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5 Tips for Planning a Hen Do Like a Pro!

Now you have got yourself the maid of honour gig, the next step is planning a perfect hen party. This is one of your biggest responsibilities and you want to be sure the bride-to-be has the time of her life before she is taken. What is expected of the bridesmaid on this day? How do plan an awesome hen do party?

Here are a few important tips.

5 Tips for Planning a Hen Do Like a Pro! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Decide on a Date

Deciding on a date beforehand is a very important planning factor. You should make the hen party plan within 5 to 6 weeks in advance before the big day comes knocking. This gives the expected guests enough time to plan and be comfortable for the two big events – and of course, the bride would need enough time to recover and feel great before her big day. This would also ensure you avoid planning a last minute hen party.

Ask For Help

Do not engage in the planning and execution alone. Ask other bridesmaids who have organized such parties for assistance. You would also do well to ask the bride-to-be for specifics and details she has in mind for the party – do not spring up surprises the bride may not be comfortable with. This will provide a great guide for your planning.

Set a Budget

While it is your responsibility to organize the hen party, this does not mean it is your responsibility to finance the entire event. Everyone invited – especially close girlfriends can chip in equally to finance this party. Setting a budget on time is also very crucial to a successful hen party.

5 Tips for Planning a Hen Do Like a Pro! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Know Your Audience

When planning a hen party, you should keep in mind the different groups of people you would be catering for. They would most likely come from different parts of the life of the bride-to-be. People from different age groups walks of life and backgrounds would be in attendance. Plan a party that would not isolate any group – the older ones should feel involved; there should be no class distinctions and no preference for a select group. Consider looking at party houses available so everybody can spend the weekend getting to know each other. 

Make the Bride feel Special

This is not just another night. Organizing activities the bride loves – with personal touches such as pictures of the bride while growing, pictures of the girls and the bride and special messages the girls would love to convey. All these can be done in slideshows where necessary and specially designed cupcakes. A playlist of her favorite songs, her favorite snack and cocktail will also give the occasion a nice touch. You can rest assured you would have made her day.

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Cardio Before or After Weight Lifting? Here’s Why The Answer Varies

A lot of people wonder if they should hit the treadmill right away or focus on building muscles. It’s such a simple question, yet the answers bounce in either direction; where the weight-loss expert advise you to do your cardio after lifting weights, the bodybuilders are preaching a workout that works the other way around. It’s no wonder we’re confused and inclined to stop taking anyone seriously at all.

Here is, finally, the scientific explanation for all the confusion, making your weekly workouts a bit more manageable.

Cardio Before or After Weight Lifting? Here's Why The Answer Varies | UK Lifestyle Blog

The hard stuff

When you exercise cardio, you impact the cells in your body differently than when you’re building muscles. Cardio increases your endurance and is wonderful news for your cardiovascular health, so it makes sense that the cellular changes your body requires to adapt to resistance training – which happens when you’re lifting weights – looks a bit different.

Heading from a sweaty session on the treadmill to a hefty session with weights means that the two stimuli would like to cancel each other out. You’ll usually end up with a bit of improvement in both areas, both with regards to building strength and to increase your endurance, but not as much as you could have had.

It’s no reason to give up on either yet, though, as you can reap the complete benefits of both workouts by simply dividing it up. Focus on cardio exercise on one day, for example, and let your body build strength and resistance on another day.

Easier said than done with a busy schedule? That’s when you need to know which one to do first and why you should be considering all of this in the first place.

When you want to lose weight

Back in the days, everyone talked about burning that weight off by running. Then it became trendy to bulk up a bit, and people preached weight-lifting and #TeamNoCardio; it’s no wonder we’re confused. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, it’s useless to only lift weights – per minute, cardio burns the most calories and should be your exercise of choice when you’d like the scale to show a lower number rather than a higher one.

The cardio will deplete our body’s supply of glycogen which makes it more likely to help itself to your more long-term storage of energy, such as fat. Combine a long run with a healthy diet and control your calorie intake with dieting shakes to reach your goals; just remember that weight loss is, of course, a permanent commitment and about finding the right balance.

It means, of course, that you need to be easier on yourself when lifting weights afterward. You’ll be tired after a long run and have less energy to spend on heavy lifting, so keep it short and sweet to avoid injuries.

