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Surviving a 24 hour Business Trip to London Without Breaking the Bank

It’s almost been two years since I launched my digital marketing agency, Float Digital, and business couldn’t be better right now. On Friday we’re heading to London to meet with one of our loyal clients, discuss the successes of the campaign so far and work out a plan for the future.

We live in Cornwall, meaning a trip to London is a whopping 546 mile round-trip. This gets pretty expensive when there’s two of you and you need to pay for accommodation near your clients offices near Mayfair. We need to strike a balance so that we’re comfortable, efficient with our time but also sticking to a budget (sticking it on the company credit card isn’t quite a fun when you own the company!)

Here’s our tips for surviving a 24 hour business trip to London without going mad or breaking the bank:

Surviving a 24 hour Business Trip to London Without Breaking the Bank | UK Lifestyle Blog

Travel in Style

London has plenty of fairly reasonably-priced public transport options. From the tube to buses and overground trains, you have your pick of how to get around. Using private cars can be reasonable, especially if you use them sparingly. Consider the fact that you can often get away with walking from one place to another, and you only need to use transport for longer distances.

Use a private hire company, and you’ll likely get a lovely black Mercedes that’s much more comfortable than a carriage on the tube. This type of transport is PERFECT for turning up to client meetings in (nothing worse than getting off a sweaty tube to meet somebody for the first time, yikes!).

Surviving a 24 hour Business Trip to London Without Breaking the Bank | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get a Posh Flat

If I’m traveling over 500 miles in less than 24 hours, I need to be comfortable otherwise I’m going to be a grouchy b*tch. London has some of the most expensive hotels in Europe, so it’s easy to get caught up in spending loads of money on a room you don’t need. Fear not! You don’t need to stay in the Ritz for comfort.

Choosing to rent an apartment could help you save money, compared to staying in a hotel. There is a huge range of luxury apartments available online You’ll feel much more at home when you stay in an apartment instead of in a hotel room. It’s way more cost effective because you can cook your own dinner, instead of going out to a restaurant after a long-day of back to back client meetings. You also get all the perks you’d get in a hotel, like a concierge and housekeeping.

Surviving a 24 hour Business Trip to London Without Breaking the Bank | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Take your client for Afternoon Tea

London is also home to many Michelin-starred restaurants and world-class dining establishments. If you’re trying to choose the best place to spend your money and you don’t want to make every meal an extravagant affair, try choosing afternoon tea for your client meeting.

You can find lots of different themes and creative menus across the city, and you can have everything from cake and sandwiches to champagne and cocktails. Try looking out for deals online so you can save a little on a luxury location. You’ll make an impression but won’t be left with a hefty bill.

Surviving a 24 hour Business Trip to London Without Breaking the Bank | UK Lifestyle Blog

… Or “Woo” Them at an Exclusive Bar

If afternoon tea is a little too formal then consider going to an bar. Yep, a bar! That where we’re meeting when we go to meet our client – you need a membership just to get in. London is full of exclusive bars, where the well-heeled spend their evenings (and sometimes their days). The most exclusive places are private clubs, but there are plenty of places that you can gain access to if you want to.

The best thing to do is to be aware of the rules and how to get in. Check if there’s a dress code and follow it to the letter. See if there are any rules about reservations, minimum spends or group numbers to make sure you won’t get turned away or turfed out. I recommend you check these bars before you turn up to ensure it’ll be suitable for your meeting – you don’t want to turn up to a club!

Surviving a 24 hour Business Trip to London Without Breaking the Bank | UK Lifestyle Blog

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4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷

Want to stay looking you, or knock a good few years off your current appearance? I’ve always been lucky/unlucky (I haven’t figured it out yet, it depends on my mood and the situation!) enough to look young for my age. As I’m reaching the ripe age for 28 next year *sob sob* I’ve suddenly started worrying about each and every little wrinkle I’ve noticed on my forehead or under my eyes.

Am I really starting to worry about looking old in my twenties? Either way, it’s got me thinking about not only my appearance, but also my lifestyle! Following any one of these tips will help, but trying out all four will make a huge difference, making you not only LOOK younger but FEEL younger, too.  

