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3 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference When Moving House

Moving into a new house is such an emotional time. It should be one of excitement, but it usually ends up being one more of exhaustion, crankiness and general irritability at everything not quite being in place and being the way that you want it to be yet. That’s fine and to be expected – but is should also be noted that it’s going to take a long time to get it absolutely perfect and screaming of your personality!

3 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference When Moving House | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s in the detail

Eradicating all traces of the people that lived in your property before you is quite a challenge. Unless you start from scratch, then there’s almost no way that it can possibly be done. If you’re in a new-build home then you won’t have this problem, but for others it can be a nightmare and a real drawback on making your house a home to call your own. There are little things that you can change over time rather than doing one big overhaul (as tempting as it may be).

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For example, there is a huge range of bathroom taps available online for you to have a look at – something as simple as switching these over may be just the grasp you need to bring your home into your own. Changing handles on doors, painting over wooden fitted cupboards … these are all the things that you can do that are little things which are able to put your stamp down.

Don’t stress on mess

Moving is always going to be a busy time – you’ve got your whole life that you need to fit into another house! Don’t stress over the mess that seems be around you, but instead put it where you feel it needs to go. This may seem like a strange thing to do, but you’ll gradually find out where things need to be rather than forcing them into a place that you’ll later find out is inconvenient for you. This is especially true in the kitchen. You’ll work out where things need to be to make your life easier. Just pop your items into their new home once you’ve worked out where it is.

3 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference When Moving House | UK Lifestyle Blog

Colour your world

Don’t make rash decisions on what colour you want your home to be. Settle for a little while and see where the light comes in, and at what times of the day.

Take note of spots of brilliance – these are the bits that naturally seem to illuminate when the sun comes through the windows, and can be a great place to put key feature ornaments and decorations in your home, such as posters and pictures, to draw people’s attention to them without having a spotlight.

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Taking the time to go through colour schemes and figure out what you want from each room is vital if you don’t want to be redecorating any time soon. Go for a colour that makes you feel happy and relaxed in the rooms that you spend the most time in, and one that you won’t get bored of too soon.

3 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference When Moving House | UK Lifestyle Blog

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3 Design Tricks To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

There are so many blog posts in the blogosphere that contain tips for decorating small rooms. But what if it’s not your floor space that’s the problem? What if you actually don’t have that much room when you look up? 

Low ceilings can be a problem in a property as they can make rooms feel very dark. Even large rooms can feel a lot smaller if the ceiling dips quite far down, but that doesn’t mean that you have to get used to living in a dingy room. Here are some useful tips that can really help you decorate a room with a particularly low ceiling.

3 Design Tricks To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Play with proportions

If you get your proportions wrong when you are decorating your room, you might find that you make the problem worse and that the room ends up looking even smaller. The best way around this is to think about the size of all the furniture and fittings that you bring into the room. You can easily create an optical illusion and make the room feel much more spacious by using small features. For instance, in your living room choose coffee tables that are low to the ground. You can find high quality bathroom radiators that are low to the ground as well, or you might prefer to go with underfloor heating. When it comes to your bedroom, think about decorating it in an oriental theme and look for a Japanese-style bed.

Be smart with lighting

Clever lighting can add some extra dimensions to a room, which can also create an illusion of more height. One great way of doing this is to add a lighting pelmet on all four walls right under the ceiling. The light will then shine up onto the ceiling and flood it with light. It could also be a good idea to use coloured lighting, as this can take everyone’s attention away from the very low ceiling. Try and stay away from central light fittings, as these will attract attention straight to the ceiling.

3 Design Tricks To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Flaunt the ceiling

One nifty idea for low ceilings is to flaunt them. Why not make yours look like it is a deliberate choice rather than something you are just lumped with?! This is very easy to do if you want a retro design for your room. Just hang some items from the ceiling as a decorative feature. One of the best things to hang is a pendant light. You could hang a few of these and use them as your main light sources in the room. If the low ceiling is in your child’s bedroom, you might want to create a safari-inspired decor. Then you can add some camouflage tent onto the roof, which will greatly add to the overall theme of the room.

As you can see, low ceilings shouldn’t be too much of a problem for your decor. There are plenty of ways you can overcome them! Do you have any ideas of your own that might work?

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Why Your Spare Bedroom Should Be More Than a Guest Room

There’s something a little sad about the concept of a guest room. It’s a room that goes unused for the vast majority of its life. The decor you choose, the style you infuse into it, the furniture that you buy and painstakingly put together – it rarely has a chance to shine. Only on the occasions when you have company can it step into the spotlight.

It also has a tendency to feel like a huge waste of space. Houses tend to be calculated on square footage in terms of their volume, yet for some reason, we write a huge chunk of that off for occasional use. It’s less than ideal, especially if you find yourself pressed for space in other areas – not making use of that spare room just isn’t sensible.

So rather than taking any unused upstairs room and automatically declaring it a guest bedroom, why not think about the other ways it could be put to use?

Why Your Spare Bedroom Should Be More Than a Guest Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

Home Office

It’s an obvious one if you work from home; chances are you have already considered it. And if you don’t work from home… there’s no point in having an office, is there? This is what we’ve done with our spare bedroom, and I’ve just finished decorating it. Want to see what it looks like? I’ve just posted it on my recent blog post here

There might be. Think about the paperwork that goes into managing a modern life. You pay bills, write letters to companies, research out insurance policies – hours tied to a computer just busting through the red tape. Might it be nice to have a separate space to do this in? You could store all of your life-related documents in one place, so if you need something at short notice, it’s right there waiting for you. It’s definitely worth considering a home office whether you work at home or not.

Games Room

Why not inject a little bit of fun and excitement into a room that would otherwise have been unloved? Tables from the likes of Birmingham Billiards, darts boards, and even standard consoles can be difficult to fit into the style of your main living room – so why not give them their own space, where they can shine?

Why Your Spare Bedroom Should Be More Than a Guest Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

This preserves your living room for relaxation without anyone having to give up a hobby. Not only that, but you can install hard-wearing flooring and paintwork, all necessary for those dropped cues and errant darts!

Room of Storage

When we think about storage, we tend to consider how we can cram it in with the rest of our decor. Sometimes it works; an ottoman can be attractive while still housing a multitude of objects, for example. However, this is more the exception than the rule, especially if you’re living in a confined space.

So why not dedicate one room of the house solely to storage? You can link shelving along the walls, add a couple of filing cabinets, and then some deep drawer units. You could even add a few clothes rails if you’re struggling for wardrobe space. We have a huge wardrobe which is almost 6ft wide, with sliding mirrors and two rails – and I absolutely love it – storage doesn’t have to be ugly!

Why Your Spare Bedroom Should Be More Than a Guest Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

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