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Single for the Holidays – 4 Great Ways to Travel Solo

Popular culture may lead you to believe that the holidays are the worst time of the year to be single. From romantic comedies to songs to magazine how-tos on finding a significant other in time for Christmas, it seems no one wants to be alone during December.

However, the holidays are actually a great time to be single. You can schedule your Christmastime activities all on your own, which means you can jet off and do whatever you want while you’re off of work this month. And you’ll be better for it: there are about a million ways that travel makes us better, and you’ll give yourself that gift this year. There’s not much better than that.

So, all you need to do now is decide where you’re going and how you’ll do it. To help with the latter, here are four tips for travelling solo that’ll make your journey even easier and more memorable than it will be — no significant other necessary, thank you very much.

Single for the Holidays - 4 Great Ways to Travel Solo | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Research Your Lodgings Well

For many solo travellers, the whole point of a hostel is to meet other solo travellers, buddy up and see the sights. You’ll likely meet people from other cities and countries and share once-in-a-lifetime experiences with them — and, to think, they were all strangers before you arrived for your trip.

In order to find a social lodging that allows you to do this on your next solo vacation, be sure to research your hostel options well. Find a place with overwhelmingly positive reviews, and be sure to make sure people mention that social aspect of the place in said reviews. Many times, if the hostel makes an effort to connect guests through dinners, tours, drinks, etc., that will be included in reviews — and that will be good information for you to know before you book.

On the other hand, you may want to travel solo and spend your time with only you. That’s also a respectable decision and one that should factor into your lodging research, too. You might be better off finding an Airbnb or hotel room where you’ll have the privacy you seek. Again, make sure that the place you stay is quiet, safe and private, just as you want it to be.

2. Think Outside of the Travel Box

Your travel plans might take you on a more traditional route, of course: if you dream of Paris at Christmastime, for example, then hopping on a plane and staying in the city is probably the best plan of action for you. But not every travel plan has to take you from point A to point B in the most linear way. You can use your solo travel time to explore other methods of transportation and out-of-the-box lodgings, too.

For example, booking a solo room aboard a cruise ship will envelop you in luxurious surrounds, make dining easy, connect you with relaxing or exciting activities and take you to port cities that you can explore. You can also plan a train-based trip so that you can admire the landscape as you make your way from city to city. Train travel is much more efficient than air travel in some places, too.

Your unique plans might also affect where you stay on your solo trip. Rather than a traditional hostel or hotel, you could head to a spa-style resort or a wellness retreat. Yoga-centric getaways help you to re-centre and reconnect with the practice — and you’ll feel amazing in the end. Even a solo foray into nature for hiking and camping is a cleansing, learning experience for some. Figure out what you want and do that, no matter how “weird” it is. This is your trip, after all.

Single for the Holidays - 4 Great Ways to Travel Solo | UK Lifestyle Blog

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3. Stay In Touch With the Home Front

It’s easy to get carried away while you’re travelling, forget to pick up the phone and thus fail to update your loved ones on your location, your experiences and your enjoyment of your trip. But keeping up with family and friends is a must for their peace of mind and for your own safety.

There are plenty of safety tips for women who travel alone, but simply keeping others abreast of your plans and your continued success in those plans is one of the most important. In a similar vein, you should register your travel plans with the U.S. Department of State so you can receive any safety updates in the country where you’re visiting or at home.

And, of course, talking to and texting with loved ones can help you get over any sort of loneliness or homesickness you feel while travelling alone. This probably won’t be a problem on a short holiday jaunt, but communication with the people you hold dear is vital on longer solo trips when you occasionally feel less-than-stellar.

4. Stay True to Yourself

The above tips are all helpful, but the most important note of all is that this is your vacation. The beauty of solo travel is that you get to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. Let your own dreams and preferences guide your planning. Go to the places you’ve always wanted to see. Push your limits and try something new.

In the end, you’ll give yourself the best gift of all this holiday season: the gift of adventure, self-discovery and memories to last a lifetime. Solo travel is so rewarding, and you’ll be happy you went — no partner necessary.

Single for the Holidays - 4 Great Ways to Travel Solo | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Incredible Home Decor Styles To Suit Your Home

This time of year is one of the best to tackle a home improvement project. You might be taking on an extension or a remodel to make the best of your internal space. Of course, any such project will require a rethink of your home decor. Builder’s mess often leaves you reaching for the paintbrushes! But before you start, why not consider one of these styles to suit your new room.

Incredible Home Decor Styles To Suit Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog


This style was first introduced several decades ago now. It was the answer to the hoarding and consumerism that many people were falling foul of. There are no collections of knick-knacks, or crowding your home with personal items. Instead, you keep things simple and clutter-free.

The essence of this style is about fuss-free furniture and decor. Lines are clean and colour palettes are quiet. You might use a vibrant colour, but patterns and decorations are kept to a minimum. Many contemporary styles of furniture work well in this kind of room.

Wood Lovers

In Britain, wood has never really fallen out of fashion for the home. We Brits love to bring the beauty of our countryside inside. Oak is a particular favourite for the English home.

If you are considering investing in some oak furniture, then the traditional sideboard is still very much on trend. They may have moved out of the kitchen and into the living or dining room, but a sideboard still makes a great statement piece. It’s perfect for storage, and the light colour of oak helps the room to feel spacious and airy.

Incredible Home Decor Styles To Suit Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog



This style is particularly popular for those buying their first new home. Many show homes feature this style, suggesting it is the modern way to live. Furniture and fittings are often high gloss white or black. Clean lines and curves shape the style when it comes to designing a contemporary room.

