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How to Turn Your Garden into a Social Hub for Summer Parties 🌞🌻

The garden is an often underrated part of the property, and this is a shame as it plays such a huge role. Your garden is a place that can really complement the rest of the property and make it as great as you want it to be.

Another thing to remember is that it’s such an advantage to have an outside space these days, so you absolutely have to make the most of it.

Start using your garden more and making it a bigger part of the home. You need to do as much as possible to ensure that your garden is as practical and sociable as it can be. You can host gatherings here, and spend more time as a family outside. These are a few of the tips to make your garden a more sociable space.

How to Turn Your Garden into a Social Hub for Summer Parties 🌞🌻 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Create a Chill Out Area

There are so many excellent ideas for making the garden more sociable and beneficial to the property. And one of the best ways of achieving this is to create a chill out area in the garden where you can relax and hang out together. Think about seating arrangements, and try to choose something comfortable for people to enjoy.

You’ll need enough seating, as well as soft cushions and blankets. It will also be important to make sure you have covering to protect the area and make sure you can still use it even when the weather is bad.

How to Turn Your Garden into a Social Hub for Summer Parties 🌞🌻 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Add Lighting

If you’re serious about using the garden as much as possible, you will probably want to use it at night as well as during the day. This means you need to assess what the lighting options are for the garden and use them to really make this a great place to socialise.

Having the right kind of lighting can make all the difference, and there is a lot to be said for making use of solar lighting. This is an excellent way of lighting the garden and also helping to keep your property as eco-friendly as possible. Lighting can help transform the garden into the perfect social environment for summer nights.

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How to Turn Your Garden into a Social Hub for Summer Parties 🌞🌻 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Make it Functional

If you want the garden of your dreams, you have to make sure it is functional. This is important because it makes it a more attractive prospect for hanging out. Think about the layout of the garden, as well as the size, and make a decision about what you want to do to improve functionality.

For instance, you may like to add a new set of table and chairs. Is there room for a gazebo or a hot tub? It is really important that you do what you can to improve the functionality of the garden and provide more places for people to sit, relax, and enjoy themselves.

How to Turn Your Garden into a Social Hub for Summer Parties 🌞🌻 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Making the garden more of a functional and social area really helps to improve it and add value and worth to the property. The best gardens are the ones you can make use of, and they will help you ensure you get the best out of your home. You also need to think about how to sell your home, and what is involved in making it more appealing to buyers.

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5 Things You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Business

This time 2 years ago launched my own digital marketing agency, Float Digital. Quitting your job, risking your mortgage and going out on your own it daunting but it was undoubtably the best decision I’ve ever made. In such a short space of time we’ve come a long way and it’s crazy to think how much has changed. I’ve written another post over on the company blog about what we’ve achieved in the last 12 months, if you want to have a snoop.   

A recent study conducted by International Marketing at ABE revealed that 90% of young people would like to start a business. These days, it’s easier than ever to start your own business. No matter what your skills or interests, it’s easy to set up a business to profit from them. While it may be easier to get a business up and running, there’s still quite a lot of things you’re going to need before you start. Take it from the horses mouth.. 

5 Things You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Business | UK Lifestyle Blog

Did you know that the majority of start-up businesses fail within their first year? If you want to avoid becoming one of them, here’s 5 things you’ll need to set up your own business.

Understand the tax and legal implications

One of the first things you’ll absolutely want to do is look into the tax and legal implications of starting a business. Dealing with HMRC might feel a little scary and even a bit boring, but you’ll need to deal with it. 

As you’ll be self-employed or an employee of your own company, you’ll be responsible for your own tax. This is something you really don’t want to mess up because it’ll get expensive. Depending upon what sector you’ll be working in, there may also be numerous legal implications you need to consider.

5 Things You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Business | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s a good idea to look at the government self employed guide to learn more about the legalities of setting up a business. Brush up on everything you need to know, then get some recommendations for professional help. Hiring a lawyer and an accountant is a wise investment – they are worth their weight in gold.

