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4 Steps on How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding is like walking on a tightrope. You want your wedding to be uniquely memorable and pleasant for all the guests, but you don’t want to fall into the trap of spending more than it is needed.

There are some baseline tips you should consider if you want to achieve the optimal balance between cost and a smooth, visually elegant and memorable wedding experience.

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Select a location and select it early

As the saying goes – location, location, location.

View it as a container of what is possible – how many guests you can fill in, how flexible is it in implementing various themes, how accessible is it for the guests, and how weather-dependent you want it to be.

Obviously, this is the most important part of your wedding planning. Everything else will come easy. Whatever you decide, make sure that it can be reserved at your preferred wedding date. You would be surprised at how many months in advance the locations get booked.

Also, try to choose one that is not entirely indoors or outdoors, as you will never know what the weather will be like at the time of the wedding.

Set a budget limit

Selecting the proper location is important enough to have as it is the biggest chunk of your wedding budget, so keep that in mind for the overall budget. The trick for getting an accurate overview of a potential budget is to account for all the details, so be sure to write down/type a long list. There are many wedding apps to choose from which can help you nail it down, so you don’t get any financial surprises down the line.

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Go overboard with winnowing the guest list

Research shows that a person can remember up to 150 people in their lifetime without detailed prompting. Consequently, the most generous number of guests to be considered is 300 if you consider both sides of the family.

Reduce that number drastically, as the number of guests will determine the suitability of location, the food cost, the available parking space, the wedding ornamentations and accessories, and most importantly – how pleasant will the wedding be for all parties involved.

Preferably, select only those guests you want to be present. It sounds simple, but it’s harder to accomplish if you are easily swayed by social pressure. Be conscious of this fact and always remember that a wedding is about you and your partner, not other people. They should be there to make your day, not the other way around. Once you come to terms with this reality, you will be surprised at the small number of guests you will arrive to. Then, you will be relieved at how everything else will be so much more manageable and affordable.

Small touches have a huge impact

Inexpensive but elegant ornamentation for the furniture will set the tone for your wedding. For example, wedding chair covers, sashes and bands, along with flower arrangements, will not take a significant bite out of your wedding budget, but it will be the foundation for the visual appeal of the whole experience. Visit Chair Cover Depot for more available options that suit your price range.

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September 21, 2018|Weddings|

3 Exclusive Mykonos Villas at Pouli We’re Dreaming of Booking 😍

The region called Pouli in Mykonos is definitely one of the most panoramic sides of the island with spectacular views of not only Mykonos itself but also the dotted-with-islands Aegean Sea. In fact, you may be able to see as far as Tinos and Delos islands from up there! No wonder the exclusive villas located there are favoured by celebs, famous athletes, and VIPs looking for intimacy, safety, and soul-pleasing vistas. Three of the most opulent and stylish beach adored by the international jet set are:

Villa Dominique (up to 8 guests – 4 bedrooms)

A luxurious 180m2 holiday home in a beautiful location right next to the sea offering superior views of the Aegean spanning below your feet. Villa Dominique is the ideal retreat for those in need of privacy, peace, and serenity without having to sacrifice style, elegance, opulence, or class. This makes it the perfect property for families with kids or friends that wish to explore the more laid-back side of Mykonos.

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Spacious living rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, four elegant bedrooms, two bathrooms and a breakfast room (all rooms are air-conditioned) welcome guests that step foot on the inside.

On the outside, a massive private, infinity pool treats holidaymakers with superb seascapes and the most romantic sunsets while handy amenities like the outdoor shower, guest bathroom, and charming dining and lounge areas make your stay even more comfortable and enjoyable and, at the same time, give everybody plenty of room to experience the Mykonos lifestyle as they please.

Villa Peace (up to 14 guests – 7 bedrooms)

Stretching over 550m2, Villa Peace is exactly as its name suggests – a peaceful haven cut for people tired of the stressful city way of living. Raised on three levels to ensure the privacy of each guest, Villa Peace comprises of the main house, a fully furnished, palatial villa equipped with all the modern amenities.

The separate upper level designed explicitly so that you and your partner can spend some quality time together, and a total of four equally lavish, private guest houses (each with its own entrance) with king-sized beds, en-suite bathrooms, and access to beautiful terraces where guests can take in heart-warming panoramas of Mykonos island and the ocean.

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If you decide to spend your day outdoors, you will find plenty of sunbeds and loungers next to the gorgeous infinity pool. Get your cocktail and savour the arresting vistas spreading below you, organise a BBQ party, or even arrange for a helicopter tour (the existence of a helipad makes it a pleasurable option) and explore the beauties of the cosmopolitan island and the other famous islands nearby (see Santorini or Delos) from up above!

Villa Titos (up to 18 guests – 9 bedrooms)

Another sumptuous 550m2 villa in Pouli, Mykonos with breath-taking views and the capacity to accommodate up to 18 people, with all modern facilities provided.

Due to its meticulously designed layout, no one will ever feel lacking their much-needed privacy. The main house is divided into 3 levels, with the pool level being the area where the impressive swimming pool, comfy staff room, fully equipped kitchen, grand living room, posh dining sector, and private outdoor pool (with loungers and many seating spots) are found.

The lower level is created for people that want some uninterrupted me-time, with a double room which has a separate private entrance. As for the upper level, it is where your personal refuge is located, with the king-sized bed and en-suite bathroom, along with another double room.

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Leaving the main building, six guest houses (each with a private entrance, double rooms, and en-suite bathrooms) with access to their own terrace allow guests to relish exclusive panoramas of the never-sleeping island. Things like cots and highchairs show the attention to detail and how Villa Titos was designed with guests’ maximum comfort in mind.

**Psst!!** 🙀 For larger groups of people (up to 32 guests), Villa Peace and Villa Titos can also be rented as a single property (they are adjacent). Also, the housekeeping staff will make sure you won’t need to worry about things like cleaning or maintenance!

So, all you have to do is wallow in the grandness of whichever upscale villa in which you decide to spend your Mykonos holiday! Click to Find All Mykonos Villa Rentals by Kinglike here!

September 19, 2018|Travel|
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UK Lifestyle Blog | UK Lifestyle Blog
UK Lifestyle Blog | UK Lifestyle Blog
UK Lifestyle Blog | UK Lifestyle Blog

Strawberry Squeeze is a UK lifestyle blog but what exactly does that mean? Mediakix defines a lifestyle blog as “digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests”. This is perfect for fickle little me, that changes what they’re doing every 5 minutes.

Whilst my career, my fiancée and my home is consistent, my hobbies and interest are all over the place. Life is too short and I want to experience EVERYTHING. One weekend I’ll be climbing a mountain, another I’ll be surfing, then the next week I’ll be watching learning how to create macrame wall hangings.

I always wonder how successful I could make the blog if it was in a niche with a focus but alas, it just wouldn’t be me.

Do you run a UK lifestyle or fitness blog, and want to contribute to my Strawberry Squeeze? If so, I want to hear from you!🍓

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