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Why Faux Plants are Perfect for Landscaping 🌵

The trees and plants have long been used for decorating the palaces and public places because of the aesthetically pleasant ambiance they provided. With the passage of time many different decoration needs have cropped up, but the element remained the same as people started using live plants for commercial landscapes.

Commercial landscaping is quite challenging. Hundreds of people pass by each and every commercial setting every day. The best way for attracting their attention is to have good exterior landscape. Because the outdoor is the first point of contact with the visitors, it can exquisitely tell about the quality and class of your business. This is important for creating an everlasting first impression in the minds of the people. Moreover, when you use natural elements for decorating your commercial exterior, you have the infinite latitude to play with your imagination.

Why Faux Plants are Perfect for Landscaping 🌵 | UK Lifestyle Blog

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But, the live plants have many hassles, and for this reason, the artificial trees and plants have gained much popularity in commercial landscaping. The essential requirement of commercial landscaping is that it should be perfect with low maintenance requirement. The faux outdoor plants score perfectly well on these fronts.

These are dead realistically made, that they create the illusion of natural greens while making it a one-of-kind setup for creating an irresistible attraction about the place. Let’s see why the faux plants are great outdoor landscaping products.

You can choose from SO many varieties

There are many varieties of the artificial landscaping products. You can use them based on your landscaping theme.

  • Artificial outdoor flowers: Available in different varieties and range of vibrant colors, these can adorn any commercial space with great blooms.
  • Artificial Boxwood Topiaries: These are great for defining space beside adding elegance and charm to the commercial outdoor.
  • Artificial outdoor plants: These impart a magnificent environment in the business outdoors bringing in a decoration that cannot be ignored.
  • Artificial foliage: These spread a dash of greenery to the outdoor instantly transforming it to an attractive and welcoming place.
  • Artificial privacy screens: These add a splash of color to the dull and drab commercial spaces making it a live but formal setting.

They create a FABULOUS outdoors! ☀

The artificial landscape plants are made so realistic, that they are able to create the illusion of having a natural green environment. Manufactured meticulously from premium grade plastic material, these are the exact replica of their live cousins. By embellishing the exterior of your commercial setting with outdoor artificial foliage you can give it a celestial appearance.

Why Faux Plants are Perfect for Landscaping 🌵 | UK Lifestyle Blog

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These removed the live plant hassles

  • Have no maintenance requirement: The great thing about the fake botanical products is that these need no maintenance. Once installed, they stay there forever.
  • These leave no mess: Unlike the live plants, the artificial plants do not shade leaves and, therefore, there is no need to clean the area.
  • Customization is possible: While the natural trees and plants have specific sizes, the fake plants and other landscaping elements can be tailored to any requirement.
  • Shines round the year: While live plants are season specific, the replicated landscaping elements are independent of seasonal variation.
  • Cost-effective: The mimic trees and plants are relatively low price than other landscaping accessories and as they last longer, they are economic.

You can use them anywhere!

The greatest plus point of the fake bushes for landscaping is that these can be used in any type of commercial settings. Whether it is a large corporate house, or a municipal building, or a shopping mall, hospital, luxury hotels and restaurants, you can use the replicated landscaping elements for creating a heart-winning outdoor.

Why Faux Plants are Perfect for Landscaping 🌵 | UK Lifestyle Blog

They improve business 💪🏻

The green environment helps to break the monotony. Including fake botanical products in the commercial space makes the employees energetic besides making the place refreshing. Thus, you are sure of increasing revenues.

Faux plants don’t fade, phew!

While using artificial trees and plants in the commercial exteriors, you need not worry about discoloration of the same due to scorching sunlight. In fact, these artificial outdoor plants UV protected are manufactured from a special plastic material using PermaLeaf technologies to make it inert to the harsh rays of the Sun. You can use these for your commercial outdoors no matter, which part of the country you are located.

They tolerate seasonal changes

The large artificial outdoor plants are produced from plastics that have special weatherproof qualities. These are made strong and sturdy to withstand all weather conditions such as scorching heat, chilling cold, stormy wind, and snowfalls. Whatever may be the outdoor climatic condition; these will continue to glorify the space.

Why Faux Plants are Perfect for Landscaping 🌵 | UK Lifestyle Blog

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… and are super easy to install

While the fake landscaping products including the outdoor faux flowers are made to withstand weather changes, their installation plays a vital role for a permanent solution. Although these are available in standard bases and can be installed manually, a strong wind may topple the fake trees if not installed following the installation manual.  You can also get expert guidance for any problem.

