Consider the Following Before Inviting Your Guests To Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is an exhilarating and exhausting time of life. The saying goes that the wedding day is all about the bride, but that’s not entirely true. The bride needs to be happy and so does the groom, and then there’s both sets of parents to consider. On top of all of that, guests need to be considered too.

Before you jump into the final few months of wedding preparations, take some time to think about all the considerations that come along with inviting guests. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to have a big wedding or a small wedding. Some parts of planning never change.

Consider the Following Before Inviting Your Guests To Your Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Who’s Going to Come?

This is the biggest question that’ll be running around your mind as soon as you slip on that engagement ring. Who’s going to be there for your big day? An easy way to take the first step of approaching this big question is for everyone to make a list. The bride and groom should make their own lists, and each set of parents should make one too. After everyone’s done, meet up to talk about why you added each person.

From there, opinions can be heard and compromises made about who is staying on the final list and who isn’t being invited. There may be some disagreements at this point, but it’s better to get everyone’s thoughts heard before invitations are sent out. And speaking of mailing cards . . .

2. What’s Your Budget?

You probably already have an overall budget for your wedding that includes things like your dress, the cake and other expenses. Guests basically require their own budget. This can be done a couple of ways. If both sets of parents are chipping in, ask that they pitch in for the guests they added to the list. The bride and groom can cover their own. These expenses would cover things for guests like food, drinks and goodie bags.

Another way to handle this is to figure out your guest budget by sticking with the money you’ve already decided to spend. If a hundred guests would require you to spend more money than you originally planned for food, cut the guests down to eighty and do the math again.

Consider the Following Before Inviting Your Guests To Your Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

3. How Much Food Should You Serve?

Some people eat very little and others eat lots of food in one sitting. How are you supposed to know how hungry your guests are going to be? Thankfully there’s an easy way to calculate how much food to serve your guests if you base your math off “bites” instead of “meals.”

You’ll also need to consider any food allergies or preferences your guests may have, which is why it’s always a good idea to make part of the wedding invitation include a section where guests can note what they can’t eat. You can get these back and update your meal plan.

4. How Much Space Will You Have?

Sometimes final decisions come down to practicalities, like how much space you’ll have for guests. Will you have enough chairs to accommodate everyone, and is there enough parking space outside for people to park their cars before the ceremony? These questions need to be thought out before you finalise the guest list.

Consider the Following Before Inviting Your Guests To Your Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

5. What Invitations Will You Send?

There are lots of different kinds of invitations to choose from, since every wedding is so different. You’ll see words like “Seal and Send,” “Laser Cut” and “Digital Invitations.” Your choice in invitation may come down to budget, as sending invitations online is much cheaper than mailing them, but you also may fall in love with some of the latest trends. One of these is letterpress invitations, where clean lines and bold colors are imprinted on the page to give your invitations a high-quality look and feel.

It all depends on what you’re willing to spend, so take your time while looking through different kinds of wedding invitations to make sure that what you’re spending your money on is worth it in the end.

6. Will You Give Goodie Bags?

Sending your guests home with mementos is a sweet thought, but there’s a fine line between something your guests will love and something they’ll throw away as soon as they get home. When considering who to invite to your wedding, think about if you’ll want to give gifts to the number of people you finalize on.

When you’re making your guest list for your wedding, it’s easy to get lost in imaging everyone celebrating with you, but there’s a lot more to think about. Bring in your fiancé and in-laws to help make the list, and stick with your budget while you work.

Consider the Following Before Inviting Your Guests To Your Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog


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Choosing a virtual telephone number for your home business

It’s fair to say that many of us are given a particular telephone number and are perfectly happy with it. We don’t need it to comprise a pleasing pattern of digits or be routinely free to call; we simply aren’t that fussy. Well, you probably should be if you intend to use a telephone number for business purposes. A carefully chosen such number can meet various needs if you are seriously ambitious about your business; here are reasons why that number can make a vital difference.

