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Why You Should Snap Up Replica Designer Furniture NOW

Whether you’ve been in my house or you follow my blog, you’ll know that I absolutely love interior design. I’m no professional, but I believe with the powers of Pinterest and online shopping, anything is possible. It’s probably pretty fair to say that the majority of my disposable cash goes on furniture and decor.

I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design, from mid-century to modern designs. Whatever your budget, it’s quite easy to get the look. Although my bedroom is furnished using only genuine G-Plan pieces, I do have some replica designer pieces in my home, too. You’ve probably seen them before, but I’m a huge fan of the Eames RAR chairs. I have a couple in the office (one black arm chair and a yellow chair) and a white rocker in the lounge.

Why You Should Snap Up Replica Designer Furniture NOW | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Although I think they’re worth it, I simply can’t afford to spend hundreds on one piece of furniture so I ordered replicas. Personally, I can barely tell the difference but I’ve still got the style I want in my home for a fraction of the price. But alas! If you’ve ever fancied owning a design classic – such as an Eames-inspired chair – this is your last chance. July 28 2016 has been confirmed as the date when furniture retailers must begin getting rid of any replica, unlicensed furniture by famous designers.

Loughborough-based Pash Living was founded in 2008 by Aaran Hall and Paul Sills with the aim of making iconic furniture affordable to the masses. Their collection now includes high quality reproductions of Arne Jacobsen’s Egg and Swan Chairs, Eames’ iconic DSW ‘Eiffel’ seat and Xavier Pauchard’s ground-breaking Tolix chairs among others.

Founder Aaran said: “To say we are disappointed by the repeal of section 52 of the Copyright and Patents Act is an understatement. “British homeowners want stylish furniture with a designer edge but some simply cannot afford to pay over £4,000 for a lounge chair. We have made a name for ourselves by creating affordable yet high quality alternatives to ensure every design fan, not just those with a high disposable income, can enjoy these iconic pieces.”

Why You Should Snap Up Replica Designer Furniture NOW | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The team at Pash Living are now concentrating their efforts on their original pieces which are already proving popular with customers. However, Aaran urges anyone who wants to snap up a retro piece inspired by the likes of Le Corbusier, Harry Bertoia or Mies van der Rohe to act now. Aaran said: “There will never be another opportunity to buy this ground-breaking furniture without paying designer prices.”

I was discussing this was S just recently (he always plays devil advocate when I’m making big purchases or making hasty decisions) and he said “Well, you’ll always be able to get replicas in China or abroad elsewhere”. This is where S, as much as I love him, has completely missed the point. Firstly, who wants to pay postage from China for a chair that weighs as much as I do? Secondly, it’s the quality that we’ll be loosing. At the moment, it’s possible to pick up these replicas that are almost identical to the originals. However, we won’t be able to get these anymore! *sob*

This came as a complete shock, as I’m sure it has to the rest of the other interior design lovers across the country. From next January only official versions – costing around 10 times more – will be available to buy in the UK. I’ve been eyeing up a Charles Eames lounge chair replica for some time now, so this has speeded up my buying process. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, you can decide.

Why You Should Snap Up Replica Designer Furniture NOW | UK Lifestyle Blog

Will you be snapping up any pieces before January? If so, what will you buy?

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6 Reasons I’m Absolutely Loving Garden Rooms Right Now

Okay, so you’ve probably seen my posts recently about bohemian inspired conservatories. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m absolutely obsessed with pinning, shopping and decorating garden decor right now. We’ve been blessed with such beautiful weather, so why be cooped up indoors? That said, as much as I want to just lie in the garden all day, I have a responsibility to pay the mortgage and keep my clients happy. So, what’s a girl to do? One word: Garden rooms!

Ever since I built my outdoor little fort underneath my decking in the garden (you can head over here to see it!), I’ve felt so much more productive. I find it really important having a separate space for a work environment, away from the relaxation of my lounge and bedroom. Even though, I do love have a cup of tea, light some incense and unwind down there occasionally.

NOTE: This isn’t my home or garden (we can dream, right?) Just some more inspiration *sigh*

6 Reasons I'm Absolutely Loving Garden Rooms Right Now | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The fort is inspired by bohemian patterns and is pretty much a sea of foam padding, blankets and cushions. This is gorgeous when the sun is out. But, who am I kidding? We get so much rain here in England, so it’s not a fixed structure in my garden – except the pallets, of course! As much as I love my own sanctuary, I need something water tight for the winter. Also, what about when my business expands? I’ve been swooning over Oeco garden rooms, and here’s why!:

So, what’s the big deal?

