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5 Easy Ways To Make More Money Using Your Home

Your home is one of your biggest assets. In fact, it’s probably your biggest asset. That means if you need some extra cash, it’s one of the best ways imaginable to help you get your hands on it. Here are 5 easy ways you can make more money using your home – you could have that spare cash in your back pocket in no time.

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Sell your home

The first one is the most obvious one. Selling your home. Selling your home is one of the quickest ways to make money using your home. You can then use that money to downgrade, or for something else entirely depending on your situation. However, you need to make sure you sell your home fast and efficiently if time is of the essence. You may need to work with experienced planning consultants who can walk you through the process and make things as stress-free as possible for you. It can be stressful, but it will be worth it if it’s the right thing for you to do!

Rent out your driveway

A really simple way to make money using your home that will barely disrupt your lives at all. Renting out your driveway! If your car is never there, or you don’t have one at all, renting out your driveway is a great idea, especially if you live in a town or a city that always gets tourists.

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Rent out your spare room

Don’t mind having your home intruded on a little bit? Rent out your spare room. This can help you to make far more money, and you’ll also be exempt from certain taxes depending on where you are in the world. It can be scary doing something like this at first, but it’s also a smart way to make money, especially if you live alone.

Put your property on AirBnb

Maybe you go away a lot, or you are planning on going away in the future. You can put your property on AirBnb so you can make money while you’re out of town! People love these kinds of properties as they are usually far cheaper than a hotel but they get plenty of home comforts, like wi-fi, a big TV, a living area, kitchen, and so on. Just make sure you follow the website’s guidelines when listing your property.

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Take stock photos of your home

Finally, if your home is well decorated and dressed, how about taking stock photos of your home? Even if it isn’t well decorated, you could still make some money with stock photos, as content creators tend to need all kinds of images these days! Take pictures of each room, areas you think are beautiful, your garden, and more. Just make sure the pictures are high quality for the best results!

Have you found a new way to make money using your home in this post? Hopefully, you’ve found something that suits you so you can begin watching the cash roll in right away.

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4 Tips for Creating a Killer Wedding Gift List

It goes without saying that planning a wedding is ridiculously exciting. Things are finally starting to come together; we’ve booked up the important suppliers and bought our centrepieces 😻 It’s crazy to think that this time next year I’ll be packing my suitcase with my favourite ladies to spend a week in Morocco to celebrate my hen.

I didn’t really understand when people said planning a wedding was difficult or stressful. Surely you just open a savings account, go to Pinterest and plan the best day of your life. Wrong! You end up second-guessing yourself and questioning if that dress, those flowers, that food, is really what you want. There are some awkward things you have to deal with as well, such as creating a gift list. 

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Tradition dictates that you should buy the bride and groom a present if you’re attending their big day – usually something useful they can put in their new home. This is super awkward because *surprisingly* we don’t feel comfortable asking for presents. We also would have been living together for three and a half years so we’ve already filled our house with stuff.

Gift lists make sense because you don’t want people to waste money on things you already own, but equally, it’s an awkward thing to write. You don’t want to ask for too much and bankrupt your loved ones on your big day and seem like a self-obsessed Bridezilla. We’ve been doing some research in gift lists to learn a little bit more about etiquette and get some ideas. Here what we’ve learnt:

Get help

As always, the first thing to do when you are unsure is to ask for advice. Hopefully, there will be a newly engaged or married couple that is going through the same thing. That way, you can consult and find the answers together. If there aren’t, don’t forget about the married couples that have been together for donkey’s years. Their big day may have been a long time ago, but they might still remember small details. Come on – no one forgets receiving a pressie! Our parents have been SO helpful through the entire planning process. 

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Vary the budget

Some people will be happy to spend a fortune and others won’t. We’ve been so lucky that our parents kindly offered to help out by purchasing my wedding dress and contributing a lump sum that we are going to use for our honeymoon and travel around south-east Asia with. Everybody in my family is an avid traveller, so it made sense for us to spend the money on a once in a lifetime trip.

Whatever is important to you, whether it’s wedding car hire, the venue or your bouquet – parents are usually keen to chip in to help you have the day you want rather than an FM radio from a department store.

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Your friends are the ones that should be on the cheap and cheerful part of the list. Weddings can be expensive to attend. Bear in mind they’ll probably be attending the bachelorette, buying a new dress and booking transport to get to and from the venue. You’ll find that lots of your friends will be getting married in their twenties and thirties, so don’t expect friends to be forking out everytime someone says ‘I do!’. 

When in doubt, cash in!

