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5 Ways to Make the Perfect First Impression with Your Home

So many of us worry about making the right first impression with our home. Whether its organising cushions or polishing door handles, some of us go to extreme lengths to keep our homes in tip-top condition. But, if impressions are made in the first few seconds, it is our front doors and frontages that have the biggest impact on people. It may be beautiful and cosy inside, but if it doesn’t look inviting from the street and you haven’t looked after your curb appeal, you’ve already lost.

But fear not! There’s so much you can do to bring your home up to its full potential and stand out proudly from the street. Whether you’re selling or just trying to impress a guest, here are five tips to create the perfect first impression with your home.

5 Ways to Make the Perfect First Impression with Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

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1. Revitalise Your Gate, Fence and Lawn

Begin with your guests’ very first step on your property. If your home has a fence or a gate, is it secure? Are the locks working and does it open smoothly? Is it a front lawn and a gate you are proud of? Grasp the opportunity to turn these areas into stand-out features.

Make sure the fence and gate are well painted and not rusty or neglected, as this can be an immediate put-off. The same goes for your lawn; if this hasn’t had some attention for some time, the property can look uninviting.

2. Create a Clear and Convenient Walkway

Homes that are difficult to enter are immediately uninviting. There simply must be a clear route to your front door. If you have a path, it can be a wonderful asset that needs to be fully appreciated. Clean your pathway by sweeping it down or using a pressure washer and remove any dirt or branches covering it.

Keep rubbish bins out of the way — even hide them away if possible. Keep your walkway as clear as possible and use it to frame your home. Place garden planters or flower pots either side as it leads up to the door, to make the path a prominent feature of your home.

3. Have a Front Door That Does the Talking!

The most prominent feature of your home’s frontage will always be the front door. The front door is instrumental in projecting the character of your home, so you need to choose its colour carefully and keep it looking shiny and new. A bright and overbearing door may be too much for some people and immediately create a bad impression, but colours that are modest and understated, like blues and greens, are often hard to dislike.

4. Spruce up Those Door Handles and Door Knockers

However, there is more to your door than just its colour. You can’t overemphasise the importance of door furniture, like door handles and door knockers. They may seem simple, but they go a long way in influencing a guest’s opinion of your home. These are important door features that need to be chosen carefully.

An impressive door knocker can really dictate the beauty of a front door and impress visitors — and the same goes for door handles. If these vital pieces of front door furniture aren’t polished and looked after, they can look neglected. A door with well-polished, gleaming front door furniture, on the other hand, goes a long way in creating a great first impression.

5. Entryway Touches

There are aspects that make or break an entryway. A doormat is a great touch, as it keeps dirt out and can provide a playful greeting message or some much-needed colour, but avoid choosing something too over-the-top. Hanging plants or framing your entryway with standing plants are wonderful touches, but don’t let them obstruct your front door. Consider the amount of space and colours you are working with. Don’t go overboard on your entryway; keep it clean, organised and constantly inviting.

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Private healthcare services was one of the best life decisions I’ve made

First let’s start with a disclaimer – the NHS is absolutely incredible – and I’m so grateful for everything that they’ve done for me in the past. However, sometimes whether it’s for cosmetic procedure, you’re dealing with a chronic illness or you’re trying for a family, sometimes private healthcare is something you might consider. It certainly was when I was looking into options for particular procedures, and I know a lot of people close to me consider it.

When you book an appointment to get a haircut, what’s the main concern on your mind? Most probably the skills and experience of the hairdresser cutting your hair. We like to make sure that the person we’re seeing is skilled and experienced and able to give us the results we want, don’t we? For some reason, when it comes to our health, we don’t do the same – why is that?

Why is it that when it comes to our health, we don’t see high-quality healthcare as being a priority? Far too many young people don’t make finding a quality health care provider a priority, and it’s incredibly concerning. Surely, if we make the time to find a quality hairdresser, we can make the same effort when it comes to our health?

