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Bedroom design hacks: We’ve redecorated the bedroom!

Have you ever had the pleasure of staying in one of those huge grand hotels? Where the rooms are massive, luxurious, and decked out to be super classy? If you have, you will know exactly the sort of bedroom I mean. Staying in these fancy hotels and stylish Airbnb apartments have given me heaps of inspirations, so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks redecorating (the big reveal is coming soon!).

As much as we love traveling, having a home I love coming home to is so important to me. When I moved into my new build a couple of years ago, of course I decorated it exactly how I wanted it! However, I didn’t quite get the chance to step back and focus on the details, because so much was happening at once. Now I’ve had time to think carefully about each room and it’s been so exciting making our house a home.

Here’s my top bedroom decorating hacks that I’ve stolen from our recent travels..

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog
Mid-century chair c/o DFS and upholstered by me! Read more here..

The walls

Now, the walls are an important feature in any room, but in the bedroom, they can totally make or break your look. While you might find heavy damask wallpapers in luxe hotels, to keep your room at home modern and airy, try a plain white wall instead. Using this colour will stop the room become too old fashioned or oppressive. Remember too that you can add texture and opulence with personalised decorations, picture, and hangings instead of wallpaper.

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The furniture

Now, furniture in a grand but modern looking bedroom can often be a sticking point, as some people get confused as to what sort of style they should be using. But the easy answer is that you are not limited to any one particular type, as long as you dress the rest of the room well.

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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For example, you might choose to use classic mahogany pieces like these ones available at But then combine them with light walls and modern, bold patterns on the fabrics you use in the room to keep it looking up to date. Or you can use sleek Scandinavian style furniture, but increase the opulence in the room, with very plush high-end fabric and rugs. The choice is entirely yours.

The mirror

Something that is vital in a grand bedroom has a property place in which to get ready for the day. That is actually a dressing table with a mirror. Choose something on a large scale, and try to incorporate some backlights top make it as useful as it is attractive. Chose a similar style for coherence or clash styles for an interesting, eclectic look.

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The bed

So for grandeur, you need to get the biggest best that you can a) fit in the room, and b) afford. For most folks that will be a super king bed. Which are usually so big that you have to roll over several times to snuggle with your other half during the night. You will also want a plush, but modern style headboard for this look. Tufted headboards are very in right now. As are sleek modernist styles so you have a few that you can choose from.

Lastly, concerning the bed, you will need to dress is properly. That means not a just pillow and a duvet cover but going for the full works including shams, beds runners and throw pillows. You can find out more about this at Not only will these accessories ensure that your bedroom look luxurious, but they will help you to be as comfortable as possible. Just remember to go for something with a geometric design or stripe to keep it as modern as possible.

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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3 Reasons we’re returning to Bournemouth this year

OK, so you might not immediately think of Bournemouth as being the hippest location for a weekend trip. But read on, as you are about to be pleasantly surprised. With is seven beaches, surfer atmosphere, and seaside charm, Bournemouth definitely holds a lot more pull for the 25 and under crowd these days. So if you are thinking of heading down there for a weekend, keep reading for my top tips on how to have the best time.

3 Reasons we're returning to Bournemouth this year | UK Lifestyle Blog

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1. Bar culture

So one thing that you will find in abundance in Bournemouth is cafe-bars. What could be cooler than a few drink sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea? Or relaxing on squishy sofas to the latest chill-out tunes?

Try places like Urban Reef on The Overstrand. This is hip, but casual bistro set up with alfresco seating, locally brewed ales, and a wood-fired pizza oven that makes for the most delicious snacks. They have a good menu for all time of the day too, and in particular, it is a great place to grab breakfast to soak up any excesses from the night before. You can even check out her surf webcam by looking on their website.

The there is the ultra modern, and stylish Reef Encounter. Get it?! Oh, humorous restaurant names! There you can enjoy live music, as well as occasional and specials events like steak nights. While also sampling the delights of their grill menu, which includes American classics such as ribs and po’boys which a range of toppings. Yum!

Or why not head down to Exeter Road, and check out 60 Million Postcards. It’s a neo-grunge sort of place that is uber hip and has many special offers on drink and food alike. You can check out their website here for more details.

2. Quirky but cool

Now no trip the English coastline would be complete without the obligatory walk along the front and pier. Whether the weather is suitable or not! Luckily, Bournemouth is somewhat blessed with the sunshine. So you don’t have to worry too much about your fish and chips getting drenched before you eat it. However, do you tire easily of such traditional pleasures? Then you’ll probably want to check on some of the more offbeat activities that are on offer in this area.