Recently, there has been a shift towards asking for money and for good reasons. Firstly, the average wedding costs £27,161, so asking for money can cover some of the costs. Secondly, guests might snap up items on the list and there might not be enough to go around. Finally, cash is flexible. There’s a chance a gift you receive might not be perfect but you can’t ask to return it for obvious reasons. With money, you can buy what you want without any awkward conversations.

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Personally, we know that people in our family don’t like giving cash – they don’t like not knowing exactly where the money went and how they’ve contributed. If you know what you’re likely to spend your money on but it isn’t a material product, you can always write a list of experiences. This is perfect for a honeymoon. There are lots of websites online where you can write a list of things you want to do, from scuba diving through to having a cocktail on the beach. Guests simply check-out and pay the amount of that product.

Be quick

There’s a lot to sort out and a gift list seems insignificant. However, guests need a list to buy their present in time. Otherwise, you and they run the risk of it being out of stock. Even worse, there won’t be enough time to find a gift before the big day. Although time is precious, don’t leave the gifts until a month or two before the reception. Instead, get out in front and draw it up with six to eight months to go.

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A gift list is an essential part of a wedding. Are you more confident about it now than before?

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Practical Design Tips that Will Have You Mixing Decor

Once upon a time, there was a rule in the realm of interior design: once you had chosen a style in which to decorate your home, you had to stick to it. So, a modern home would have sleek simplicity throughout, while a French country abode would be frilly and colourful from top to bottom. It was easy to stick to, and it helped maintain flow and continuity from room to room to room.

However, today’s designers see things differently. Rather than sticking to a single style, they flawlessly incorporate elements from multiple styles into a single space. The final result is just as interesting to look at as it is cohesive. Even better, you can decorate your home to create the same result, without fear of creating a messy or mismatched design scheme. Here’s how to do it like the pros:

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Strike the Perfect Balance

In order to create a seamless blend of different styles, you have to make sure that it’s clear what you’re mixing. In other words, you shouldn’t buy a super modern sofa to pair with a rustic-style coffee table and a glam, glimmering area rug.

Instead, most style mixers suggest you choose two design styles and, from there, decide which one will be the dominant one and which will be the supporting style. In most cases, you’ll want to strike an 80/20 balance between your main style and contrasting style. So, if you bring together contemporary and country, mostly everything will have sleek, clean lines, but you’ll also have pops of bright, warm colour and florals, for example.

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Don’t Do Matchy-Matchy

Back in the day, matching furniture meant that it literally matched. The same pattern would bedeck the comforter of the bed, the shams, the curtains and the valance. You might have even had a fabric runner to protect your wood furniture that sported the same pattern, too. Nowadays, that look would be considered overkill. Today, it’s all about matching without matching, if you will.

In order to create a coordinating look that’s not completely matchy-matchy, look for colours or themes that draw your different styles together. For example, you can decorate your dresser with a bunch of different baubles and picture frames so long as they’re in a similar hue. Or, you can pair fabric patterns together that are different, but made up of the same colour family. This is an especially interesting look when you have a neutral-hued couch as a backdrop.

To that end, you can use neutrals to your advantage: sturdy and hand finished wood furniture, for example, it can bring just the right amount of rustic into a space and still match the rest of your decor, thanks to its natural, neutral hue. There will be no need to make sure your coffee table, end tables and buffet are a perfect stain and style match, either: so long as they coordinate without being clones, they’ll be a design statement and one that matches, at that.

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Use the Differences as the Focal Point

As you begin to piece your room together, you’ll go through all of the design basics: you’ll likely start with a neutral backdrop before putting all of your furniture where it belongs. Then, you’ll probably place your accessories, pillows, rugs and fabrics for splashes of colour and style. Finally, you’ll wonder just what to do with the few pieces that come from your complimentary style: the room may even appear finished, but you still want to include your more surprising elements in the mix.

In that case, let your off-the-wall design choice become the focal point of the room. This won’t work if your coordinating-but-different items are small accessories or less-important pieces of furniture. They have to be eye-catching: an overhead light fixture, oversized piece of art or gorgeous hand-threaded rug are perfect examples. If they’re a different style from the rest of the room — while still coordinating with the colours of everything else, of course — then you have a ready-made, ready-to-go focal point.

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Follow Your Instinct

When it comes to interior design, you may not feel as though you have what it takes to make a decision: you’re not a trained professional, after all. But, you do know what looks inherently good to you. You can tell when your room feels balanced, when it feels overdone or when it’s missing something. You can tweak and move things around until you find a look that suits you. And, you can use your instincts to guide you toward the perfectly balanced room you envision.

The best part of interior design is that, ultimately, the beauty is in the eye of the property holder. So, look at your design with a critical eye, but make sure it’s your own taste that’s helping you decide what’s great or what’s not working. In the end, you’re the one that’ll live in the spaces you create: if the balance of styles works for you, then it works, period.

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