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Don’t Let These Common Causes Of Stress Leave You Pulling Your Hair Out

In an ideal world, life would always be incredibly easy, and you’d never have to worry about anything going wrong or being difficult. However, as you might have noticed, that’s not the world we live in. Instead, the world that we live in is filled with more causes of stress and anxiety than any of us would like.

Of course, just because coming up against these causes of stress is pretty much inevitable, doesn’t mean that you have to let them get you down. In reality, it’s all about how you respond to these kinds of things. If you’re able to deal with them properly, then your life is going to be a lot easier. With that in mind, here are three of the most stressful things that you may have to deal with in your life, and how you can stop them from leaving you pulling your hair out.

Don't Let These Common Causes Of Stress Leave You Pulling Your Hair Out | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Moving house

Moving house can be incredibly exciting. After all, you get to make a new start and experience a whole new chapter in your life. Of course, it also comes with a great deal of stress and complications, not to mention expense! However, it doesn’t need to be a total nightmare. One of the best things that you can do is to hire a company like shiply to help you move all of your stuff. By having someone else deal with it, you get to focus on the big picture rather than breaking your back carrying around heavy boxes. The other thing is to make sure that you plan everything out in advance so that you’re not caught off guard at any point.

Losing your job

If you lose your job, it can leave you reeling in a pretty significant way. Not only are you suddenly without a source of income but many of us base a lot of our identity around our jobs and to have that taken away can be pretty traumatic. The best thing that you can do is to avoid wallowing at all costs. Make sure that your CV is fully up to date and that you’re making an effort to reach out to employers as much as possible. Self-pity isn’t going to get you anywhere and is little more than a waste of your time.

Financial difficulty

Of course, losing your job isn’t the only thing that can put you in an unenviable financial position. There are plenty of reasons why you might end up in some pretty serious money trouble. The first thing that you should do is to make sure that you don’t panic. Panicking is just going to make your life harder and more stressful. Remember that there are always things that you can do and organisations that you can get in touch with in order to deal with everything from debt to sudden loss of income.

Sure, it’s not always easy to deal with these kinds of issues, but by taking steps to deal with stressful situations more effectively, it’s going to be far easier for you to deal with any negative situation that might come up at any time.

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Revealed: The Real Cost of True Love for Disney Princesses

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve just come back from a short-break at Disneyland, Paris 💖✨

My incredibly talented brother is a Paint & Roto Artist at Industrial Light & Magic, and he’s edited films such as Star Wars, Jurassic World, Spectre and Transformers (very proud sister over here, can you tell?!). Well… since Disney acquired Star Wars, Industrial Light and Magic is now a Disney affiliated company. That means my brother gets 18 complimentary Disney Park Hopper tickets for Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios, pretty cool, huh? 

We jumped the queue to get into the park using our special privileges tickets, meaning we could enjoy the magic of Disney before the crowds hit! This meant more more time for Space Mountain and less time standing around.

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Revealed: The Real Cost of True Love for Disney Princesses | UK Lifestyle BlogIf you’ve ever been to Disneyland Paris, you’ll know that within the castle is a jewellery store selling rings, necklaces and other sparkly gifts. There were some engagement-looking rings in a glass cabinet, for those who decided to pop the question in Disney (which we did actually witness during our trip!).

S and I got engaged earlier in the year at the top of a mountain, so I wasn’t expecting him to drop down on one knee at any point. But whilst we were in the jewellery store I couldn’t help but try on the tiaras, I mean, how cool would it be to wear a Disney tiara to your wedding?!

From Aladdin and Jasmine, to Cinderella and Prince Charming, marriage is at the heart of most Disney films… Using real-life valuations at today’s prices, jewellers, F.Hinds, can reveal how much some of the most famous Disney engagements would cost. This article appealed the to wedding obsessed and Disney fanatic, in me.

One princess reigns over the rest when it comes to the value of their ‘happily ever after’s, according to the research. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, would be the queen of them all with her engagement ring valued at £100,000, nearly more than the eight other princesses combined.

Revealed: The Real Cost of True Love for Disney Princesses | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Belle’s ring is made from platinum and set with a 4-carat yellow diamond surrounded by a halo of flawless diamonds, trumping her nearest rival, Princess Tiana, from Princess and the Frog by a massive £70,000. The Beast, who judging by the size of his castle certainly isn’t short of a bob or two, has to find true love before the curse which gives his beastly appearance can be lifted.

The top 5 engagement rings were:

  1. Belle: £100,000
  2. Tiana: £30,000
  3. Elsa and Jasmine: both £24,000
  4. Snow White: £15,000
  5. Ariel: £4,500

The research carried out by jewellery experts, F.Hinds, also found that money wasn’t everything when it comes to true love. Some suiters could rely upon affection instead of the size of this wallets to win the hearts of their princesses. 

Not all the princes would have to have to break the bank, as not every damsel would be expecting an extravagant ring. F.Hinds’ estimations found that some princesses would require a more modest proposal.

