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Announcement: Welcoming a new addition

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted my own bunny. Now I have my own house with a large garden, I’m finally proud to say I’m the owner of my very own little rabbit! I’ve put together the lack of images I have of her so you can see just how gorgeous she really is!

Petal (temporary name given by my brother) is a pedigree black otter mini lop rabbit from a pair of pure breed show bunnies based in Devon. She will be coming home in July. ♥

Announcement: Welcoming a new addition | UK Lifestyle Blog

Mum (Top left), Dad (Top right), Baby Petal (Bottom left), Nest (Bottom right)

Announcement: Welcoming a new addition | UK Lifestyle Blog

Petal – My gorgeous baby black otter mini lop pedigree bunny!

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Home Sweet Home: My humble abode

Perhaps you’ve noticed heaps of new interior posts going live on my blog, this coupled with my Twitter being a little on the quiet side, begs the question – what’s the deal? After months, eleven months to be exact, I’ve finally exchanged contracts on my new build property on my birthday in the beginning of March. Welcome to a mini tour of my new home (the photos are a little old to ignore the lack of sealants, lack of floor etc) ♥

Home Sweet Home: My humble abode | UK Lifestyle Blog Home Sweet Home: My humble abode | UK Lifestyle Blog

Home Sweet Home: My humble abode | UK Lifestyle Blog

Since then, everythings been moving so quickly, and the house is finally coming together, with all the walls now painted, lovely flooring fitted and my terrace looking over the lawn almost finished – it’s all making my house feel like the home I always dreamed of without having to lift a finger or spend an arm and a leg!

Below it what my garden is currently looking like, but once the terrace is finished when the builders are back in on Tuesday, it’ll be a large outdoor living area when you step out of the dining area/kitchen with steps into the garden, with lots of storage underneath the platform. This will be perfect for of hidden storage, as O and I had been worrying about where we’d store my kayak and his five surfboards.

Home Sweet Home: My humble abode | UK Lifestyle Blog

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have a house at the absolute steal that it was! I’m chuffed I waited instead of picking up something stale and unwanted on Right Move. I always knew Falmouth would be a safe place to buy, but for me it was because home is where the heart is. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Not to mention just outside my door is a pathway that takes you to the beach in 5 mins!

If you’re looking to buy, I highly recommend checking out Zoopla to see what the area is like, because as exciting as it is buying a property, nobody wants something that you won’t be able to shift again. I bought my house on the Help to Buy scheme backed by the government, so my house will be going sold to someone on the waiting list in the future so I won’t have an issue selling, but it’s important to see that the area you’ve bought in is on an upward trend. I’ve included a screenshot before but blurred out my address.

Home Sweet Home: My humble abode | UK Lifestyle Blog

With the help of Graham and Brown and some lovely homeware brands, I’m able to make my home the sanctuary I always wanted. Luckily, O and I have the same style, so we can start building and personalising the house together. A road trip up to IKEA is in order, because although I’ve been ordering online, nothing beats rummage through the store!

Home Sweet Home: My humble abode | UK Lifestyle Blog

My gorgeous new Ikea sofa

Unfortunately, the only thing we didn’t agree on, with tons of empty Van shoe boxes – they had to go! It was a touchy subject 😉 I let him keep some, it’s lucky there is a spare bedroom with IKEA PAX bespoke wardrobes. Nothing is more exciting than decorating the house ready to spend the summer with friends and family over for drinks on the terrace and sunbathing in the garden.

Twenty fifteen – you beauty! ♥


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