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The Work Wear Fashion Guide

As a blogger I see my fashion choices as an extension of my creativity. Having outfits that represent who I am and how I feel is part of the fun of fashion, and on a Sunday evening I love nothing better than to style my outfits for the week to come.I know a little OCD right?

But I find it focuses my mind for the week ahead, and gives me a chance to refine each outfit so I don’t have the dreaded morning wardrobe fear of ‘what to wear’. (In the past I’ve sat there for a good hour dazed and confused.)

Like most 9-5 girls my office dress code is smart/casual. The most difficult of style combinations possible. Going too smart and I can end up looking like the Female Boss, too causal and I can end up looking like I’ve just jumped out of bed. The line is fine and there has to be a good recipe of both.

The Work Wear Fashion Guide | UK Lifestyle Blog

Finding the right work wear inspiration is difficult, but I’ve become ever so slightly addicted to the What ELLE Wears feature that showcases the editorial team and their office outfit choices.

Admittedly I don’t have the budget they do (or access to the ELLE Fashion cupboard), but the ideas are all the same. Whilst I used to be the Wednesday Adams of work wear, I’ve since found colour and love to incorporate it into my style. Not only does it brighten up my day but it also puts a spring in my step.Having the right style at work can massively impact how you do your job. Even I’ve noticed since my little Sunday night OCD habit that I’m more focused. If you’ve recently started a new job or looking for one in 2015, I would strongly suggest defining how you want to be seen in the office.

Having confidence in what you wear and what you’re about, will help your colleagues understand you and what you enjoy. In my past experience in retail I’ve even known my managers to check out someone’s style credentials through a little social stalking.  (And it wasn’t even a high end shop!)

The Work Wear Fashion Guide | UK Lifestyle BlogOf course what you wear is never the be all and end all ofa job, but I feel that it really helps support me and gives me confidence. My favourite styles are usually a boots and dress combo, as these are so quick and easy to put together.

Accessorizing with statement jewellery and layering up with colourful scarves is a touch that can add a little texture and dimension to any outfit. But my favourite addition is of course a colourful shoe. You just can’t go wrong when you’re wearing great heels!

If you’re currently stuck in an office clothes rut, take a leaf out of my book and get playing dress up on a Sunday evening.  A little Sunday night distraction will keep you feeling fabulous for the week ahead.

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Top Swimsuit Shopping Mistakes Women Must Avoid

Shopping for the right swimwear is a challenge to women everywhere. It involves a lot of thinking over and fitting, looking at full-length mirrors and testing out the suit for possible malfunctions. Women make shopping mistakes when it comes to this as well, contributing to an awful swimsuit experience. To help avoid this, here’s a guide of the common mistakes women must avoid when it comes to shopping for swimsuits.

Top Swimsuit Shopping Mistakes Women Must Avoid | UK Lifestyle Blog

Buying cheap

When it comes to buying a swimsuit, it is best not to sacrifice quality for low cost. After all, no one wants to end up with a swimsuit that can’t be worn more than once, right? Be sure to only purchase swimwear that is of high quality material, giving you ample support and enabling you to wear it again for more beach or pool getaways. This gives you more value and lets you save more than having to repeatedly buy cheap swimsuits.

Buying too late in the season

Swimwear buying should be done early on. Leave it off till the last minute and you’re bound to end up with leftovers – styles and designs that just aren’t right anymore. Shop early and you’ll have lots of options available to you. Plus, if you shop late, remember that you may be trying on suits that have been tried by others for months.

All about sizes

Shops have a size chart in handy for you. Make sure to check it out and be sure to check beforehand what size you’re currently in. Designers and brands size their products differently so keep in mind that no standard sizing exists. Consult the relevant size chart and remember that if you’re at the top range of a size, be sure to opt for the next size up.

Not testing out the swimsuit for the right fit

Trying out your chosen swimsuit is a must. Make some stretches, jumps and bends to make sure that the swimsuit you chose has a good, overall fit for your body. This lets you make sure that you will have fewer worries of any embarrassing swimsuit malfunctions.

Top Swimsuit Shopping Mistakes Women Must Avoid | UK Lifestyle Blog

Swimsuit shopping may be stressful since many women are body-conscious, especially when it comes to the exposing themselves at the beach or pool. But with these things to keep in mind, there will be fewer things to worry about. Knowing how to shop for swimsuits the proper way lets you overcome your self-consciousness and get ready to have a fun time at the beach or pool.

Basing your purchases on pictures

It’s a universal woe for women all over the world who shop online – the actual fit of the swimwear on their bodies just looks nothing like the picture on the page. This is of course expected, since not everyone really looks like those models seen wearing the suit you just purchased.

To be sure of the suitability of the piece, make sure to know which style looks good on you and try it on for size. Don’t assume that you’ll instantly look like the woman on screen – it may not be a realistic mindset for you. Make sure to read the product description and familiarize yourself with the features of the garment before making your choice.

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. She’s up to date with the latest trend in clothing, hairstyle, shoes and any apparel that can turn heads. Her passion for fashion has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Swimsuits Direct, a women’s swimwear boutique in North Brunswick, NJ.

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Essential Tools for Blogging on the Move

Over the Christmas break I was travelling quite a lot visiting family and friends here, there and everywhere. And although I was excited to be seeing everyone and being waited on hand and foot, I really didn’t want to neglect my blog.

With such a tight schedule and no capacity to cart around my old laptop, I realised that without the luxury of an IPad I would need to get a little more creative with how I spent my free time.

So with little to no internet connection and limited access to a computer, these are my essential tools for blogging on the move.

Essential Tools for Blogging on the Move | UK Lifestyle Blog


I simply cannot go anywhere without my camera and it always has a place in my handbag wherever I go. (Much to my other half’s frustration when we’re out for dinner.)

You just never know when something beautiful is going to cross your path, and often the best photo shoots are the impromptu ones that capture a natural moment.

I’ve always been a fan of a digital SLR as the memory cards are much easier to slip out and pop into a computer without having to wait days to access your photos, and the clarity on the image ensures I can pick up even the smallest details.

With the lighting being so rubbish over the winter months I took some inspiration from this article  in Photography monthly about how to make the most of bad lighting, which I found really helpful when trying to create beautiful visuals for the blog.

Pen and paper

I suppose I’m a bit of traditionalist but I love carrying around my pen and notebook.

Jotting down inspiration when it occurs to me and taking notes of sayings or things that inspire me is one of my favourite parts of having a blog.

I keep all of my notebooks which I’m sure my great grandchildren will find much amusement from when I’m dead and gone.

It’s like the bible to my blog, all my random thoughts and feelings in one place.

USB stick

When I don’t have the possibility of saving all my written posts on a computer I find that using a USB stick like these , is the best way to move my articles from one place to another when I don’t have the privilege of an internet connection.

It’s amazing how much you miss the internet when it’s not at your beck and call 24/7.

Surely there’s a medical condition for having the extreme urge to tweet.


Of course when the world was back at my fingertips I made it my mission to keep on top of my social media and answer emails. For any pictures that I’d taken with my phone I have some really useful image editing apps that meant I could keep them looking good despite the bad weather.

  • VSCO Cam has some really cool features.
  • Flipagram is perfect if you’re wanting to create some mini videos.
  • Piclab can add some very cute effects to images.

Most image apps are now free so editing on the move is so much easier than using Instagram alone. Now that the madness is over and I’m back to some form of normality it’s nice to be back into a routine, but I would definitely recommend getting organised about the kind of things you can do on the move.

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