Have a little patience

You can’t expect to start a business and instantly become successful. It’s going to take a lot of time, effort and hard work. Anything worth having doesn’t come easily. If you don’t have much patience, you’re going to easily become frustrated, especially during the early days.

5 Things You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Business | UK Lifestyle Blog

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When I first started I only had a handful of clients, and it took a few months to gradually build up my business. I’m so glad that was the case though because it meant I had time to tweak my website, develop my brand and get my processes in place. I’m always busy now, so I appreciated that time to get things right. 

You can just jump into the deep end (you wouldn’t want to, it would be horribly stressful!). 

Don’t neglect having a business plan

Even if you don’t intend to seek financial backing for your new business, you’ll still need a solid business plan in place. These can be pretty tedious and difficult to create if you’ve never done them before, however, they help you to plan the business and set goals to keep you motivated.

5 Things You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Business | UK Lifestyle Blog

I created a business plan with the help of Unlocking Potential when I first began trading, but the busier I got, the harder I found to keep on top of developing my goals. I now block out time on a Friday to focus on my business and spend time defining my objectives. It makes a world of difference, so make sure you find the time for it.

Meticulous plan your finances

Not all businesses require a lot of money to get started. I’m so lucky that I’m essentially just selling my time, and our largest overheads we have are software and salaries. This meant it was easy for us to enter the market and it was low risk for me, in terms of jeprodisring my personal life. I just made sure I had enough savings to last me up to 6 months (if things went south!), and needed to be 100% committed to my business. 

5 Things You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Business | UK Lifestyle Blog

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This isn’t the case for everybody though, for example, if you’re setting up a hairdressing business. In this scenario, you’d need quite a lot of equipment to get started, even if you only plan on running a mobile hairdressing business. Of course, there are ways to save money on the things you need. Choosing suppliers, such as Capital Hair & Beauty, which offer bulk supplies at discounted prices, is a great way to cut the cost of setting up. 

Invest in a good website

It sounds obvious, but it’s so important to get a website up and running as this will be used to market the business. Every business is expected to have a website these days, so make it one of the first things you do. 

5 Things You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Business | UK Lifestyle Blog

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a website as there’s plenty of great cheap templates out there available for platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. Once you’re up and running and making a good profit, then you can consider investing in a bespoke website using a freelancer web designer or agency. 

The above is just a very small number of things you’re going to need to set up a new business. If you follow each of these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming your own boss. Trust me, you’ll never look back. 

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8 Tips to be Happier with Less #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Your newsfeed and timelines are probably flooded with companies promoting #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. Unsurprisingly, brands are distastefully trying to capitalise on this this week *shivers*. This doesn’t sit well with me but the silver lining is, bloggers are writing uplifting posts on mindfulness and confidence. It’s been so inspiring to see so much positivity online, and people developing helpful resources for others. I figured I’d do the same, whilst staying in keeping with the general aesthetic of my blog. Believe me, the ex-neuroscience-university-student in me wants to write about neurons, synapses and signalling… BUT I’ll save that for another time and place. Instead I’m going to talk about something equally close to my heart, minimalism and simplicity in a capitalist world.

The push to get people to constantly buy products is everywhere. From billboards to commercials and digital ads, we’re exposed to ads every day that are trying to convince us to part with our cash. If you somehow manage to ignore those (maybe you live under a rock?), you wouldn’t have missed your friends and family unknowingly doing the exact same thing on social media. Every time someone posts about how excited they are to get the new phone or laptop, it creates a sense of peer pressure that might leave you feeling like you need to buy that too. I’m so involved in social media and digital marketing, it’s only natural I’ve become mindful of the negative affect this type of advertising has had on society. It’s important to remember we need balance. 