Choosing a virtual telephone number for your home business | UK Lifestyle Blog

Make sure that the number starts with 0800

When running a fledgeling business, you are in the situation of having to regularly tempt people to take the initiative of getting in touch with your business. Tempting people in this way can be tricky if they are not naturally inclined to use your kind of business or they are already happy with products or services from a rival company. Therefore, the onus is on you to pull out all the stops to make reaching out to you as easy and convenient for potential customers as possible.

You can do this by making your corporate phone number an 0800 number. To 90% of people, this number will be recognisable as one that they can call without incurring any charges. In fact, independent market research has found that, by putting this type of number in your company’s promotional and advertising material, you could increase responses by as much as 185%.

Select a number that can be easily remembered

When you are competing with a huge number of other businesses for custom, a phone number with a tendency to stick in people’s minds can certainly be a boon. When someone needs a specific product or service that your company offers but this person lacks time to spend researching, your company’s number could spring to their mind before any competing company’s contact details.

If you heed the advice just provided about aiming for an 0800 number, then a case could be made for the 0800 part of a free-to-call number making that number easier to recall in a hurry. If you knew that a number was free, wouldn’t you be likelier to remember it, too? However, don’t allow complacency to set in; you can still make the rest of the number memorable as well. At the time that we write, Planet Numbers offers what it calls “ultimate memorable” 0800 numbers for business.

There is only a slim selection of those numbers, which Planet Numbers is offering on the basis of “first come, first served”. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait long before attempting to obtain one. Still, if none of the numbers in that selection are to your satisfaction, Planet Numbers invites you to get in touch to let them know, as they might still be able to provide the specific number you want. If you haven’t made a definite decision about what specific arrangement of digits you would like, the LinkedIn SlideShare website has tips for devising one that could effectively stick in the memory.

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5 ways to make your blogger meet up run smoother

Social events can be fantastic fun – particularly if they are with the right people, such as friends and family that you love regularly meeting up with. However, preparing a social event that will run hitch-free can involve far more than just being selective about who to invite. Here are some techniques that can be wonderfully useful, but you might not have sufficiently considered, for preventing your social events going haywire. Follow each step in the order that they are posted here.

5 ways to make your blogger meet up run smoother | UK Lifestyle Blog

Invite and inform potential guests well in advance

You might already have a particular time and place in mind for your event. However, when you impart this information to the people you want to see there, they may respond by apologetically revealing that they won’t be able to attend at that time and setting. You could then react by changing either or both of these. Also, be clear exactly how long the event will last; this can avoid awkward lingering or abrupt leaving at the event, HuffPost implies.

Make sure that all invited guests will have seating

You’ve likely been in that awkward scenario of getting your drink at a party and then looking for somewhere to sit, only to realise that… there isn’t anywhere. Take account of the number of people you have invited to your event and then provide seating to accommodate all of them. Actually, you should probably provide even more seating than that. This is because you could find that some uninvited people also turn up; I will return to that subject a little later.

5 ways to make your blogger meet up run smoother | UK Lifestyle Blog

Keep it simple with the food and drink

Yes, you would naturally like your guests to be happy with the food on offer at your event. However, this doesn’t make your preparation an ideal opportunity to try making that obscure dish that you have never previously attempted to make. There’s just too much risk of error. In another article, HuffPost advises: “Make things you know you are good at, whether they’re stunning and fancy or not.” As for the drinks, opt for simple ones, like a bourbon rickey, that can be readily batched. 

Prepare more than enough food and drink

The theme of preparing in advance should extend to making the food and drink, too. This is for several vital reasons. One is that some of your guests might have specific dietary restrictions that you need to heed. You wouldn’t want to start making everything so late that you lack enough time to ask your guests if they have such restrictions. However, another reason for this step is that there could be one or two unexpected guests; so, as a safeguard, plan for them.

5 ways to make your blogger meet up run smoother | UK Lifestyle Blog

Remember to regularly socialise at the event

The event should be fun for you, too – not just those who have travelled to attend. So, don’t just preoccupy yourself with making more food while the event is ongoing. If you run a bar where the event will occur, the right wine cooler fridges could help you time-effectively preserve the drinks.

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