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Cosy night in

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic and I’m in desperate need of a cosy night in. I’ve recently handed in two university assignments, attended the Search Awards in London and partied at the #SouthwestBloggersMeet in Exeter. After catching planes, staying in hotels and having a tipple of wine – it’s all catching up with me. I’ve suddenly found myself in my New Look onesie with tissues up my nose like a walrus, feeling sorry for myself – yuck!

Cosy night in | UK Lifestyle Blog

Here are some tips if you’re feeling like me, or you just want to get cosy:

1. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a bath filled with lovely oils (be prepared to sneeze lots first though!).|
2. Treat yourself to some cosy loungewear and warm these pieces on the radiator while you are in the bath. Buy some sumptuous new towels for getting out of the bath.
3. Keep the lighting in your rooms soft with lamps and candles. We love placing several small tea lights in a cluster.
4. Light a scented candle! The right scent will go a long way to creating a relaxed ambience. Try the Incense Lavender scented candle from Attic.
5. Surround yourself with soft cushions and wrap up in a luxurious throw.

Finally, pop the kettle on and grab a bar of your favourite chocolate and indulge in a copy of cosmo magazine.

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Tips for beach camping

How could anyone not like camping? I mean, you get the chance to get away from work or school, you’re not surrounded by loud traffic, and you get to relax with friends or family for a few days.

It’s great! There are thousands of great camping locations throughout the country, but even then, sometimes a change of scenery is welcome. Other than a clearing in a forest or a campground, there are actually a few different places where one can make camp, such as a desert, a mountainside, or even hanging suspended on the side of a cliff. These places make for memorable visual experiences, don’t forget your binoculars if you want to see it all and potentially spot some wildlife.

Today, though, I want to give you a few tips on beach camping, as it’s a little different than the traditional campsite.

Let’s start with the reasons why beach camping is such a great idea. Anyone who’s ever camped or experienced the outdoors at specific times of the year will tell you just how unbearable the bugs can become, especially if you’re ill-prepared for them. However, even using repellent can be rough, as it smells pretty bad.

One great thing about camping on the beach is the fact there are virtually no insects. Other than the lack of insects, there’s another great aspect to beach camping: the ocean. I don’t mean the option of swimming or tanning, but rather the smell of the ocean breeze and the soothing melody of the waves as background music to a great weekend of camping. Sleeping and waking to the sound of the ocean is something that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Tips for beach camping | UK Lifestyle Blog

When it comes to camping on the beach, you’ll probably want to bring some items that you wouldn’t think of bringing to the woods. For instance, depending on who you’re camping with, you might want to bring along items for water-related activities, such as boogie boards, floatation devices, etc just don’t forget your wet suit!

I definitely suggest a cosy sleeping bag, as well as extra blankets. Extra clothes, extra water, towels, bonfire materials (if permitted), sun screen, deep tent spikes (if using a tent), fishing gear (again, if permitted), and a flask full of hot chocolate. I take my trusty wrist warmers from Sock Shop with me whenever I head down to the beach. They are so comfortable and warm but also flexible so I can (attempt) to BBQ and sip on my coco! 😀

Obviously, you’ll need to find out whether or not a given beach even permits overnight camping before going there for such a trip. Once there, set up camp far enough from the shore in order to avoid the tide at night.

Keep an eye out for signs prohibiting pets, swimming in certain areas, fishing, and other such activities. Also, never take a floatation device too far into the ocean, especially during high tide. It may seem like harmless fun at first, but the ocean’s currents are far too strong to make it back to sure on an inflatable raft alone.

Tips for beach camping | UK Lifestyle Blog

There are a few regions that are famous for beach camping, such as Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach, and if you’ve been looking for a change of pace for your next family trip or romantic getaway, I highly suggest getting a little sandy.

On the one hand, you have the joy of camping. On the other, you have the relaxation of the beach. You may think we are a little crazy, but we were nice and warm in a VW T4 van 😉

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Choosing the right glasses

Choosing the right pair of glasses isn’t only about comfort and usability – it’s also important that your glasses look good. Your glasses reflect your personality, so take a few minutes to find out what suits you, and ensure your glasses look fantastic! I found it such a nightmare finding glasses to suit my face but fell in love with my London Retro Guy Havana designer glasses from My Optique.