First of all, there are some interesting boutique type shops to check out.  In particular, Memento Mori, which sells a mixture of flea market finds and slightly more macabre offerings. It’s perfect for those of you channelling your inner goth, or just for folks that like vintage, and off-kilter things.

Now if you enjoy Memento Mori you might want to pay a visit to the neighbouring town of Hythe and check out the St. Leonard’s Church Ossuary. This is a basement which contains the remain off at least 4,000 humans in bone form. Yes, we are talking skulls, jaws, teeth and the like! While no one knows exactly why they are all there, the experts best guess is that there were victims of a plague. Possible the black death,  and were dug up and stored in the church for some reason. Anyway, whatever the reason they are there, there are certainly fascinating, if a little ghoulish!

3. Great Digs

Now an essential part of any break is getting some great digs to stay in. While it can seem like all fun and games when you’re planning a holiday, to go for the cheaper option like B&Bs or tents.  But how much fun are you really going to have this way?

That is why is can make a lot more sense to check out some of the more on trend options on offer. Of which Bournemouth as quite a few. Consider renting a house or apartment from companies like Smart Holiday Rentals Bournemouth. There are clean, modern and stylish and you’ll have your own space to relax in.

Or you could push the boat out and stay in a chic establishment like the Urban Beach hotel. Not surprisingly, it is located a stone’s throw from the beach, and it has a lux coastal feel. Replete with chandeliers in the bedrooms and a well stocked and stylish bar.

4. Dance it Out

Now, if you are looking to dance the night away while on your trip to Bournemouth, then you really need to check out the Halo Nightclub. Located in an old church, Halo’s architecture remains intact. Which provides a beautiful juxtaposition to the house music played by the resident DJS, and the special guests that they host now and again.

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Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look

The bohemian look is for women who are in tune with nature, opening themselves up and embracing the different perspectives of the world. Earthy, light and breezy, the bohemian chic look traces its influences to an artistic movement of centuries past to its development in recent decades.

From music festivals to beach looks, bohemian style can still be found everywhere, demonstrating its timeless and fresh appeal with individual expression. There are many stores out there with chic clothes for women, but the key is to know which pieces will work best. We have some tips here for the ultimate bohemian look.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog
Silver necklace available from Happiness BoutiquePSST! Get 10% discount off all orders over €19 when you use coupon code ‘strawberrysqueeze‘ at the checkout between February 25th until March 25th 2017. 

Layering with vests, cardigans and jewellery

The bohemian look will not be complete without the layers that make it so chic. Whether it’s a flowing poncho over a maxi dress or a hip vest over a simple shirt, the possibilities are endless. Other layering options include putting on chunky, beady jewellery which are perfect for expressing your free spirited nature.

Laid-back, flowing clothes and loose silhouettes

Bohemian style is all about ease of wearing and a loose fit to reflect one’s openness. Laid-back looks with flowing clothes are certainly a part of this fashion look, as are silhouettes that are not too girly and instead are loose and elegantly feminine. Maxi dresses, midi skirts, flared pants, tunic tops and many other such items are just some of the style must-haves.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog

Fringes and lace

Fringes and lace details have long been a part of the bohemian fashion scene. With their ageless appeal and whimsical touch, any garment with fringe or lace can look sophisticated on any given day. Pair up a simple lace blouse with light and airy printed shorts and you’ll have a great outfit for any outing.

Head scarves and other head wraps

Chic head wraps, such as flower crowns, scarves and bands, trace back to the 60s and 70s eras of fashion, which have seen resurgence in popularity thanks to the music festivals of today. They bring a classic touch to any outfit and are perfect for completing the bohemian look. Think wavy tresses kept in line with a stylish head scarf, and bad hair days can be kept away.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog


Big sunglasses and floppy hats

Oversized sunglasses are an essential item that can be worn anytime, especially for those sunny days. Floppy hats are also perfect for keeping out the sun, perfect for using at the beach. These two accessories look perfect when complemented by a maxi dress or just a simple poncho top with shorts. 

Prints everywhere

For women looking to emulate a bohemian look, the best way to start is through clothes with eye-catching patterns. This could include geometric designs, abstract shapes, floral accents and others. Bohemian fashion embraces colorful patterns and designs, so mixing and matching prints will be quite exciting.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog


Earth-colored boots and gladiator sandals

Ankle boots that come in neutral, earthy tones are a wardrobe staple for any bohemian outfit. The same is also true for a trusty pair of gladiator sandals. They add extra pizzazz and an edge to any look, so be sure to have them handy for any day.

For an effortless look, bohemian style is definitely the way to go. With these tips to help you, it will be easier for you to find your inner bohemian soul and express yourself in style. Find clothing pieces that fit your personality, and you’ll be on your way to a boho chic look.

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