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Take Pictures That Get You More Likes And Followers As If By Magic

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Many people enjoy using it to share pictures from their day to day lives, whether it’s an ice cream they ate earlier that day, or a picture of their favourite pet.

Utilising Instagram could mean you are able to earn money and get free products by simply taking and posting pictures! Many people are doing it, and the more followers and engagement you get, the more chance you have of being approached by amazing companies to collaborate. Here, we’ll discuss how you can take pictures that help you get more likes and followers as if by magic – not forgetting making your Instagram feed look amazing overall!

Take Pictures That Get You More Likes And Followers As If By Magic | UK Lifestyle Blog

Decide What You Want Your Instagram To Be About

Some people choose one main theme to go with on their Instagram. For some this is fitness, for others fashion, for some food – the list goes on. Whatever your passion is, whether it’s art, animals, nature, there’s room for your Instagram account. However, bear in mind that your Instagram doesn’t necessarily need to be about one thing. It could be a collection of different things providing you follow the rest of the tips in this post.

Figure Out The ‘Colour Scheme’ You Want To Use

Having a colour scheme is a good idea. It makes your pictures look uniformed and recognisable, and creates a better overall look when browsing somebody’s feed. Do you want your pictures to be black and white, or vintage looking? Maybe you want loads of colour on your Instagram feed? Make sure you can keep up with whatever you choose and that it suits your personality. People will follow Instagram feeds that look uniformed and professional more than those that look haphazard.

Take Pictures That Get You More Likes And Followers As If By Magic | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Post Only The Best Selfies

Whatever you want your Instagram to be about, there’s always room for a selfie. Make sure you only post the best selfies. You can take tips from this great guide to a better iPhone selfie if you want to go into detail. If not, simply make sure your lighting is good and that your background isn’t too distracting. You can edit, but make sure you still look like you at the end of it!

Edit Your Pictures – But Not Too Much!

Editing pictures can make them look better in general, whether it’s a picture of you or a picture of one of your favourite outfits. Many people like to whiten their pictures, which can help to create a cleaner look. People really like this at the moment, but trends seem to change all the time.

Take Pictures That Get You More Likes And Followers As If By Magic | UK Lifestyle Blog

Write Captions That Captivate

Writing captions is the key to getting engagement. Make sure you try to engage people and captivate with what you write. Writing funny captions is great, but engage with your followers!

Post Consistently

Make sure you post consistently. You don’t necessarily need a schedule, but many people recommend posting at least a couple of times a day. You don’t want to post too little, but you don’t want to bombard people either.

Take Pictures That Get You More Likes And Followers As If By Magic | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Use Hashtags The Smart Way

Finally, use hashtags the smart way. Put them in the comments rather than the caption, as they can be too distracting. Make sure the hashtags are relevant and not overused too, so that the right people find you!

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Thinking About Freelancing Abroad? 3 Things You Must Do!

With the advances in technology that the 21st century have bought us, it is now easier than ever to work abroad, especially if you are a freelancer! Freelancing itself is a big area of business that has really taken off over the past 10 years, so if you’re doing freelance work and thinking of going abroad, here are some things you really need to know and do!

Thinking About Freelancing Abroad? 3 Things You Must Do! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Accommodation, Plan Ahead!

Whilst this may seem very obvious, you have to do some searching around and some thinking before you book your accommodation. You need to think of such things like how far away is it from the nearest airport, how well connected the area is to other major cities, and of course how expensive it is! If you’re going to be staying somewhere for an extended amount of time, you need to ensure that you can afford everything.

Websites like Trivago take the hassle out of having to search for the hotels yourself, it allows you to pick an area and view all of the hotels there, giving you the best look at the accommodation possible. Don’t forget that these websites often have discounts for using them, so always look out for these to make your expenses that little bit less!

Thinking About Freelancing Abroad? 3 Things You Must Do! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Use Virtual Mailboxes!

