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Turn Your Bad Habits Into Good Habits!

We’ve all got a bad habit or two lurking, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change for the better and eradicate them for good. Here are a few ideas and tricks that could help you turn your bad habits into good habits!

Turn Your Bad Habits Into Good Habits! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Getting Up Late

Getting up late so you’re rushing in the morning never gets a day off to the right start. But how can you stop it? If you’re deep in the habit of snoozing your alarm, then it can be a little difficult. You have a few options for this. You could consider purchasing an app that tracks how you sleep through the night. These apps will give you more insight, as well as attempt to wake you up when you’re at the lightest part of your cycle. Sleep Cycle is one of the best. Then you have the option of purchasing a dawn simulator alarm clock, which will help you to wake up more naturally in the morning. Of course there’s a chance you may not be getting enough sleep either, so going to bed a little earlier could help too.

Drinking Too Much Caffeine

We’re all guilty of drinking a little too much caffeine every now and again. While a little coffee and tea each day can actually be beneficial, drinking too much of it can be damaging to your health. Too much coffee for instance, can increase the stress hormone cortisol, which wreaks havoc with our bodies. If you’ve ever had the jitters or a headache from too much coffee, you’ll know it doesn’t feel nice. Your body gets accustomed to it too, so you need more to get the same amount of energy. Try to stick to just a couple of cups a day. Carry a bottle of water with you every day, or keep a glass topped up by the side of you so you remember to stay hydrated. You can even substitute coffee and tea for hot lemon water!


Smoking can seem impossible to quit, especially if you’ve been doing it for years now. However, where there’s a will there’s a way. You can try a few different methods to quit. You could replace smoking with a product from Redvape.com to help you transition to being a non-smoker. So many people swear by handheld aromatherapy devices too. You don’t ‘smoke’ with them; you breathe in healthy aromatherapy oils that can have plenty of benefits on your health.


Stressing is a bad habit, and it does more damage to your body and life than you think. When you’re stressed, you might not feel able to make sensible decisions. Your cortisol hormone will increase, which can also make your body hold on to excess fat. It can also stop you from getting quality sleep. Instead of stressing, take a minute to clear your mind and breathe deeply instead. Meditating can help you to reduce stress in your life, and help you to enjoy many other benefits too.

These tips should help you to create more good habits!

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