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Chocolate cake– a winning recipe every time

If you feel that you want to gain some brownie points with your children and family, then why not apply your skills to making a delicious chocolate cake? You’ll soon find that your popularity will rise to an all time high.

Chocolate cake– a winning recipe every time | UK Lifestyle Blog

Cake making needn’t be too time consuming

If the idea of cake making fills you with dread, and you don’t have too much time to spend in the kitchen, then there are some alternatives. One great time saver is to use a slow cooker. Most quick and easy desserts for this ingenious kitchen utensil will ask you to mix up all the ingredients in advance, place them in the slow cooker and then in a matter of hours your cake will be ready. The joy of a slow cooker is that you don’t have to hover around in the kitchen staring anxiously into the oven to check on the cake’s progress.

Yummy chocolate cake

In order to create a delicious chocolate cake, you’ll need to have 2 cups of sugar, a ¾ filled cup of flour, ½ teaspoon of baking soda and ¾ cup of cocoa powder. The wet ingredients consist of 2 eggs, a cup of milk 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, ½ cup vegetable oil and a cup of boiling water. Simply beat up the dry ingredients in one bowl, do the same with the wet and then mix the two bowls together. Once the ingredients have been combined then pour them into your slow cooker. Make sure that you have applied cooking spray to the slow cooker in advance. The cake will take about 3 hours to cook, and you should use the low setting.

Accompaniments for your chocolate cake

Once you’ve let your cake stand for around half an hour it’ll be ready to serve. A brilliant accompaniment for this hot cake is a serving of delicious vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, you could pour cream or custard over the cake and add some raspberries or strawberries for decoration. Top tip: when serving, make sure that you reserve a generous portion for yourself – this cake doesn’t hang around for long, especially once your children have sampled it.

Adult additions for chocolate cake

If you’re hosting a sophisticated dinner party, you can always add some kirsch or cointreau to your cake mixture. The fruity flavours of these liqueurs will complement your pudding and elevate a simple chocolate cake to new heights.

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TribeSports performance open-back tank review

On my run to test-drive my Polar FT7, I wore my lovely new women’s performance open back tank in charcoal with yellow detail from TribeSports. I didn’t only fall in love with how the activewear looked but, it fitted perfectly and was so comfortable. It isn’t claustrophobic to wear when exercising and doesn’t cause any restrictions.

The vest has a built-in bra and the wide cross-back straps offer added support, this is great for a woman of a small build like myself with medium support needed around the chest area. The vest is breathable, ideal when getting a bit of a sweat on! the heat-zone ventilation panels and the ergonomic seams offer a supportive, comfortable fit, maximum mobility and optimum temperature regulation.

TribeSports performance open-back tank review | UK Lifestyle Blog

Additionally, the back straps allow your body to move freely whilst feeling secure, it would be perfect for yoga sessions for someone of my size. I would feel comfortable wearing this to the gym, as I’m especially working on weight training, however, it’s only spinning classes that I might look for some extra support and therefore, would have to wear a sports bra underneath.

As a lady working in the advertising industry, I was impressed by the packaging that the sportswear arrived in too. My vest arrived in a branded package with a tag attached promoted their #OWNYOURMARKS hashtag, integrating their Twitter campaign. It provided further information about its brand mission and detailed information about the making of the product. TribeSports clearly positioned themselves as producers of technically advance performance apparel, and this was reflected in their products and branding.

TribeSports performance open-back tank review | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’d definitely recommend TribeSports to any of my friends looking for comfortable, stylish sportswear. I found it especially great for someone new to sports and fitness and unsure what to look for and what’s worth paying for. Lots of activewear online can be quite expensive, but sometimes you’re unsure if you’re paying for the name of the brand, or the product itself. Their website sold it to me, providing clear information on how their products differ to similar vests on the market, and how it works, without sounding too technical and confusing.

TribeSports performance open-back tank review | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’m wearing a size XS women’s performance open-back tank – Charcoal. I usually wear a size 6, occasionally wearing a size 8 and measure 32B around my bust. Suitable for size 6 – 8. Shop the full range on Amazon at

TribeSports performance open-back tank review | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Polar FT7 and Heart Rate Sensor review

Polar FT7 and Heart Rate Sensor review | UK Lifestyle BlogThe evenings are getting lighters and the weekends are certainly starting to feel a little warmer. I’ve been trying to get out the house and do a little bit of running before the sun goes down. I knew it wouldn’t be easy given my cardio level but I’m hoping to be able to run 5k within the next couple of months. I recently received my Polar FT7 watch and heart rate sensor to start tracking my distance, calories burnt and heart rate to help me achieve my goal.

Polar FT7 and Heart Rate Sensor review | UK Lifestyle Blog

Polar FT7 watch and heart rate sensor

There are so many heart rate monitors and watches that are available on market, it was a bit of a minefield for what to go for. I’d seen lots of people talking about Polar on blogs and forums and had only heard great things. I was choosing between the FT4 and the FT7 as they seemed popular are were reasonably priced.

The fact that the Polar FT7 was waterproof for up to 30 meters drew me to it, especially as in the summer I spend almost all of my free time kayaking and in the sea. The FT7 also has the ability to use the Polar personal trainer app to analyse your work out, which sounded awesome.

Polar FT7 and Heart Rate Sensor review | UK Lifestyle Blog

 It states that it’s compatible with Mac (Intel-based) via Polar FlowLink and compatible with via Polar FlowLink to transfer data between the training watch and the computer, but I didn’t realise the USB connection was sold separately. The connection retails at £46 on the Polar website. So unfortunately, I can’t use the app to benefit from the cool features and sleek design to monitor my fitness progress. It’s quite frustrating only being able to review the data on the small watch face.

Polar Flow and Polar Beat app

To use the app you need to purchase a Polar heart rate monitor H7 retailing at £67.50, which is actually cheaper than the watch and heart rate sensor itself. It’s a shame that it isn’t compatible and was a little confusing on the website, as you’d presume the higher ticket price item would have this compatibility. I was excited to join the community to Polar Flow, sharing progress and updates but now I can’t upload my information, without entering it manually. 


Polar FT7 and Heart Rate Sensor review | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Polar FT7 is simple in design and  has an adjustable strap for even the tiniest of wrists! It’s very comfortable and would suit someone who does regular exercise and would like to have a basic overview of their training and how many calories they are burning. It has a clear interface with simple controls to track through the calories you’ve burnt, the time since your training began and what heart rate.

I’m excited to use it to get a basic over view of how many calories I burnt when I’m kayaking. However, I think those looking for a more in-depth training may benefit from the Polar H7 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Sensor. Additionally, it integrates GPS to help you better achieve your targets whilst benefiting from the functions of the heart rate monitor.

Polar FT7 and Heart Rate Sensor review | UK Lifestyle Blog

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