These bridge the gap between sending mail to people (or receiving it) and modern technology. Everyone still gets mail in the post, many companies still use it for important documents so it’s not fully phased out yet and does have it’s uses, but you can modernise it! Sites like are able to have your mail delivered to a specific address and turn it into a digital copy that you can access from your phone.

This is incredibly useful for anyone who is abroad, not just freelancers! It lets you see what you have been mailed back at home, whilst some of it may not be important there is a chance that something of importance will get mailed to you, and if you don’t use this service then you’ll have to wait until you’ve gotten back home to see it which could cause a lot of trouble if it is something that matters!

Thinking About Freelancing Abroad? 3 Things You Must Do! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Ensure You Have The Right Tech

This can land you in serious trouble if you don’t prepare correctly for this! Part of being a freelancer is to be able to move around with your work, which is why it’s very common for freelancers to use laptops and tablets to work on. Like your phone, and any other electrical device you take with you, they all need to be charged, however all countries have different plug and socket types!

They are all incompatible with each other, so you need to check what country uses what plug and socket type, which you can do here. Ensuring that you have the right plugs when you go abroad means that you don’t have to worry about buying new charging cable when you arrive in the country, saving you time, money and effort! I also always carry a mobile power bank with me and make sure I have a sturdy iPhone case to ensure I’m doing my best to stay connected when on the move. 

Thinking About Freelancing Abroad? 3 Things You Must Do! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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If you make sure that you do all of these 3 things before you go away, you’ll have a much easier time when you go abroad! You’ll be able to be comfortable with your choice of accommodation, be able to keep up with anything important that might sneak through your letterbox at home and be able to charge your devices, to let you get on with the work that you need to do!

Not all freelance jobs have specific areas that you can go to, oftentimes you can choose yourself where you wish to work, if you’re stumped for ideas then read this!

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Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Difference

Have you fallen out of love with your home? Do you wish that you could start from scratch and totally revamp your house? A lot of people feel this way. It is only natural; you see the same four walls every day! However, you don’t need to embark on an expensive redecoration project to make your home feel new and fresh. There are some small changes you can make that will have a massive impact, as you will discover below:

Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Difference | UK Lifestyle Blog

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New cabinet hardware

You don’t need to replace your cabinets altogether. Instead, you can change the hardware. Polished brass used to be the hottest trend when it came to cabinet hardware. Nowadays, there are more stylish and contemporary options.

Plaster and paint your walls

One of the easiest and most effective ways to update your home is to add a fresh coat of paint. It is amazing what a change of colour can do for a room. It can shine a light on ornaments that were once overshadowed by the previous paint scheme. However, before you go ahead and start painting, it is a good idea to plaster the walls first.

You can buy Plasterers1StopShop trowels to make this task easier. It is a good idea because it makes the walls durable and stronger while also giving you the perfect surface for your new coat of paint. When choosing a colour, it is advisable to avoid anything too harsh and vibrant, as it will make it difficult to relax. Instead, you can highlight with these colours, and opt for a more neutral shade to create a calming environment.

Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Difference | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Give your front door a facelift

Your front door is important because it is the entry to your home. It sets the tone for what the rest of your house is going to be like. Not only this, but it is probably the first thing that people are going to see when they approach your property. And you know what they say; you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This is why it is a good idea to revamp your home. Painting your door a bold hue can have a massive impact, making your home stand out from the rest in your area.

Set the right mood with lighting

You will be surprised by how much of a difference the right lighting can have in your home. This is especially the case if you currently rely on one harsh overhead in each room. It is little surprise that you don’t enjoy your house any more if this is the case. How are you meant to relax?

Instead, ensure there are different light sources in each room, from lamps to reading lights. This will enable you to set the right mood depending on what you are doing and the time of day it is. Of course, any way that you can let more natural light into a room comes highly recommended as well. Why not invest in a large mirror to make a dark space look bigger and more welcoming?

Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Difference | UK Lifestyle Blog

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