We always need more space. When I agreed to buy my two bedroom house a couple of years ago, I figured I had more than enough room. I don’t have that much stuff, I’m only small and my boyfriend moved in with barely anything! Boy, I was so wrong! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pushed for space, but I do always have wild plans. One day I want a yoga and meditation space, then the next I want a walk in wardrobe or space for fitness equipment. I know, a little ambitious, but why not?

With that in mind, garden rooms are multi-functional. I know even in my home at the moment, rooms serve more than one purpose. For example, although one of the rooms in the house is an office with a full length desk down one edge of the room, I’ve also got a sofa bed in case guest some to stay, as well as a 5ft mirrored wardrobe tucked into the alcove. Get creative, whatever your needs – whether it’s business or pleasure!

They require zero planning permission. Extensions can sometimes involve getting planning permission approved, which can be quite a lengthy process. Then there is a chance that you won’t be able to get the permission that you need. But not with garden rooms – they don’t require any approval.

Garden rooms are completely affordable. There is an initial cost, but consider you’re getting a whole new room, it’s amazing value. You could even look at renting the room out on Airbnb, and you’d recover the cost of your garden room in no time. Now that’s a tempting offer, am I right?

They’re quick to assemble. I’m one of the most impatient people you’ll ever meet. If I want something, I want it now. I can’t help myself, and I’ll typically try to run before I can walk. Sometimes this can be an issue, but that’s a story for another time.. Garden rooms are quick to assemble, so you can start decorating sooner!

You can use them all year round. This is the most important factor to me. As much as I love Cornwall, we don’t get very many sunny days. The majority of the time it’s miserable. I mean, for goodness sake, it’s late July and it’s grey outside right now. Garden rooms can be used in the winter, and you can even get insulation and heating so it’s super snug in there.

Have you considered a garden room? Or do you have one?

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Don’t Miss These 4 Destinations on Your Next Caribbean Cruise

So, you probably saw that S and I recently went on the Harmony of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. If not, you can read about it over on the blog here *wink wink, nudge nudge!*.

It was the first time that S had been on a cruise ship, but I’d been on a few in the past. Granted, it had been some time, but I was lucky enough to do a lot of cruising and traveling with my family when I was younger. We headed to the Caribbean mostly, so I’ve pulled together the top destinations, which I hope to again return to soon!

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There really is no better summer destination than the Caribbean. Gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise waters, rugged mountain terrain, lush forests and palm trees gently swaying in the breeze ensure that this area of the world is a relaxation oasis. However, the Caribbean also boasts plenty of fun and adventure with water sports, hiking trails, swimming with dolphins and safari being just a few options.

The best way to soak up the paradise that is the Caribbean is with a cruise, as this way you can explore the different islands and discover their distinctive personalities. These are the must visit Caribbean islands on a cruise holiday.

St. Lucia

When you imagine what a Caribbean paradise looks like, it is likely that St. Lucia is what you are imagining. Beautiful mountains, pristine white beaches and calm turquoise waters perfect for paddling in; St. Lucia is a beautiful and serene island. It also boasts the world’s only “drive-through” volcano and a number of fun and distinctive towns to explore in the heart of the island. 

Don't Miss These 4 Destinations on Your Next Caribbean Cruise | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Often the first island that springs to mind; Jamaica is the heart and soul of the Caribbean and a must visit. A famous reggae scene, delicious cuisine, beautiful wildlife and flora, lush forests, clear waters and a laid back atmosphere make this a favourite with plenty to see and do. 


An incredibly laid back and friendly place which is also a relaxation haven; Barbados is a stunning island which lives at a leisurely pace. However, there is also a lively city in Bridgetown which features many fun cultural activities. Barbados also features a diverse landscape and some of the most scenic beaches in the entire world.

Don't Miss These 4 Destinations on Your Next Caribbean Cruise | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Cayman Islands

There is plenty of fun to be had on the Cayman Islands, which is made up of three main islands each with their own distinctive personality. The smallest island, Little Cayman, has a relaxed atmosphere and one of the best dive walls in Bloody Bay Wall, whilst Cayman Brac boasts breathtaking natural beauty which makes it ideal for rewarding hikes. Grand Cayman is the main attraction with a cosmopolitan feel, a stunning beach and an excellent food and drinking scene.

These are the four must visit islands when you embark on a cruise to this magical area of the world. To find the best deals on cruises and get the ball rolling on your trip, it’s worth checking out independent cruise agents Iglu Cruise. Who can put you in front and plan the perfect Caribbean cruise.

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