Revealed: The Real Cost of True Love for Disney Princesses | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Flynn Rider would fair best on value, with his bride Rapunzel’s ring, coming in at a more humble £600, complete with amethyst and yellow gold. Elsewhere, Brave’s Princess Merida would have the second least expensive ring with her future prince only having to cough up £1,200.

Cinderella, arguably one of the most famous members of Disney royalty, would see Prince Charming put up £2,000 for her topaz stone and white gold ring. While Ariel from the Little Mermaid would need Prince Eric to spend £4,500, for a pearl and white gold ring, to prise her from the ocean.

Revealed: The Real Cost of True Love for Disney Princesses | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Steve Mellows, E-commerce Manager at F.Hinds said “Glitz and glamour is something that we all relate to when it comes to Disney princesses, so we thought we’d look at how much true love would cost in today’s economy.

“We know it’s all fantasy and we knew that these rings would be expensive, they are princesses after all, but we weren’t expecting the costs to vary so much.

“We thought the rings’ value would be much closer, especially between Belle and Cinderella, but this simply wasn’t the case, surprisingly Princess Belle’s is far more valuable than any others.

“It’s no surprise the Beast isn’t afraid to flash the cash, after all, it’s either stump up £100,000 or have the looks of a beast for the rest of his days.

“That being said, money was not everything when it came to true love, with some princesses the love of the prince was the key to their hearts and for a happily ever after.”

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Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams

Lots of us have outdoor spaces, but they can tend to lack a little in looks. Gardens can take a lot of work because they need so much looking after.We have a cool layout with elevated decking and a small (artificial) grassy patch. We’re lucky enough to get lots of sunshine, too – right until the sun goes down.

When the weather is beautiful, and you’re entertaining friends, what better place than the garden for a party? Well, I believe it doesn’t just have to be warm to enjoy the garden – I love nothing more than lighting our outdoor fire and curling up on our rattan garden furniture with blankets.

Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ve had a couple of compliments on my garden *blush blush*, so here are my two pence (you can see our garden in our home tour here). If you’re thinking about creating the garden of your dreams, then there are plenty of great ideas for you to try. If you’re about to design your garden, try to include each of these features:


Try lots of different textures in the garden. You might have soft blades of grass bordered with sharp shards of slate chippings. What about the flowing of a wall side water feature against the roughness of brick? Flowers can be spiky, bulbous, soft, and smooth. Even your pathways may become apart of your texture plan. A smooth resin based surface, or a gravel path? Decking is often grooved giving that extra depth to steps and dining areas.

Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

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You can even build up textures in layers. This can go a long way to creating patterns within your garden. You might try it with flowers, pebbles, shrubs, or wood chips. The list is endless which means there is scope to create something completely unique. It’s a great way to add mood and character to your garden.


Plants and flowers come in every conceivable shape. You could choose large globes of flowers and minute oval leafed bushes. Maybe you like the wave of the long bamboo stems and leaves? Not only can every detail be mixed and matched when it comes to shape. You can also combine them to create shaped beds and lawns. Your decking or patio area may be curved or square. Even your choice of stepping stones may be all about the shape. Why not create shaped patterns out of different components? It’s a great way to give your garden a fabulous new look.


It’s not just flowers that offer your garden the different shades, tones and vibrant bursts of colour in your garden. Harder materials like pebbles, resin paving, decking and brick are full of great colour too. Then there are all the different colour leaves that shrubs, bushes, and trees can offer. You mix them up for a more eclectic mood. Or maybe you want to explore a single base colour in every possible tone? You may also choose to decorate your garden with dining accessories, tiki lights, and ornaments. Ceramic pots come in any colour you desire as well.

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Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

When it comes to choosing flowers for colour, consider the full range of months that your garden is in use. Some flowers, like irises, daffodils and snowdrops are grown from bulbs. You don’t have to do much to enjoy their early flowers in February through to May. From April onwards, there is no end of choice for colours, and hanging baskets can be replenished with vibrant violas. Later in the year, you may find wildflowers offer even more variety of colour.


The garden of your dreams may need to fulfill more than one purpose. You might want a children’s play area away from where the dog goes. Maybe you need a large sized dining area for your parties? A little sun trap is great for some private sun bathing. Or maybe, like me a little shaded spot to work and relax? And you may also fancy installing a big water feature or hot tub. There are so many uses for an outdoor space, it’s important to consider them all.

Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

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One of the most popular uses for a garden these days is growing your own fruit and veg. One of the best and safest ways to do this is with raised beds. You can build it with the environment in mind. Use old railway sleepers that have been reclaimed. That way you do not need any new wood to be cut down. Then fill it with organic, freshly prepared soil. As it’s raised, it’s a lot easier on your back, and great fun for kids too. You may also be interested in using pots, hanging baskets, or planting a fruit tree.

Light & Shade

Use a tree or bamboo to create shady areas. Alternatively, consider installing a pergola or gazebo to create that little bit of comfort from the hot sun. Use solar powered lighting all around your garden. Hang them from the house walls and fencing. You can also install them along your pathways. There are some beautiful hanging ones you can use that will light for hours after the sun has gone down. Have a fabulous summer in your garden.

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