12 Wedding Reception Games & Activities Your Guests Will Love

When you want to celebrate your wedding, you are not only thinking of hiring an event specialist, but you also have to think about how to make the wedding party fun. A wedding party can be a gathering place for the whole family, friends, and also your beloved people. This special moment you can use as a time to bring two families closer with exciting ideas from exciting games at the wedding.

If you have an intimate wedding reception for special guests, you can add some exciting games at the wedding or ice breakers to make all the guests blend into one to make an unforgettable moment. You can do this by checking out Engog UK What are some exciting wedding games that you can try?

12 Wedding Reception Games & Activities Your Guests Will Love | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Face Game

You can at the same time get your invited guests involved in an exciting game at your wedding part called the face game. Let all guests participate in answering questions raised by the master ceremony through the given face sign. The winner must be able to answer the questions. This is a quite fun game that is commonly played in wedding parties.

Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop can enliven the atmosphere of your wedding. Although it looks simplE, playing hula hoops is apparently not easy anyway. You can make this a competition to know who can play the hula hoops in a long duration. It will be more fun if the bride and groom also join the game. You also must not forget to add exciting music to make the game more festive. Thus, you can invite all of the guests to join the game just for fun.

Bottle Bowling

If you have the concept of a rustic wedding reception, bottle bowling can be a fun alternative to your wedding. Without having to spend another budget, you can make your own from used plastic bottles in your house, then create your creativity to colour it. And voila, this exciting game is ready to enliven your wedding party.

The Shoe Game

This game is quite exciting which is commonly played in many wedding parties, involving you and your partner as newlyweds who have just married. This game can find out how far you know each other. The trick is to sit back to back with your partner, then exchange one pair of shoes each of you. After that, the MC will read questions about the relationship between you two, then lift your shoes or your partner who is roughly the answer to the questions given.

Mini golf

A mini-golf could be an interesting idea for an exciting game at a wedding. No need to buy equipment or rent a golf course because you can prepare it from plywood boards that are given some dividers from flower pots, rocks, and tree branches. This game will really be fun to play along with the guests. It will add value to your wedding party so the guests will not feel bored during the party and they will feel excited to enjoy your party.

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Send the bridegroom’s letter

This game is done with guests, including bridesmaids and groomsmen to make a letter to the bride and put in one container. Then, at a moment, the bride reads randomly about the contents of the letter. It’s shocking, right? Especially if the contents of the letter are sweet and unexpected sentences for the bride and groom.

Finding your husband or wife

Surely after hours of sitting at the aisle, making both brides tired and tired of sitting, right? This game is very appropriate to be done by the bride and groom who are tired of sitting in the aisle.

With one bride closing her eyes with a cloth, and looking for her soul mate in the crowd of invited guests, will add cheers. Invited guests may also participate and give a clue to the bride and groom to find her soul mate.

Dance floor

This game will make all the floors sway, right? All guests are allowed to sway in accordance with the music, then the bride and groom judge which guests are the most lively with a shake. To increase the spirit of the invited guests, the bride and groom were allowed to give a small prize to the winner.

Make a contest

You can also do small-scale contests, for example inviting invited guests to sing. The winner will be determined by the number of guests invited. This simple singing content is not only for invited guests, but the bride and groom must also participate so that the wedding becomes more exciting.


Flashmob is still one of the exciting activities. To break the ice at the end of the event, you can hold a flash mob between you and your friends who have been trained before and invite other invited guests to join in a dance together. Make sure the song you choose beats up so that it can build the mood. Also, make sure they take off all the heels so your guests can also freely move and dance together.

Bouquet Toss

As a guest who is still alone, you must be waiting for the bouquet throw. Aside from being fun, it is also considered as a belief to quickly catch up with the bride to meet her or his match and immediately can hold a wedding party too. So, this event needs to be at your wedding to be more exciting.

Video Game Station

Many people want to include this game on their party list, especially if you and your partner are both happy playing video games. You only need to choose a small prize for the winner of this game. As a result, your wedding will be more memorable.

Finally, those are a few games that are suitable for a wedding party. If you have no idea to choose the right games for your wedding, you may ask your event specialist. They will also prepare everything for you so you do not need to prepare anything for the party. You can add a few games at the party to make the party more fun and memorable.

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