Contemporary wall art and installing some industrial ceiling lights are quick and easy ways to create a contemporary feel. Why not try flashes of vibrant colour on a white background? At the moment Geometric shapes dominate feature my walls, rugs and soft furnishings, and it looks great! As a hater of wires, technology fits seamlessly into the design with extra wall sockets and integrated storage.

Often we choose a style that suits our own personality, character and taste. But it can be fun to mix it up a little and try something new once in a while. If you are looking for new ways to decorate and style your home, why not try one of the above ideas? Enjoy your beautiful new room.


Whether you live deep in the rural countryside or not, the cottage style is a wonderful look for any home. Build a collection of knick-knacks and ornaments. Their prominent display is central to this iconic style. Furniture, too, is an eclectic mix of country-styled pieces. Wooden chairs and patterned fabric coverings create a warm and cosy feel.

To get the decor right for this one, you might consider some faux beams painted in a dark timber colour. Modest chandeliers in the traditional style look more effective than contemporary styled fittings. Patterned, and even tassel rugs complete the effect.

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Taking A Gap Year? Kick It Off In The Right Way

When it comes to finishing our mandatory schooling, we can feel a little deflated. Not only have eighteen years of education finally come to a close, but we must begin the next chapter of our working life. This can be daunting, especially if starting a new job or heading to university. Sometimes we need a break. 

In these instances, taking a gap year can be a wonderful time. This is your chance to learn more and experience the world around you, becoming more familiar with who you are, and your ever-developing tastes. No matter who you are, you should see the value of a gap year. This can help you in a myriad of ways. We’d like to suggest what those ways are, as well as recommend some wonderful tips for you to experience your gap year in style.

You’re only young once, and responsibilities are surely headed your way at a million miles an hour. Just be sure to enjoy the ride, and take some time for some inner reflection.

Taking A Gap Year? Kick It Off In The Right Way | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Backpacking across a continent, especially Europe, can be a very cost-effective and excellent method of travelling during the first few months of your gap year. Not only will it give you a humble way of traversing cultures, but you can extend your time able to do this by working in select destinations. Not only that, but purchasing an interrail pass on the train system will give you plenty of freedom to explore countries at your wish. One pass is valid for a whole bunch of European countries, giving you plenty of time to explore and get absorbed in cultures that neighbour your own.

You can do this alone, but it’s much wiser, much more fun and safer to take a friend or two and head across the great landscapes of Europe together. Here, you can look out for each others safety, and become more absorbed and interested in the whole pursuit.

Holiday Homes

After your time saving up during the initial stages of your gap year, what better way to ring out the entire year than to celebrate in a gorgeous location in a beautiful holiday home? Not only will this provide you with a luxurious landing pad from which to explore your country of choice, but it will certainly be a far cry from the quiet struggle of interrailing and travelling around. Here, good old fashioned fun, sun, sand and seas are the only things you need to concern yourself with.

Spain holidays can help you get all three of these and more. Many young people are also very interested in experiencing a holiday in Spain, because let’s face it, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Some exported club brands have made their way here too, so if you truly need to get down and release some steam, this gorgeous country could be the place to do it. Not only that, but the history and culture here could take several lifetimes to explore and become fully versed in, so if you prefer a cultural slant to your holiday, you will be well catered for.

In the drudgery of experiencing life at home, looking after employment, grades, studying and family or relationship life, a large trip to this locale could be the only thing you truly need.

Taking A Gap Year? Kick It Off In The Right Way | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  Things Every Solo Traveller Needs To Know

Take Time To Assess

While exploring, travelling and getting more in tune with yourself in the presence of new cultures is very important, it’s not all that’s required. Simply taking time to walking around in the local park, spending time in nature (away from the constant pull of digital entertainment and smartphones,) can help you finally grasp time to assess what it is you truly want.

A gap year is not simply a superficial time where you can explore and evade responsibility for a little while. It’s a time where you should have the space to become more in tune with yourself. Who are you, and what do you really want to experience? Sometimes we feel pushed into a certain direction by our parents, or by our peers. Sometimes, the thing we really want to try and achieve is blurred underneath this layer of expectation.

When you’re caught up in the development of your schooling or college experience, you might forget what your original intention was. Even if you’ve completed a degree before taking a gap year, you shouldn’t worry about choosing a path you truly would like to experience. Your degree or training may come in useful in more ways than you know, on a path that makes more sense to you.

Get Experience

Again, while a gap year is a time to relax and feel more comfortable (this space is important to gather your thoughts,) getting experience should be your secondary pursuit. When you have properly identified what you want to do, taking your free time and pushing it in a positive direction can do you a world of good. For example, if you want to work in marine biology, could you volunteer in an Aquariums bio-environment team to get some necessary forefront knowledge?

Having this on your CV will not only help you apply to better universities, but it will give you that foot in the door you may need. Of course, the experience can be defined in many many ways, so you shouldn’t feel pushed in one direction over another. Depending on your experience level, you could really do some wondrous good in making sure your experience is a force for future benefit, and not the opposite. Don’t be afraid to ask for payment if you’re conducting a responsibility which other paid staff should be carrying out, and don’t sell yourself short.

However, if you time this well, you could introduce yourself to a team who are more than happy to take you on prematurely, or when you finish your degree studies. These potentials make the effort of reaching out to these firms more than worth it.

With these tips, you will find that your life becomes much-expanded thanks to the efforts in your gap year. From experiencing new cultures to becoming more at one with your goals, all these pursuits will contribute and build together to develop you into a better person at the end of the year.

Taking A Gap Year? Kick It Off In The Right Way | UK Lifestyle Blog

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