Choosing the right glasses | UK Lifestyle Blog

Face shapes

Everyone’s face is different. The shape of your face will determine the types of style that suit you, and which styles won’t look as good. Taking into account your face shape, you can select styles of glasses that will look their best. Our advice about face shapes helps you determine what face shape you have, and which glasses will enhance and complement your looks rather than masking them.

Choosing a frame that complements your face shape is one of the most important considerations when selecting your glasses. Our guide to face shapes and the styles that suit these shapes best will hopefully make that task a little easier. Our in-store experts can also give you guidance and advice on frames that will suit your face shape best. Here we list the seven basic face shapes, and which styles work with those shapes. Whether you have a classic ‘oval’ or a less common ‘diamond’ face shape, the right pair of glasses can enhance your style and make you look and feel fabulous!


Choosing the right glasses | UK Lifestyle Blog



An oval face with a rounded chin and forehead is the ‘ideal’, as this shape has balanced proportions. An oval face appears longer than it is wide, with the forehead being slightly wider than the jaw. To maintain this natural balance, frames that are as wide as or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face are the best choice. Alternatively, ‘walnut’ shaped frames that are not too deep or narrow also suit an oval face. However, ovals are lucky in that almost any frame design will suit them, remembering to take into account hair colour and complexion as well.


If your face shape is more rectangular, you may have a longer face with a square chin, quite a strong jaw line and a longer nose length. Large, square frames suit rectangular faces best, helping to make the face appear shorter and more balanced. Decorative or contrasting temples will add width to the face. A frame with a low bridge will help to shorten the appearance of a longer nose, balancing the face and giving the overall appearance of a shorter, more defined line. A rectangular face can look particularly good in modern styles that help to shorten the length of the face.


A typical triangular face has a broad forehead – the width of the face tapering down to a narrow, rounded chin. The best frames minimise the width of the face’s top and bring the overall look back into balance. Frames that are wider at the bottom will help to achieve this, placing greater emphasis on the lower half of the face. Very light colours, light materials and rimless frame styles can also help, so consider small square or rounded frames to achieve more balanced proportions for the whole face.


A square face has a very strong jaw line and a broad forehead. Unlike the rectangle, the width and length are the proportionally equal. The aim is to soften the angles of a square chin and ultimately make the face look longer. Narrow frames with more width than depth can help to achieve this, particularly oval and round frames. Frames of this style can soften the jaw line, place emphasis on the eyes and lengthen the nose. Square framed styles will achieve the opposite effect, and look out of balance with the rest of the face.


Choosing the right glasses | UK Lifestyle Blog


The diamond shaped face is the rarest of face shapes, and is defined by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Diamond shaped faces are usually narrower at the eye line and jaw line, with high and often dramatic cheekbones. The aim here is to draw attention to the eyes, giving this area more width and balancing the face. Frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines will help to achieve this effect. Alternatively, try rimless frames or oval shapes, which will also draw more attention to the eyes. Diamond shape faces look particularly good in dramatic, outsize frames.


A circular face with full cheeks and a rounded chin. The round face shape needs a frame design to make it appear narrower and longer. The width and the length of a round face are proportionally similar, with no angles for definition. The aim is to lengthen and give more definition to the face shape, as well as widening the eyes. Angular, narrow frame styles will help to lengthen the face. A clear bridge will help draw emphasis to the eyes and frames that are more rectangular and wider will balance the shape of the face, providing more definition.


The pyramid is an unusual face shape, although not as rare as the diamond shape. The pyramid has a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin. The choice of frames for a pyramid shaped face should draw attention to the eyes – widening and adding emphasis to the narrow upper third of the face, which will bring the entire face back into balance. Frames that have detailing on the top half or are more striking in their use of colour will achieve this. Cat’s eye shape frames will also have the same effect. The overall effect can bring the top third of the face into proportion with the lower third.

Hair Colour

In the same way you choose complementary colour clothes to suit your complexion and hair colour, you should apply these principles when selecting your glasses. If you have fair hair, softer pastel shades or transparent or metal frames will ensure that your glasses don’t overwhelm your face. Black or brown hair works well with more dramatic frames. Our guide to choosing your frames takes into account this important factor, helping you pick the colours that suit you best.

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