Things you learn after buying your first house

No matter how good a mum you are, there will always be some things that are completely out of our control. Most of the time it’s down to electrical problems or DIY issues. But don’t worry!

Even if you and your partner aren’t the most practical of people, there are always you can fix things. Here are some of the most common household problems and what you need to do to try and fix them.

Things you learn after buying your first house | UK Lifestyle Blog

TV and Netflix downtime is pretty tough

It can be a real nightmare when our TV breaks. Especially if you rely on it to entertain the kids when you are busy cooking or cleaning. But, thankfully, most TV issues can be easy to fix yourself. If your box isn’t picking up a very good signal, you might just need to move the aerial.

Try it on a different side of your property to see if it picks up a better signal there. If you have a Sky Box, the problem could be at their end, so give them a quick call. Still have a problem? Then you might need to call out a handyman who deals with TV Repair.

Doors swell, squeak and jam

Is one of your doors particularly difficult to open or close? You may need to sort out the door frame, as these can often need replacing. This might sound like a difficult task, but it is remarkably simple to do.

Simply take off the door and then remove the trim and the jamb. You can then ensure the door sits correctly in the frame. Still sound pretty difficult? No problem – just call your local carpenter or joiner.

Fresco dining = bugs in your house

The summer is prime time for pest and rodent infestations. There are many ways you can prevent this, though. You just need to store leftover food in the fridge out of the way, and also make sure you regularly clean your kitchen. However, if […]

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Tips for making your travel blog successful

Are you still struggling to make your travel blog really take off and find success? It’s not easy, but you can take steps in the right direction if you think strategically.

Here are some essential tips that could make your travel blog a success.

Tips for making your travel blog successful | UK Lifestyle Blog

Write for your niche

If you have a small existing audience in place, you first need to think about how you will keep hold of them. They will form the basis of your future audience as it begins to grow. So, don’t be tempted to chase after new readers because this might cause you to lose the ones you have.

It’s all about getting that balance right. Offer readers what they want and expect from your blog. If you keep doing this, then people should keep coming back for as long as the quality of the content remains high.

Know which posts are popular

It’s simple to track the popularity of your posts. The ones that get the most views, likes and retweets are the ones that are most popular. You need to take note of which ones are most popular. And then you can start to think about why those posts are more popular than others.

There is usually an underlying reason for a particularly post’s popularity. When you understand what makes those posts popular, you can repeat the formula more often to gain more visits.

Start guest posting

It can be difficult when you are figuring out how to promote your travel blog. You probably can’t afford advertising, and growing your social media following can be a long process. One thing that you should definitely do is use guest posts.

These guests posts will be posted on other, more established blogs. They prove to people that you are a good writer and give you access to a bigger audience. After people have read your post, they might want to check out your […]

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Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I’m OBSESSED!

Are you one of those people trying to shed off few extra pounds? Do you want to have a healthier and fitter body? In that case, do not fall for one of the miracle diets which promise amazing results with little or no effort.

Diets like the high protein low carbohydrate are not healthy for your body and even though they might temporarily slim you down, this will put a big strain on your kidneys and liver. Is it seriously worth it? The inside of your body will not be as healthy as you would hope for.

This is where organic Matcha tea comes in..

Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I'm OBSESSED! | UK Lifestyle Blog

If your aim is to have a healthy body while loosing few extra pounds, then the combination of healthy eating regime and drinking organic Matcha green tea is the right way to go! Sorry to tell you, this post isn’t an easy ‘beach bod’ fix.

Matcha tea and diet? Why?

Matcha green tea is your best friend in your effort to slim down. For thousands of years, the Chinese and Japanese have been drinking this miracle brew because of its medicinal properties. Only recently, this organic drink has been introduced to the west and it definitely was a great hit.

Today, Matcha green teas made its way to coffee shops, supermarkets and is dominating the organic drinks industry. Now EVERYBODY is raving about this super healthy tea. So, I set out to find out, what’s all the hype?

Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I'm OBSESSED! | UK Lifestyle Blog
Matcha on-the-go powder from TeaPigs

There are several reasons why Matcha tea facilitates your weight loss. First of all, the natural ingredients contained in Matcha tea help to speed up the metabolism rate of your body.

This means that your body will burn fat much more efficiently and convert it in to energy. Aside from maximising your body’s efficiency to burn fat and convert it in to energy, it can obviously help you to stay active and energised, which most diets fail to deliver.

If you are feeling really tired or you are feeling that […]

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