Other benefits

Using the boxwood privacy screen and other fake landscaping elements you can enjoy many other benefits like:

  • No insect attack: These do not attract pests and therefore your commercial outdoor space will never be invaded by insects.
  • Cause no allergy: Some people are found to have a pollen allergy, and there are some who are also sensitive to the aroma of the flowers, using fake flowers you can keep your customers safe.
  • There is no mold growth: Being artificially made, these do not help mold growth.
  • No pet damage: Pets are not attracted to the fake landscaping items and so, there will be no pet damage.

Why Faux Plants are Perfect for Landscaping 🌵 | UK Lifestyle Blog

PS: They help save time and money

As the fake botanical products are easily installable and need no maintenance except periodic cleaning of dust, these save much time and money since there is no involvement of dedicated maintenance staff. These are also extremely durable. Once you install them on the exterior, they can last long saving replacement costs.

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5 Simple But Effective Ways to Properly Stage Your Home

When staging your home, you want to make it aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers by accentuating its best qualities. Therefore the tricks and trends you read about from other bloggers and do-it-yourselfers may not necessarily work for your home. Feel free to explore tips and advice you read about, but make sure it works for your space first before establishing it.

Below are five simple but effective foolproof ways to properly stage any home. These helpful tips will work for any homeowner when prepping for a sale.

5 Simple But Effective Ways to Properly Stage Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Boost Curb Appeal

Style and appeal don’t just happen on the inside of a home. It also happens on the outside. Take a walk across the street, and look at your home from afar. Does it have curb appeal? If not, make a list of the areas you see that need work and prioritize them because the exterior is the first thing people see and can really make or break a sale.

There are easy ways to boost curb appeal. Landscaping is a great place to start, especially if you have a unique pathway that leads up to your front door. Accentuate it with rose bushes or potted plants. If it’s fall, line trendy pumpkins along the walkway, mixed with orange and red flowers. Instantly enhance your home’s appearance if you paint your front door a bold color or replace it completely to draw attention to that part of your home. This will also increase resale value.

Boosting curb appeal is also as simple as replacing your old mailbox or installing outdoor lighting or spotlights.

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Give Your Home a Deep Clean

This doesn’t mean you should just put away the dishes, take out the trash and clean the toilets. Your home will need a head-to-toe intensive cleaning — everything from the walls to the baseboards to your appliances. It’s a good idea to hire a cleaning company for your initial deep clean, then once that’s done, you can keep up with it easier.

A deep clean also includes the exterior of your home, so if your sidewalks or driveway are badly discolored or stained, hire a pressure washer. The main goal is to eliminate all dust, dirt, and grime from the premises — inside and out.

5 Simple But Effective Ways to Properly Stage Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Practice Feng Shui

When you hear the term feng shui, you likely think about peace and order within your surroundings. That is exactly what you’re trying to create when you practice feng shui in your home, especially when staging it. Create a harmonious environment by putting an emphasis on good lighting (hint: visit Lights, for some amazing interior pieces), which will unleash positive energy out into your home. Let in as much natural light as possible to create a warm, welcoming feeling.

Open your windows to purify the air and let out any stuffiness you may feel. Plants absorb toxins and pollutants, so choose a few larger plants to strategically place around the house, as smaller plants may feel like clutter. Add a fountain to your foyer or living room area to create a serene and relaxing environment upon entry.


There’s a reason why all of the homes you see on HGTV practice a minimalist approach when it comes to décor — because it’s more attractive in general, especially to potential buyers. You want them to see your home, not the pile of old magazines you have strewn about your coffee table or the overstuffed coat rack you have when you walk into the foyer.

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Create a structured system that works for you. Take it one space at a time — room by room or section by section. You can even start with the most high-trafficked areas first, then move on to the rest. Whichever route you choose, it’s important to focus on one space at a time and its contents. Ask yourself — do you need it? Do you use it? If the answer is no, it’s time to either donate it or trash it.

Practice this strategy throughout your home until you feel your living space has grown and your load has lightened. Not only does less clutter have more visual appeal, but it also has mental appeal, as the anxiety and stress that comes from disorganization and clutter will disappear.

If you find decluttering difficult, try some storage ideas to cleanse your room!

