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Finding space for your home office

If you’re about to start working from home, you might be feeling pretty pleased with yourself. You can kiss goodbye to your morning and evening commutes and, all being well, you might be able to enjoy a better work-life balance. Happy days!

Of course, life’s not usually that simple though. Like lots of remote workers, you might not be sure where exactly to set up your new home office. To help you decide, here’s a compiled list of ideas.

Harmony at home

First and foremost, think about your family. It’s important that whichever solution you decide upon, it fits in with their needs. For example, your kids might want to use a computer in your office from time to time. If this is the case, there’s no point in setting up shop in a corner of your bedroom.

Also, it pays off to select a space away from the main hub of the home. During the school holidays you can’t expect your tots to be silent while you hammer away on your computer keyboard. This would be a recipe for family feuds!

Finding space for your home office | UK Lifestyle Blog

Space saving

Let’s face it, real estate doesn’t come cheap these days. While you might dream about winning the lottery and moving to a mansion, the reality of your life at home may be somewhat different. Don’t panic though, even if it seems as though every inch of your property is taken up, there are sneaky ways of creating extra square footage. Shelves high up on the wall above, creating extra storage for files, books and more. Check Betta Living online range for inspirational ideas.

Nooks and crannies

On a related note, you could convert any unused spaces. For example, perhaps the area under your stairs is currently just a dumping ground for miscellaneous household items. By clearing it, you can create an instant (if somewhat bijou) working area.

Alternatively, maybe you have a space on your landing that could be used. As long as you can fit a small desk and a chair there without blocking access to your staircase, this is a great place to base yourself. Just make sure you don’t roll backwards on your chair otherwise you might find yourself in A&E!

Screens can come in handy

If you decide to establish your office in the corner of a larger room, it might be wise to invest in a screen. These items can give you some privacy and help you concentrate, and when you’re not working, you can fold it away. Simple.

Making the most of a spare bedroom

Converting your spare bedroom into an out-and-out office might not be an option. After all, where would all your visitors stay? However, it’s sometimes possible to convert these areas into double-use rooms. By downsizing your bed, you’ll give yourself extra space and could potentially squeeze a desk, chair and some additional storage in there. Sofa beds can be ideal in these situations. They give you added flexibility.

Get close to nature

If you have the outdoor space and your budget will permit it, arguably the best form of home office is one that is actually not in your home at all. Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. We’re not talking draughty old sheds here, we’re talking plush, modern, energy-efficient spaces that look and feel great.

As well as meaning you don’t take up any room in your property, these solutions allow you to separate your work and home lives more easily.

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The Worst Mistakes you can make when buying a Prom Homecoming Dress

Buying a homecoming prom dress sure isn’t easy. There are a number of ways that us ladies make the experience a heartbreaking nightmare! Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to finding the right prom dress that wears well and suits your body type with the least amount of stress or trouble.

The Worst Mistakes you can make when buying a Prom Homecoming Dress | UK Lifestyle Blog

Don’t: Wait to the last minute to buy your dress


: Start thinking about your homecoming over summer break


Quite often, ladies will wait until the week before prom before they start looking for good looking 2016 prom dresses. This is a recipe for disaster! If you wait too long for your prom dress, it is quite likely that you will wind up with a dress that doesn’t fit, or one that all the other girls rejected –or worse, one that all the other poor-planners bought. No one likes to look like a clone on prom night. Remember if you are particularly short or tall, there are plenty of long prom dresses or petite prom dresses.

Don’t: Shop on look and style alone


: Consider your body type


: Some dresses and styles will flatter a particular body type while looking disjointed on another. That’s why the fashion world gives us billions of options for clothing every second. If you find yourself getting upset or frustrated with yourself that you cannot find a dress that looks good, hear it from me first; you are insane.

The fashion industry needs to make money. They love money and you not being able to find one single stylish dress that looks great is not your fault. It is their fault. It is the buyer for the retail store’s fault. It is not your fault, or your body’s fault. So do not beat yourself up, ever. You look great, so think about more meaningful stuff. You don’t see too many boys worrying so much, so why are you?

Don’t: Try to squeeze into a dress or lose weight to fit in one


: Find a dress that suits your body type right now


: A lot of girls will try to naively force themselves to lose weight in a short amount of time so they can fit into that one dress they have their heart set on. Consider this a time to learn a life lesson: wants and needs are two vastly different things.

Accept the body you’ve been given, accept that beauty comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sooner or later you will, anyway; it’s only a matter of how much suffering you will put yourself through before you do.

Don’t: Break the bank


: Stop caring so much (it’s only a dress)


: My first prom, I got all gussied up in a red prom dress I bought at a bridal shop. I had it resized to fit my tiny high school body, and I paid $350 and still thought I should pay more. I wanted to look great! The reality is, and I’ll be blunt, we look the best today that we’re ever going to look.

The price of anything does not mean it’s better. It doesn’t even mean it looks good or is good for us. A dress is supposed to complement our bodies, not rewrite it. And boy, do I wish I could tell 16 year old me that. Maybe I wouldn’t have had to cut into my college to buy a dress I wore one night. Gah!

The Worst Mistakes you can make when buying a Prom Homecoming Dress | UK Lifestyle Blog

Do you have any advice? Let us know in the comments!

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