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Easy Ways To Colour Test Before You Start Your Home Decor Project

Styling your home takes a lot of thought, preparation and consideration. You want the changes to look good, and you want to be comfortable with your choices. If you hate not being able to thoroughly visualise the end result, you will be pleased to know there are a few apps about at the moment that can help you with that. If you are looking to give one or more of your walls a lick of paint but you’re not sure what colour would work best, we have some hot tips for you:

Easy Ways To Colour Test Before You Start Your Home Decor Project | UK Lifestyle Blog

Crown Paints have developed an app that allows you to virtually paint a room in any shade you like. The great thing about this is you can see it in all the different lighting that you have. Give it a go in the evening under your lamp light and see it in the full light of day.

It saves you having to sand off a sample paint from the wall later on as well. Dulux offer to colour match. If you are looking to match a feature wall to your favourite duvet set, take it with you and let those fabby Dulux peeps help you create the right bespoke colour for your room.

If you are looking to paint, a Matt finish is very popular right now because it does change so much with the different qualities of light you get in a day. Using a tester pot is great to see how it works in your room against the colours of your furniture, but it is a pain to sand it down and hide it underneath the paint you finally choose. Under the big florescent lights at the DIY store, it is hard to tell the colour of the paint you are getting just from the outside of the tin.

A better option if you are not happy using an app, is to use an old cardboard box. Paint it with all the tester choices, then white-tac it to the wall near your furniture.

If you have decided you like the wall colours but you want to change the soft furnishings, some stores are happy to offer fabric samples. Others accept returns if you haven’t opened the packet. Living with a colour you’re not happy with can be uncomfortable so choose your soft furnishings carefully.

For most people, the first choice is usually the right one. You can find more information on a range of soft furnishings online that will match almost any colour palette. Decor is all down to taste, but keeping up to date with the latest trends is important. You may want to opt for a popular, timeless classic style, or look for something minimal you can dress to your mood quickly and easily.

Remember, your colours can be altered easily by the quality of your lighting, so you may be able to make significant changes with just a colour changing bulb. Take your time and try lots of things. See what you can do today.

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Is A Gap Year Program Right For You?

Having spoken to a few friends lately about their exciting gap years, I thought that it would make for an interesting blog post. Who takes gap years and why? What do people get from them and what makes them so appealing right now?

Here’s what I have managed to find out. Hopefully, this could help any of you who are considering travelling or taking a gap year yourselves.

Why take a gap year?

The reasons to embark on a gap year adventure are pretty endless. There are so many exciting things to do. One of the most common reasons to take a gap year is to get some valuable life experience. With exciting challenges and courses to embark upon, you could be helping others, just as much as you are benefiting yourself.

Is A Gap Year Program Right For You? | UK Lifestyle Blog

What can you do on a gap year?

I love how varied gap years can be. You can choose just about anything that takes your fancy. A few popular gap year choices include the below. Taking a look at websites like often gives you an insightful starting point.

Working in orphanages and with children – Trips to countries such as Nepal are popular choices for those who want to help children and experience life as carers.

Conservation work – working to preserve the rainforests by aiding conservation and planting trees is a great way to help the planet. You will also have the chance to experience beautiful surroundings and will gain valuable skills regarding working in a team.

Animal and marine science – There are many different options that will allow you to get up close and personal with animals. From helping sea turtle hatchlings reach the water to getting up close to wild elephants. There are a great many adventures to be had.


Is A Gap Year Program Right For You? | UK Lifestyle Blog

What are the benefits of taking a gap year?

The benefits of a gap year are pretty amazing. Firstly, you will learn a whole new skillset. Taking a gap year means that you will be getting hands on with various people or animals. You will be given specific guidance and taught new skills.

All of this is done in a different and fun environment, meaning that it often won’t even feel like work. Many of my friends have said that they wish they had been able to spend even longer with their placements!

You will learn new life and people skills and the importance of working together for a common goal. You will also learn how to take on the responsibility, with the bonus of guidance to back you up. A gap year could be the perfect thing for you if you’ve suffered from confidence issues in the past.

Getting outside of your comfort zone and doing something different can be such a rewarding experience. You might return home with a completely new outlook on life and feel like the problems that you felt before, are easier to overcome.

I don’t know about you, but I feel completely inspired now and ready to get out there and tick off some of those bucket list worthy things I’ve meant to do. If you’ve taken a gap year or plan on taking one. Leave us a comment below and let us know about your experiences!

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Here’s What I’d do if I was Planning My Wedding

Like most women, I have had a pretty good idea of what I would look like on my wedding day since I was a little girl. Of course, the image has evolved and moved with the times a fair bit over the years, but certain things remain the same.

My hair and the smile on my face haven’t changed. And the little church with the gorgeous flower garlands is also still clear in my mind. Right now, as I think about it, I can make out warm sunshine and sweet birdsong, so I know this wedding is going to be in May or June.

Here's What I'd do if I was Planning My Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

In reality, weddings have to be stripped back a fair bit from the dream to meet a budget. Timing also usually has to be compromised to fit in with our hectic lifestyles and jobs too. Then there is the husband to be.

He will probably want a say in some of the finer details of our big day! Dream weddings seem to happen like magic. Unfortunately, the reality is that planning an entire wedding is a lot of work, and isn’t as easy as just dreaming of budget is. Once that is agreed with everyone paying for it, I can select a venue. If all our family and friends come from one county, then that’s nice and easy, but none of them do.

So I need to make sure there is adequate accommodation available. My wedding date is probably going to be dictated by the availability of the little church I have my heart set on. Then I can start work on designing a wedding invitation. I’ve always wanted an ivory ribbon design…

Here's What I'd do if I was Planning My Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

Now it’s time to turn my attention to my little wedding scrapbook. There are literally dozens of photos of hairstyles, dresses, bouquets and centrepieces in here. Suddenly it occurs to me I don’t like any of them anymore. They all seem so dated!

Time to get onto Pinterest and see what is trending out there. While the core ideas of what I want remain, how they are brought into reality needs a rethink. I’ve got to find a hairdresser and a florist.

Fortunately, my reception venue is handling the catering and all that goes with it, which is a huge relief. No menus to worry about or precious chefs to tame. But decorating the place is my responsibility, and I’m just too busy!

I know I need to delegate some of this out now. Mum and sister are ready and willing thank goodness. Now I can concentrate on finding the perfect chiffon wedding gown.

Here's What I'd do if I was Planning My Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

Undoubtedly the chiffon bridesmaid dresses I want for my girls will cost too much money. I will have to sacrifice something else. What will it be? The centerpieces, the bouquets, the shoes? Surely not the

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