5 Simple But Effective Ways to Properly Stage Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Rearrange Your Furniture

When it comes to your furniture, less is more — and your buyers are going to want square footage, not tons of seating. Leave enough space for the buyer to imagine their own furniture inside of the house. Remove any unnecessary pieces that may clutter your living room, kitchen or bedrooms. Keep it simple and relaxed. This includes the removal of family pictures, any posters or non-artwork on the walls, personal items, etc. Think of your home as a freshly cleaned hotel suite, and stage it that way.

There are ways to enhance space with furniture. After all, it’s about how the buyer will perceive each space. Choose a focal point for each room. Will it be the oversized antique sofa against the wall or the grand piano in front of your striking bay window? In this case, you want to draw attention to the bay window, so your focal point should be the piano — therefore you should choose a less extravagant seating piece.  

Remember to also keep traffic patterns in mind. Rooms need clear pathways and entryways. A couple of other tips to remember — don’t be afraid to set up a couple of seating areas off the wall to create a comfortable area for conversation. Keep rooms balanced with the correct sized furniture and the proper amount. You don’t want one side of a room cluttered up with chunky oversized furniture, and the other practically bare, with only a couple of small side tables and a small armchair. 

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Successful staging is the key to selling your home, so take the task at hand seriously. Start with the above simple but effective ways you can properly stage your home yourself without hiring a professional staging company. Remember, square footage is important to all buyers, so enlarge your space as much as possible. Less is more. You want to leave room to your buyer’s imagination.

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4 Places To Go Skiing You Probably Never Thought Of!

You only have to take one look at the travel section of my blog to see that we love visiting snowy countries. There’s nothing better than climbing white-capped peaks or playing in soft powder. We managed a little bit of cross-country skiing when we were in Norway last year but we plan to hit the slopes properly at some point, we’ve just been too busy booking hot holidays. I know – shock horror!!

I haven’t been skiing on a mountain in years, but if I remember one thing, nothing kills the fun of a skiing holiday faster than crowds! If you’re looking for a winter adventure off the beaten track, then you should check out these hotspots. Forget Switzerland or France (I’ll always have a soft spot for you, Chamonix), for a truly unique skiing experience, try one of these lesser-known destinations:

4 Places To Go Skiing You Probably Never Thought Of! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Oukaimeden, Morocco

Close your eyes and picture Morocco. If you’re imagining bazaars, camels, and desert landscapes, think again! There’s more to this North African destination than Arabian nights fantasies. Head two hours south of Marrakech, and you’ll find yourself in a completely different landscape.

Ouikameden is the highest ski resort on the continent. If you’ve been skiing for a long time, it might feel like a trip back in time. Haggling is common, and if the single chairlift which will take you up to 3,258m fails, then you’ll have to find alternative transport up to the top…donkey. If this appeals to your adventurous spirit, then you’ll be pleased to learn that lift passes are far cheaper than in Europe, and you won’t be surrounded by other holidaymakers.

Malam Jabba, Pakistan

Another country that might not be high on your list of skiing destinations, Pakistan has a hidden gem located in the Swat Valley. Pakistan is growing in popularity as a skiing destination and the Malam Jabba ski resort is the only one in the country and is popular throughout the year – when the snow melts, it doubles as a great spot for hiking.

For a truly special, off-the-beaten-track experience, it’s hard to beat Malam Jabba. The nearest airport, Peshawar, is six and a half hours away, so just getting there is an adventure in itself.

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Niseko, Japan

Skiing is more popular than you might have realized in Japan. Niseko, on the island of Hokkaido, is one of the best of the country’s 600 ski resorts. For a taste of something a little bit different, try tree skiing or even night skiing – you will find extensive floodlights should you wish to try this!

You’re guaranteed an adventure here, but again, make sure you’ve got travel insurance before setting off. Japanese health care is some of the best in the world, but in a worst-case scenario, it can be costly without adequate cover.

Grandvalira, Andorra

If you’re looking for a shorter break or you don’t want to travel that far, then Andorra is a great option. This was the first place I ever went skiing, and I completely fell in love.

For older thrill-seekers, this is without a doubt the best choice for a bargain holiday, as lift passes are completely free for over-70s. Not entirely relevant to me, personally but hopefully it’s useful to somebody else reading this.

Wherever you decide to go on holiday, don’t leave anything to chance. You’ll be saving money on the slopes, so you’ve got no excuse for not picking up some travel insurance. I get mine through Halifax and it’s ideal for all of our trips. Shop around and find the best deal for you, whether it’s family cover or travel insurance for those over 70, make sure you don’t go skiing without it.

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