Want to make getting high-quality healthcare a priority? Here’s how to go about it:

Private healthcare services was one of the best life decisions I've made | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Research and read up on the best experts in the field

When it comes to ensuring that you are getting the best healthcare possible, one of the most important things is making the time to do your research. The truth is that every field of the healthcare industry has its leaders and its specialists, and when it comes to getting high-quality healthcare, those are the people that you want to be using. So, whatever the issue you are suffering from, it’s important to take the time to read up and do your research on the industry leaders, so that you are able to get the highest level of care.

Ensure that they use quality methods, equipment, and supplies

One of the most important things when ensuring that you are getting high-quality healthcare is making sure that you are using a specialist who has access to the highest quality equipment and supplies and is trained in the highest quality treatment methods. For example, say you are undergoing a dental treatment, it’s important to ensure that the medical professional who is treating you, uses the highest quality dentist supplies, as well as the newest and most innovative methods of treatment. After all, whenever you undergo a healthcare procedure, it’s only natural to want the best results.

Just talk to them!

Before selecting a specialist to deal with a medical problem for you, it’s important that you make time to talk to them. Any medical professional worth their salt will be happy to chat with you about a potential treatment and will be keen to answer any questions that you might have about the procedure itself or their skills and experience. So, don’t be afraid to ask to chat with a specialist before agreeing to let them treat you, make time to talk to them to that you know you’re getting the best treatment possible.

We make the time to ensure that the makeup artist we’re using for a night out or that our new hairdresser is up to the task in hand, but many of us don’t make the same effort when it comes to our health when we should be. After all, there’s nothing more important that your health.

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4 Small Changes That Can Make a Positive Impact To Your Bank Balance

We all have our personal dreams of what we hope to achieve. A beautiful home, a fast car, our own thriving business are a few examples of what some people need to get ahead. But more often than not, a bad financial habit gets in the way of achieving these dreams.

If we don’t come to terms with our limits and moderate the way we spend, we’ll fall into a deficit trap. A positive cash flow is one where income exceeds expenses, and the only way to do this is by adopting positive financial habits.

4 Small Changes That Can Make a Positive Impact To Your Bank  Balance | UK Lifestyle Blog


Limit the number of credit cards you have

It always feels good to have a credit card that allows you some overdraft expenditure when you are in emergency situations. However, indiscriminate use of such cards is a fast way to fall in to debt. The solution is to reduce the number of credit cards in your possession. Desist from purchasing an item that will take longer than three months to offset. It is also a good idea to open a savings account specifically for paying bills.


Work with a budget

Many people have trouble with their cash flow because they are unaware of the total amount for bills they should be paying every month. There is a correlation between people who do not use a monthly budget and those who are neck deep in debt.

Something as simple as list of all your bill and expenses in a month, and a scheduled payment system based on your income could suffice as a budget. However, to make it easier, there are several budgeting apps and loan calculators that can guide you with this an ensure that you are taken to a place where your sending becomes habitual, and you’re not constantly running your bank account into the red.


Cut down your impulse purchases

If you are fond of splurging on the latest Nike sneakers, you may want to stop immediately. Impulse buying is a terrible financial habit to incur. Rest assured you’ll take longer to fulfil that big goal if you maintain an unhealthy splurging habit.

To avoid impulse buying, plan your shopping trips to buy only those things you need. If it is impossible to exercise that control (some people do), take with you just enough money for the items you need. Leave your credit card, ATM card and cheque books at home.


Pay off your debts when due

A big dream-killer is accumulated debts. While there is nothing wrong with taking a financial loan, paying down as at when due is often a major problem. When you allow your debts to pile up, it begins to seem like an insurmountable task. With an automated budget planner, you can pay down your debts on schedule.

When you practice healthy financial habits, you make it easier to achieve your dreams, no matter how high you set the bar. An awareness of your incomings and outgoings is what is necessary to succeed.

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