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#Poetryinmoments with Sony – Cornwall style!

Sony Mobile recently ran a campaign with the help of The Poetry Society where members of the public were invited to capture a fleeting moment on their smartphone, and share the photo with the hope of inspiring a short poem from a team of poets.

Micro-poems were then written in response to people’s pictures and circulated around the world via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I was tasked with sharing a moment from my personal morning regime for the campaign and here’s the result!

#Poetryinmoments with Sony - Cornwall style! | UK Lifestyle Blog

These boots have trekked this morning miles
to reach rolling blue beyond a rocky ledge.
Time to soak it all in, wait awhile
As white waves foam at the world’s edge

I was super stoked when Sony asked me to take part in this campaign for the Z5, and it was such a beautiful sentiment to team up with The Poetry Society to deliver a truly unique campaign. That’s more than you can hope to ask for when it comes to most marketing activity.

Not to mention, how perfectly it reflects my mornings in quaint Cornwall – when I have the chance to head down to the rocky coast before heading into work. There’s no better way to psych yourself up for a day in the office, than a blustery walk with a lung full of sea air.

The only thing that could possibly make this better, is when the rain passes and I can trade these wellies for a barefoot adventure, and lend myself to a spot of yoga with views that you would NOT BELIEVE!

Until next time. x

*Poems for the Sony Mobile Poetry In Moments campaign are written by The Poetry Society’s team of poets, including Ben Wilkinson & Will Burns.

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4 Reasons why I’m eating more chicken as of NOW!

Bored of doing the same old thing with chicken? It is such a versatile meat; there is really no excuse to not get a little experimental with it! After talking to a friend, she passed on these recipes that completely reinvent the uhhh chicken wheel?

You’ll need to get a few special ingredients in, but it’ll undoubtedly be so worth it at dinnertime! CHOCOLATE CHICKEN?! OK! SPOILERS.. This is why I’m eating more chicken during 2016.

4 Reasons why I'm eating more chicken as of NOW! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Peanut butter chicken

This recipe is best with chicken wings! First, you need to make the marinade. Combine peanut butter, brown sugar, soy sauce and a decent squeeze of lime juice. You’ll also need the basics; salt, pepper, garlic and a splash of water. Once this is all combined, coat your wings with the marinade. Let it soak up the good stuff. You can find the specific amounts of each ingredient here. When it’s nearly time to eat, bake the wings in the oven for up to 45 minute. Or, until the meat is cooked through and the marinade has turned crispy.

Chilli and chocolate chicken

Don’t be scared of using chocolate in a savoury dish; it adds an amazing extra quality. This recipe is all about good quality ingredients. That goes for the dark chocolate and the chilli; the dorset chilli shop is a great place to get the latter. Don’t worry, you can order online if nipping to Dorset isn’t do-able! Get your chicken browned, then set to one side. Fry an onion, red pepper, garlic and seasoning in a pan. Add the following spices; cinnamon, cumin and your chilli. Mix with tomato passata and then re-add the chicken. Finally, mix in you chocolate and any extra chilli you fancy. Top the finished meal with a sprinkle of lightly toasted sesame seeds.

Lime and coriander chicken

Combining two of the best flavours in the world, lime and coriander chicken is seriously zesty and moist. Pop your chicken breasts into a bowl, and add a big glug of oil and soy sauce. Squeeze in some tomato sauce and some tomato puree; double concentrate if you have it. Chop a healthy handful of coriander and add to the bowl. Then squeeze in either two small limes or one larger one. Finish the mix off with salt, pepper and as many chilli flakes as you fancy. As with coca cola chicken, cover the bowl and leave it in the fridge for as long as you can wait. Once you’re ready to eat, cook the chicken without the leftover sauce in a pan. Fry it off alongside a red onion and some garlic. When it’s nearly ready, add the leftover sauce mixture too. Mix with rice and top with sour cream.

Coca-cola chicken

Unlike the last, this one is incredibly simple. Pop your chicken breast in a bowl and cover with a can of coke, plus salt and pepper. Leave it to soak up the juices for as long as possible, and then cook in a pan. The coke with leave it will a delicious, succulent and sugary taste. This recipe is especially great for BBQ season, and you can do the same thing with chicken wings and legs too.

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Billy Elliot First Ever UK Tour at Theatre Royal Plymouth [Exclusive]

Last week we were exclusively invited to the dress rehearsal for the first ever Billy Elliot UK tour at the Theatre Royal Plymouth! This meant we were the first to see the production prior to it opening to the general public and experience first-hand the excitement of a new production coming together on stage!

Billy Elliot tells the story of a young Northern boy who accidentally stumbles into a ballet lesson and finds out he has a talent. The story tells of his struggle to learn to dance set against the backdrop of the Miner’s strike back in the early 80’s. Eventually his family find out his secret and against all odds, Billy gets an audition for the Royal Ballet School.

From 5 minutes in, you can see why this Musical has been playing to packed houses in London’s West End for the past 11 years. This show has it all, wonderful music by Elton John, amazing sets, powerful acting and amazing dancing. The adult cast, Billy’s family and his teacher, Mrs Wilkinson are all superb in their roles but it is the children who steal the show. Billy, his friend Michael, who is hilarious, young Debbie and the Ballet girls are all so professional.

The Audience were spellbound from start to finish.With the clever integration of the violence of the time and the innocence of children dancing, this show is one of the best I have ever seen. A mention must be made that there is a lot of swearing in this show, which is in keeping with the subject matter, however we felt it is unsuitable for youngsters under 10.

Unfortunately we were unable to take photography at the event, so excuse the lack of imagery in the post. That said, I would give this 10/10 and I have already booked to see it again! Therefore, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this show to anybody.

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