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Mason Jar DIYs You Need to Try

Mason jars have a number of uses in the household. They can store your favorite cereal breakfast and biscuits; sugar and other ingredients and substances. They can be used as pen holders. They can also make perfect coin containers.

But did you know they can be much more than that? Mason jars can make wonderful decorative pieces for your home and office. Here are two DIY ideas with Mason jars you need to try.

Ombre Mason Jars

Here is how to make an ombre Mason jar.

Mason Jar DIYs You Need to Try | UK Lifestyle Blog

Supplies you will need:

  • Nail file or sandpaper
  • Acrylic paint (a color of your choosing)
  • Interior white paint
  • Foam brush
  • 3 clean Mason jars
  • 3 containers


The first step is to mix the paint. Start with adding the colored paint to each of the three containers. Use generous amounts. Then add a small portion of the white pain to two of the containers. Be sure to stir well the mixture in both containers.

You need to get two different shades of the colored paint. If necessary, add more white paint to one of the two jars. Leave the third jar untouched. If you have done things the right way, you must end up with three different shades of the paint color you chose. This is how you are going to bring an ombre look.

The next step is to paint the Mason jars. Start by painting one jar using one of the three shades of paint you just created. Use your foam brush to do the trick. Cover every inch of the jar with paint. When you are done, move on to painting another jar.

Remember to rinse well your foam brush or use a clean one. This time apply a different shade. Repeat the procedure with the third jar. If necessary, apply a second coat. Let dry.

If there are any raised areas on your Mason jar, make sure to highlight them. Using a nail file or a sandpaper, go through the raised areas. Keep sanding until you create the look you want.

Glitter Globes

Snow globes are very beautiful and fairy, but the trouble with them is they cannot be used as a year-round decoration. Repurpose your extra Mason jars into glitter globes to use them all year long. They can make a wonderful gift for both children and grown-ups.

Mason Jar DIYs You Need to Try | UK Lifestyle Blog

Supplies you will need:

  • Clean Mason jar
  • Hot glue gun
  • Polyester batting
  • Felt
  • Cotton ball
  • Spray paint
  • Plastic figurines (of your choosing)
  • Fine glitter
  • Alphabet beads (optional)


In this version, there is no water, so you don’t have to worry about whether the items you want to use will get ruined with time. Let your imagination run wild and create an arrangement you like. Take the lid of your Mason jar and turn it upside down (so that the rubber ring is on top).

Apply hot glue to it. Next, make a ball of poly batting and attach it to the lid. Allow enough time for the glue to dry. Then if you want to add some color, paint the batting using spray paint. Make sure to take the lid outside.

Attach your plastic figurines to the batting by gluing them. The next step is to attach some fine glitter to the inside of your Mason jar using glue. When it dries, cover the figurine with the jar and attach it to the lid. Cut some felt to cover the lid. Use a color of your choosing. Glue the cut piece of felt to the lid. It is time to spell out your greeting. Glue alphabet beads to the felt. You are done.

Edna loves DIY and home improvement projects. She is often searching for a new challenge to take, one of which was founding CarpetCleaners Hanwell.

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Competition: Celebrating the launch of Art Therapy magazine

Released in the UK on the 18th of March, Art Therapy is a brand new publication designed to explore the relaxing benefits of colouring. Getting national media attention, colouring for adults is set to be a huge trend for 2015.

Competition: Celebrating the launch of Art Therapy magazine | UK Lifestyle Blog


Each issue also features artists’ inspirations alongside useful insights into mindfulness and well-being for a relaxing read. Every magazine comes with a range of high-quality pencils and markers, all you have to do is pick up a pencil and get started to treat yourself to some real quality time!


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7 Reasons Why Regular and Natural Detox is so Important For Your Body

The word “toxins” has sort of become the newest boogeyman in the world of health and wellness. People blame them for health disorders, stress, aging, and many other things, and there are many products meant to help you detox.

But why is it important to get rid of toxins? Does it even matter? I’ve been using the 14 day teatox from Skinny Tea Tox and here are a few reasons you should detox regularly too:

7 Reasons Why Regular and Natural Detox is so Important For Your Body | UK Lifestyle Blog

Fight chronic disease —

Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, and many neurological diseases have been linked to toxic buildup in the human body, so detoxing can help to reduce your risk of developing these diseases. Toxins can also causes these diseases to worsen, which is why it’s a good idea to detox regularly if you suffer from a chronic illness.

Promote weight loss —

Did you know that toxins stop you from losing weight? Toxic buildup in your body causes your metabolism to slow down, and it can even prevent our bodies from being able to burn fat properly. By detoxing, especially with natural alternatives like Phen375, you get rid of the toxins that are stored in fat cells and which slow down your metabolism. If you’re not sure where to buy phen375 over the counter, ask your family pediatrician for a reference.

Improve immune function —

Toxins are difficult for your body to get rid of, so your immune system is often called in to fight off these invading chemicals. This distracts it from its true threat–infections and bacteria–and it may cause you to get sick. Detoxing frees up your immune system to focus on keeping you healthy and free of disease.

Reduce signs of aging —

When you age, your skin, organs, hair, bones, and muscles degrade, and that degradation is only made worse by toxins. Toxins can cause free radicals to form, and those free radicals can cause the aging to worsen. By detoxing, you increase the amount of nutrients your body can absorb from the food you eat.

Improve the health of your skin and hair —

When your skin begins to wrinkle, fade, and sag, it is often the result of toxins building up beneath the skin’s surface. Toxins stop your body from producing the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin looking great, so it’s important to detox for your skin and hair’s sake!

Boost digestive health —

When you have a lot of toxins built up in your body, your digestive system is unable to function properly. You’ll find that problems like IBS or leaky gut syndrome are often the result of toxic build-up in the intestines or stomach, so detoxing regularly can reduce the risk of digestive health issues.

Improve quality of life —

When you use detoxing products like detox foot patches or baths, you reduce the risk of toxins causing headaches, sleep problems, joint pains, digestive disorders, fatigue, and so many other problems that can reduce the quality of life.

Need any more reasons to detox? It’s so vital to your health that it’s hard to imagine a month going by without a natural detox!

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