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Review: FitBit Flex Activity tracker

I’ve been sReview: FitBit Flex Activity tracker | UK Lifestyle Blogpending the past year driving at least 1.5 hours every day to the office and back, however I’ve just started my new position at a digital marketing agency based in my hometown. The office is a stone throw from my house, and even though I’ve only been there a week, my car hasn’t been touched. With the weather getting slightly better and with an hour lunch break to kill in the centre of town, I’ve started getting out a little bit more and I thought getting a FitBit would be perfect to see how much I’m moving about and improve my health.

From Jawbone to Nike to Samsung to even a large number of applications for your mobile phone, there are a million and numbering approaches to track your action. So what does Fitbit offer that makes it exceptional? Why would it be a good idea for you to use £89 on the Flex over an Up or a Fuelband, or a free iPhone application? After heaps of effort for the sake of news coverage, I think I have a reply.

Review: FitBit Flex Activity tracker | UK Lifestyle Blog

Like past Fitbits, the Fitbit Flex tracks your development all day and all night, actually when you’re dreaming. This means each step taken, each calorie burnt and consistently you rest is followed and put away. Fitbit Connect is accessible for both Windows (PC) and OS X (Mac), and once introduced it will run out of sight. At whatever point your Flex is near your PC, your information will be exchanged and logged on the web. Worried that you may must be close to your machine to synchronise your information? Don’t stress – you can download the free Fitbit application and log your movement throughout the day, wherever you are.

Review: FitBit Flex Activity tracker | UK Lifestyle Blog

75% of the band is simply a slight, flexible elastic wrist trinket that feels like a wristband you’d get at a bar or a club. The teeth toward one side go into two of an arrangement of spaces on the other, and it holds tight. The strong matte-hued elastic is without any of the Up’s beauty, however I went entire days without perceiving the Flex was there. That is precisely what I need from this sort of gadget. The Flex is moderately sturdy and can bear some abuse, as well as being water resistance, which is perfect for measuring laps in the pool or a shower.

Review: FitBit Flex Activity tracker | UK Lifestyle BlogThe wrist band itself is really simply a holder — the sum of the Flex’s engineering is put away inside a dark rectangular box about the extent of my fingernail, which slides into a pocket in the wristband. Ideal for switching bands to the the Black, Teal, and Tangerine available on the website. Additionally, my FitBit came with two bands, one large and one small.

The secluded configuration makes charging an ache since you need to take the tracker out, supplement it into Fitbit’s odd and exclusive USB support, and afterward set it back in when its charged — a couple times I put the wrist band on without the tracker in it, which left me fundamentally simply wearing an elastic band on my wrist. Fortunately, Fitbit’s estimation of five to seven days of battery life is really precise, so agonising over discovering the strange dongle and keeping the Flex charged isn’t excessively of a worry.

When you’re wearing the Flex, there’s almost no information promptly accessible on the band itself. Twofold tapping the translucent plastic strip on the wrist band provides for you an appraisal of how you’re doing, with an arrangement of Leds illuminating your advancement in 20 percent increases. You’ll require your computer or a compatible mobile phone to truly delve into your Fitbit information.

Review: FitBit Flex Activity tracker | UK Lifestyle Blog

Likewise in the record side, you’ll discover social characteristics for perceiving how you stack up against your peers or other Fitbit groups. Anyway all the more imperatively are truly profound characteristics, such as telling Fitbit the length of your stride so it can all the more precisely number your steps.

Fitbit will honour you markers that speak to accomplishments and developments. This sort of thing can help to keep you persuaded, particularly on those days when you have a craving for bouncing in a taxi as opposed to strolling to the workplace from the train station.

It’s really subtle. Obviously, I’d never wear it with a really dress, however for consistently, it meets expectations. Easy to utilize and simple to set up. Don’t expect it to come with workout tips like Six Pack Tricks for example, maybe future versions will be a complete gym replacement but for now, it’s a fancy pedometer. With the application, it essentially runs itself. I should simply tap it twice to perceive how I’m doing -lights show whether you’ve arrived at your objective or to let it know I’m going to rest. 

Review: FitBit Flex Activity tracker | UK Lifestyle Blog

I fell in love with the silent alarm clock. For the quiet alert, the wristband vibrates a couple times to wake you up. It’s stunning, and not as unforgiving as my furious iPhone alert. I particularly love that I can track my slumber! For the past few months, I’ve woken up feeling completely depleted. I used to use an alarm clock tracker to monitor my sleep but you have to charge your own and keep it in your bed, which I’m not really a fan of and I don’t expect it does my phone battery any favours.

It is less expensive than either the Nike Fuelband or the Jawbone Up, however in the event that you’re not fretted over the watch-like structure, we’d propose looking at either the Fitbit One or the Withings Pulse. The Fitbit Flex’s most awesome quality is undoubtedly its effortlessness. Regardless of the possibility that you’re a complete technophobe, you’ll have no inconvenience utilising the Flex. Everything about it is direct and works well – you can absolutely be following everything you might do inside minutes of opening the case.

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Vintage Paisley Duck Egg duvet cover

Apparently if you live to be 80 years old, you’ll spend something like 20 of those years asleep! Alongside the fact that we spend the majority of our time in bed, your bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom. At least in my case, it is, as I only have a small bedroom. I am currently in the process of re-decorating my bedroom. I’ve always gone for neutral colours but now I’m feeling like adding a subtle dash of colour.  

I’ve been so used to penny-pinching throughout university life, when saving money and traveling so I’ve never had luxury bedding. I’ve never really seen the point in spending much money, as I simplicity and I can easily pick up a plain bed set for under £15. With all that said and done, I’ve been re-decorating my bedroom and thought it was about time to invest in some luxury, comfortable bed covers. I fell in love with the Vintage Paisley Duck Egg duvet set on the Feather and Black website. It was £110 with pillow cases at £25 each.

Vintage Paisley Duck Egg duvet cover | UK Lifestyle Blog
Feather and Black have put together some accessories that complement the collection. They recommended the Hugo Silver/Grey Velvet Throw and the Vermont Blue Throw, and they truly look stunning. However, with summer fast approaching the need for throws seemed unnecessary, I’ve got to admit though they look gorgeous so it’s been a bit of a fight to resist the temptation! 

Vintage Paisley Duck Egg duvet cover | UK Lifestyle Blog

The adorable duck egg and eau de nil tones was inspired by beautiful silk scarves and evoke true luxury. The 100% cotton jacquard oxford edge pillowcases and duvet cover lived up to their bold statement. I’d definitely recommend this bed set to anyone looking to add a bit of class of sophistication to their bedroom. It’s so comfortable and I’ve suddenly become obsessed with the duck egg shade! Shop online for next day beds.

Vintage Paisley Duck Egg duvet cover | UK Lifestyle Blog

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20 Top Blog Sites I’m Reading Now!

Whether you follow travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers or beauty bloggers – we’ve complied a list of the top 20 blogs to read this Autumn! Some of these are new additions to my bookmarks, and a few are golden oldies that were a source of inspiration from when I first set up Strawberry Squeeze two years ago!

If you’ve got any to add to the list, leave the in the comments below and I’ll be sure to feature them in the next post I put together 🙂

20 Top Blog Sites I'm Reading Now! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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