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Hey there! I’m Sam, a lover of Scandinavian homeware, floppy eared bunnies and pepperoni pizza. It’s probably easiest to re-wind a little, to tell you about who I am.

During university I was lucky enough to take part in a study abroad exchange for a semester in Queensland, Australia studying psychology and marketing at Griffith University, Gold Coast. After jumping 14,000ft out of plane, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and riding an elephant through a safari in Indonesia, it was time to return to the motherland.

I didn’t just come back with a golden brown tan (which unfortunately has been long gone, and has no sign of return), but also the urge to set up my own blog.

My short stint working in a brand communication and web development agency before heading over to Australia somehow helped me land a job being responsible for the public relations and marketing for the largest beauty brand in the country.

The working day consisted of writing articles about make up in magazines such as Vogue,  managing the company blog and collaborating with bloggers.

This made arriving back to rainy England without a job even harder. Sooner or later, I started at an agency working in search engine optimisation (SEO) for enterprise brands, again working on product reviews, guest posts and competitions. 

I was introduced to this digital world, I didn’t even know existed, and I was addicted to reading blogs everyday, and how lucky was I? This was my job!

Finally, after month of deliberating over names, Strawberry Squeeze was founded in 2013. I hated the name then, I hate the name now; it was something I just had to crack on and begin creating, else it probably still wouldn’t have launched today, if I’d waited until I found the perfect name. Essentially, the name came from my favourite smoothie at Boost Juice, that I discovered when living in Australia.

The blog became a platform for experimenting with code, flexing my creative muscles and exercising my growing SEO and analytical knowledge. Google Analytics started to make more sense, I had a constant fuel of inspiration during my research at work and my writing started to improve. I found my calling. 

My creative hub continued to grow, and I met some incredible people along the way. After a bit of saving, I prepared myself for an adventure in London for something bigger and more exciting. The weekend I had my final round of  interviews, I realised it wasn’t all about outlandish offices and big budgets and that actually, location and life was more important to me than money. I declined the job offer and decided to build my nest in Cornwall, right by the seaside in the hometown I love.

Nestled between the beach and the town. I purchased my first property in 2015, where I live with my partner in crime, Petal and my boyfriend Sam (yes, we have the same name, it can get confusing!). I’ve recently quit my job as a GAIQ Account Manager at an SEO, PPC and Analytics search agency, to go freelance and a final year Anglia Ruskin distance learning business and marketing undergraduate. 

With the help of my other half, the blog has continued to grow, and we don’t plan to slow down anytime soon.