, delicious and easy to prepare. It contains two apples, one celery stick, 1/2 cucumber, one small spinach (handful) and ice cubes. Add these ingredients in the blender, but remember that the ice cubes should be added at the end. One minute blending would be enough. Drink that detoxing juice in the morning, because that’s the time of the day when your body needs fresh energy.
2. Energy and weight losing juice.
So, if you want to be well energised and to feel great till noon, […]

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7 Usability Tips to Make Your Sites Load Faster

Content is king and there’s no doubt about it. Good stuff will keep bringing people to your site. That’s a fact. However, have you ever thought of Usability? What’s usability, you say? In short: it refers to the quality of a system (i.e. a web site) and the process of designing a system.

A common usability problem among most blogger is about loading times. Most visitors will leave your site immediately if it’s taking ages to load. Sometimes it our host’s fault. Most of times it’s our fault, even if we’re not aware of it. Read on, I’ll tell you why.

Put your Styles at the top
Having your stylesheet in the HEAD section will makes your pages appear to be loading faster. This is because the browser will load the styles first and apply them to your contents as it renders them progressively.
Avoid image filters
The AlphaImageLoader filter blocks rendering until the whole image has been downloaded. Use PNG-8 instead. As far as I know, it is well supported by IE so it’s worth the shot.
Keep scripts and stylesheets […]

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How to add a touch of Rock ‘n’ Roll to your home

Rock star interior design doesn’t have to mean leopard print and shag carpets – it can mean a carefully curated jumble of accessories that play into the music lover’s lifestyle. An artfully displayed guitar collection, a colourful alphabetized vinyl selection, and a few retro touches can bring your living room, studio, or den to life.

Vinyl’s made a major comeback in the past few years, with sales at a 28-year high. Vinyl looks, smells, and sounds amazing, and you can really utilise this quality in your home décor.

Head to any East London vintage fair and you’re bound to see cake stands fashioned out of vinyl. Coasters are another simple touch that amp up the rock vibe in your living room.

Wall clocks, bookends, and other home accessories can also be crafted out of vinyl. If you want to get creative, you can even take some old LPs from the charity shop and start upcycling them yourself.

Sometimes the subtle accessories can bring an overall rock vibe to your kitchen, like […]

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