8 Tips to be Happier with Less #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek | UK Lifestyle Blog

SO many people are choosing to live with less. Living with less can be better for the environment and it can be better for your mental and spiritual health to cleanse what you own (these are just two of the reasons I’m beginning to think this way). So here it is, my little contribution to #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek with some tips to help you transition to a minimalist lifestyle making baby steps without feeling like you’re missing out!

Focus on What You Gain

The first way to being living with less is to clean out what you have now. Throwing lots of stuff away can be discouraging, so use your cleaning time to focus on what you’re going to gain once you have less clutter. It could be a spiritual benefit to have less drama from all the unnecessary junk going on in your life. Think about what your motivations are to start a new lifestyle and put your mind towards what you’re going to gain once you get there.

Use What You Have

Living with less doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and start from scratch. You can use what you have to find joy without needing to have everything. An easy way to do this is be grateful for what you have. Really try to think of a time where you wanted to be where you’re at now, and be thankful for what you’ve accomplished. It will help you feel more at peace with settling for a life that has less in it than before.

8 Tips to be Happier with Less #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Go Full On DIY

Buying less might mean that you make your own stuff more often, so try to learn as much as you can about how you can replace what you buy the most. Cleaning supplies are a good place to start, and you can make pretty much all of them with your own supplies. Vinegar can be diluted in hot water to replace window cleaners, and baking soda naturally deodorises smelly mineral buildups in sinks and toilets. Think laterally.

Think About How You’re Helping the Earth

So much about the production process that occurs every day in large factories hurts the earth in one way or another. They pollute soil and groundwater, and create air pollution that kills nearly 200,000 people each year. If more people live with less, less products will have to be created, slowing down production and the amount of pollution that’s created. Don’t even get me started on how much plastic is in the sea…

Create New Things

When you go out and buy things, there’s a bit of thrill that you’re adding something new to your life. That need for newness is hard to get rid of if it’s what fuels your buying habits, so try creating new things once you’ve limited what you have. Making something new like art or even putting a jigsaw puzzle together will make you feel more at peace without having to go swipe your card or hand over money for stuff that will only give you happiness for a few minutes.

Consider the Value of Everything

Let’s say you narrow down what you have in your life to just a few things. In your living room you have your sofa, some pillows and a blanket, a TV, your laptop and maybe a tablet. Have you stopped to consider the value of what you have? Even if you only have a TV or a phone, you have technology in your hands that can give you unlimited hours of entertainment and education. There’s value in everything you own, even if it’s not much.

8 Tips to be Happier with Less #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Make New Friends

It’s hard to do anything alone, especially a makeover on your lifestyle. If you’re giving away or throwing out a majority of what you have, it will be a mental uphill battle to keep it going once you’re in a room that feels empty. Make friends who want to live less too so you can have people to talk to and a supportive community around you. They’ll make all the difference if you ever start to question yourself or wonder where to go from here.

Become Inspired

You may not know anyone else trying to live with less, and that’s okay! You can always look to history for inspiration to keep you going. Socrates was a famous philosopher who lived with hardly any possessions. He chose instead to put all his energy into teaching others, which is why he’s still remembered and taught about today. SO inspiring ✨ Buying things won’t be what matters in the end. What will matter is how much good you put into the world and how you’ll be remembered.

8 Tips to be Happier with Less #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek | UK Lifestyle Blog

People say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but the consumer-driven society that exists today pushes that message in every other way. Advertisements are constantly showing people who seem happier after buying their particular product, and it’s easy to fall into the mindset that they’re right. The truth is that you don’t need to have a lot of stuff in your life to be happy.

Happiness comes from your mindset. You can control that by taking control of what influences your life. Having less stuff will help you clear your mind and focus on what matters. You’ll be helping the earth, creating more and getting happiness out of what you have. You’ll end up saving more money, too. Living with less is worth it even if it’s only for a short time, so try it out for yourself and see just how much happiness you can find when you declutter your life.

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