When you want to build muscles

If your goal is the other way around, you should always start with a good weight-lifting session first, while you still have the energy for it. Those who have completed a good run and shakingly walk over to the weight-lifting room knows the feeling of drained energy.

You won’t be able to lift as much as you could have, you’ll be losing weight rather than building muscles, and will end up wishing that you had just stayed at home. Heading straight for the weights as soon as you enter the gym, on the other hand, and you’ll be ready for action and able to complete a lot more reps. It’s the kind of stuff bodybuilders love.

The most important thing to remember when you want to gain weight or boost your muscles is to eat enough afterward. Even if you did cardio before starting on the reps; eat a lot to avoid seeing your body consume all of your hard work – your muscles, that is.

Bring a shake with you to the gym so that you can start to restore as soon as your workout is complete; have a look at this article for a great guide to calorie-dense food your muscles will thank you for.

Again, the best choice is to divide the two sessions and allow your body to enjoy the benefits on separate days. If you find exercising a bit intimidating, it could be a good idea to start with cardio nonetheless – most people are more familiar with this type of exercise, and you shouldn’t let the weight lifters dictate your workout and make you avoid the gym altogether.

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4 Social Media Tools to Help Promote & Analyse Content

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms to maximize your blog’s exposure. It’s not only where your content gets read and shared; social media is where you interact with your followers, and continue to grow.

Are you an aspiring blogger? Is your social media strategy not quite making the headlines?

Every blogger will tell you, you’re not alone. Social media can be overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming but you’re not expected to go it alone. Certainly not when there are hundreds of social media tools ready and waiting to help you on your way.

4 Social Media Tools to Help Promote & Analyse Content | UK Lifestyle Blog

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I swear by four tools to help me plan, schedule and analyse the performance of my social content.

What Are the Best Social Media Tools for Bloggers?

Coschedule: Planning Your Social Copy

Striking social copy and an outstanding headline are important for any well performing social post. It’s part of the reason any user will bother to pay attention-so make it good.

Coschedule has two great tools to help you nail your social copy:

1. Headline Analyzer
2. Social Message Optimizer

Headline Analyzer
Coshedule’s Headline Analyzer tool does exactly what it says on the tin. It analyses your headlines. Cool right?

The tool grades your headlines on a score from 0-100. The higher the score, the better, and more click worthy the headline.

4 Social Media Tools to Help Promote & Analyse Content | UK Lifestyle Blog

So, once you’ve written your masterpiece, give your headline a quick check through the analyser tool before you go ahead and share away on social.

Social Message Optimizer

A punchy, heartfelt message brings personality to any social post. I discovered the Social Message Optimizer which really helps to refine my social messages and get to the point.

Similarly to the Headline Analyzer tool, the Social Message Optimizer grades your message, listing recommended actions to improve social messages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

4 Social Media Tools to Help Promote & Analyse Content | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The best thing about Coschedule is it’s free to use. You’ll need an account to gain access, but if you can deal with the odd promo email every now and again, it’s well worth it.

Hootsuite: Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Posting regularly is so important for your social media strategy. If you’re part of Dolly Parton’s 9-5 clan, scheduling your posts is essential. I like how easy Hootsuite is for this. Simply input your social message, shorten your link and schedule a time for your post to release.

Top tip: Remember the rest of the world runs on a 24-hour clock, so, if you want a post to go out at 3pm, set your time for 15:00. I always forget and end up sharing posts at 3am, which has little impact on my social media strategy. Duh.

With HootSuite, you can opt for the freebie version, which allows you to connect up to three social profiles, or a paid version. I’m cheap so I use the free version which works perfectly fine for what I need it to do.

Buzzsumo: Analyse Your Social Content Performance

A crucial part of any social media strategy is to analyse the performance of your content. If you don’t analyse, you’ll never know what works.

Buzzsumo is a content analysis tool which assesses social shares and highlights key influencers in a range of niches. I also find it useful for coming up with new content ideas too.

4 Social Media Tools to Help Promote & Analyse Content | UK Lifestyle Blog

Unfortunately, Buzzsumo is a paid service with plans starting from $99 a month, but the tool does offer you a lot for your money in my opinion.

How do you Manage your Social Media?

Social media can be overwhelming when you’re going it alone. How do you manage? Whether you’re using different tools or no tools at all- drop me a message below. After all, sharing’s caring 😉

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