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Pleasure Paved with Travertine

Have you grown tired by the looks of your garden or backyard? Is the sight of gray, all the same concrete awful to you? You are thinking about changing something, but, yet you are uncertain what could it be, and how much will it cost you. One of the suggestions that we could offer is travertine. This beautiful, yet convenient stone is widely used for pavement, and it has numerous advantages.

Pleasure Paved with Travertine | UK Lifestyle Blog


Depending on your idea, this mineral can be used in various manners. You can take slabs of travertine and cover the whole backyard, or just the pathway. This stone looks rather stunning and interesting, so it will boost up the overall looks of your backyard. On the other hand, if you decide to put it in the area around your swimming pool, it will provide more natural looks, contrary to commonly and wide used ceramic tiles.

Never underestimate the beauty of paired natural elements, in this case, water and stone. Due to the fact that is coming in a wide plethora of colors and textures, it is also great idea to use it for bordering, for example, your flower garden. It will express and divert attention of your guests, and is guaranteed to make an impression.


Best known for its durability, this is probably one of the main reasons to use this type of stone. It is known that Coliseum had been made almost completely out of travertine, and it still stands as an example of something that can endure for such a long period. In addition, many weather conditions had changed for the almost two thousand years of its existence, adding to the incredible ability to resist rain, snow, and the scorching sun.

Equally for its durability, travertine is welcome for use for its stunning beauty and delightful texture, so you are free to experiment however you desire, according to your taste and imagination, claim highly-rated suppliers of travertine pavers. Also, being quite common and available, its’ price is not high, so you don’t have to spend small fortune, in order to fulfill your dreams.


Simply put, travertine requires almost no maintenance. By having far less degree of wearing out than some other material, and having far higher resistance, it is somewhat susceptible to acid, so avoid spilling any cleaning acid based liquid. Having once installed, it is not necessary to replace the plates, only in case of cracking, which is also, simply unbelievable.

Practically speaking, you can do almost all of the maintenance operations on your own. The only thing, on which you should pay attention to, is that can be slippery when wet, so some anti-slipping finish is highly advised, to avoid falls and injuries.

With everything said taken into consideration, the only thing you need is imagination to get the idea of which you desire to achieve. Make it your guideline, follow it, and stunning results won’t be absent. It is said that the beauty is in the eye of the observer, but you won’t to take that approach. You wish to leave observers speechless, and travertine pavement is the right choice for doing so.

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Dressing for winter fitness

The temperatures are beginning to drop, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working out or feel forced to join a gym. In fact, many people argue that winter is the most important time to stay healthy because our bodies are programmed to think they need to store fat to keep us warm.

The feasting that takes part in the holidays around Christmas doesn’t help, either. Don’t worry though, there’s still hope. If you want to stay fit and train outside during winter while remaining warm and comfortable, this clothing guide should help.


Dressing for winter fitness | UK Lifestyle Blog


The upper body

Get yourself a long sleeve shirt with thumb holes so it doesn’t move when you exercise. A high collar will also make it easier for you to tuck your chin in. Wear an insulated vest under the shirt to ensure that your movements aren’t limited. It is also a good idea to get a quilted vest so it can regulate the temperature of your core and keep you warm. Vests like the ones found on Fire Label have mesh panels on the back for extra ventilation.


The legs

When it comes to your legs, you need something that gives you full range of motion while keeping the heat in. There are a lot of tights for athletes that have fabrics which are perfectly suited for exercising. Make sure the material is stretchy, wind-resistant and warm. If you start to get a little too warm, ankle zippers make it easier for your legs to cool down. Running skirts can also warm your thighs without restricting mobility.


Smaller body parts

If you’re still feeling the cold, it’s a good idea to wrap up some exposed areas, like the neck, head and hands.

Running gloves are light and perfect to keep your hands warm. Some of these gloves even let you use your smartphone while wearing them. With a special fabric used on the thumbs and fingers, they allow you to take pictures, use your exercise apps and change your music playlist without having to take off the gloves.

Tunnel scarves made from a soft material are perfect for keeping your neck warm. You can also use them as a face warmer and tuck in your chin, mouth and nose.

Did you know that you lose 30 percent of your body heat through your head? To keep your head and ears from freezing in the cold winter air, wear a light, lined hat with breathable fabric.

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How to make your living room cosy

We may not want to admit it but the winter is fast approaching and unfortunately the summer nights are drawing in. Sometimes making your home cosy can be difficult and bringing the natural warmth in is difficult to do, but with some of these easy steps you will soon feel cosy and warm this winter.


When inviting family and friends around this winter you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed and through displaying warm colours and specific decorations, everyone can feel at home. Sometimes to make your home feel comfortable in winter, you need to personalise it with sentimental pictures or colours. This will instantly make the home feel warm and cosy, which enables you to relax and not shiver all winter!

Make your home personal

Friends, family or even guests love seeing a home full of personal items and pictures. People are often curious (nosey) about your own family, so making your living room fun and friendly by putting pictures or personal touches around the room really adds an element of entertainment, also providing a topic for conversation. Whether it is your recent holiday pictures, birthday bashes or just playful pictures, your friends and family will love it. Having these pictures up will also distract your visitors from the un-desirable stains on the carpet or scuffs on the wall.

Bring nature inside

Bringing the outside inside can be the perfect way to relax. Whether this is through various items or maybe even wooden furniture, you can really bring the warmth from outside, in. This also creates a nice aroma that will instantly create a fresh and clear thinking room; small plants placed on tables or even just some flowers on the windowsill can achieve this, ultimately creating a calming environment.

I’ve recently introduced the white bow bio ethanol table top burner from BioFires into my living room. It uses a Bio Ethanol Fuel so there’s no need for a chimney, which is ideal for a no fuss and modern looking fireplace.

How to make your living room cosy | UK Lifestyle Blog

Create layers within the room

Creating various amounts of layers in your room will instantly make it ooze warmth and make it super cosy. Having cushions that are various sizes create a friendly and warm environment. Cushions aren’t expensive and by shopping around you will gradually create the ideal image, mixing up various colours to suit your room. Blankets are also a good way to bring a sense of warmth into the home. Throws are perfect for sofas and can instantly change the image of your room. This is ideal for watching a film on cold winters night and being able to wrap up warm in your cosy living room.

Don’t worry about it being spotless

As previously mentioned, having personal items around your room instantly makes guests feel welcome and at home, similar to this, so does décor. Guests will automatically feel more at home if your décor isn’t taken too seriously. It’s ok to have you favourite books or magazines around, or even some shoes in the hallway, this doesn’t matter. If your home is personalised and lived in, it will create a feeling of warmth and you can truly let your personality shine through your items on display.

How to make your living room cosy | UK Lifestyle Blog


Make sure you have warm colours in your room and try and avoid pastels. Colours that you should consider are terracotta, deep red, olive green and browns; these will instantly bring warmth into your room. If you don’t have the time to decorate your room, having accessories in these colours will also create a warmth feeling.

Even though creating a cosy room is ideal for those summer nights, you need to be careful not to over clutter it, especially if it is a small room. It is perfectly fine to fill the room with rugs and throws but when it comes to magazines and books, just be careful that the room doesn’t feel enclosed, otherwise your guests will feel a slight bit too cosy!

Creating a cosy room can be easily achieved and in doing so your family and friends will instantly feel welcomed and will feel relaxed in your family home.


Competition time!

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How to make your living room cosy | UK Lifestyle Bloga Rafflecopter giveaway

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