4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷 | UK Lifestyle BlogEmily tulip print midi skirt with pockets and a side zip fastening c/o 405Story (available to buy here).

Keep stress to a minimum

It can seem odd that something strictly internal can have an effect on our external appearance. But the science makes sense. Cortisol is a hormone that lives quite happily in your body until you get stressed. Then, its levels increase to damaging levels.

When increased, it can give you insomnia, which will make you look more tired during the day. It can also cause weight gain, and give you high blood pressure. Obviously, none of these things are good for a youthful appearance! So, focus on stressing less and exercising more. This promotes the release of endorphins, the hormone that makes you feel good.

Hairy maintenance

Starting to lose your hair can be a stressful time in anybody’s life. But the truth is thinning, or thin hair is a sure-fire way to look older than your time. Happily, though, help is at hand. Hair loss products can be very effective. I’ve constantly got an issue of my hair matting together and having to be brushed out in clumps, but deep conditioners help to combat this. 

There is plenty of products on the market to find something that suits you. I’ve been using GHD heat protect spray, final shine spray and paddle brush because remember: healthy hair follicles mean healthy hair! Some companies will also give you a free trial to see how you like the product first, or you can buy samples. It’s also advisable to add protein-rich foods into your diet. While they can’t turn back the clock, they will make the hair you have look shinier and thicker.

Oh, and this isn’t just for the ladies… Men, take note! Although beards are undoubtably trendy, there is a difference between Brad Pitt stubble and a fisherman’s overgrown beard of chaos. S has a pretty big beard, but he uses oil to moisturise, a trimmer to tame it – but he also uses a shaving blade to get a close shave around his cheek bones and on his neck.

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4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Reduce alcohol intake

Another important step that it is never too late to take is reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. Or, even better, quitting completely. This is because some of the effects are almost reversible. To be honest, I’m getting a bit fed up of wasting my weekends on the sofa  clutching my stomach anyway…

The Daily Mail charted the difference that stopping drinking altogether can do for the skin and hair here.

You’ll be amazed at the difference just four weeks made to the participant. If you quit drinking too, you’ll find your eyes are less bloodshot and your facial skin less flushed. You will also see an improvement in dry and oily patches on the face. Don’t forget that drinking less can also contribute highly to weight loss.

Quit smoking

We all know that quitting smoking will improve your health, but it’s always useful to be reminded of the tangible benefits. Consider these. Stopping smoking will give you more energy, a better sex life, reduce stress levels and bigger lung capacity. The latter will make all the difference in your later years. As for the damage it does to your appearance?

Firstly, smoke from the tobacco dries out your skin, while internally it reduces nutrients and oxygen. Smoking also increases the chance of wrinkles forming on the skin a whopping three times over. Don’t forget about teeth. Good teeth are a strong sign of a healthy person, and stained teeth can add years to your overall look.

This fascinating video from NHS England features a makeup artist showing a 16-year old smoker what doing so will do to her appearance.

No matter your age, or whether you’ve been smoking for two years or 20-years, stopping is always worthwhile. If going cold turkey is too challenging, begin by reducing how many cigarettes you smoke a day. This will make the transition from smoker to ex-smoker much easier. I gave up when I was 20, so I know just how hard it is.

4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷 | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Get Your Weekends Back: Making Your Home Easier to Clean

Do you find that after working a full day, exercising and blogging, you’ve just got no time to keep on top of housework? That on day’s off you’re too tired or too busy to really get stuck into cleaning, and that your home never quite looks it’s best? It’s a common problem in a society where we are always rushing around on the go.

The first thing to accept is that it’s ok. So what if your home isn’t perfect? As long as you and your family are happy and healthy, does it really matter if the bookshelves are a bit of a mess or the tops of photo frames haven’t been dusted for months? Sometimes it’s ok to let your standards slide a little for the sake of your happiness.

But, on the other hand, sometimes this can have a negative impact on our happiness. If you are fed up of living in a messy home, or you are worried that it’s becoming a health concern, then it’s time to look at ways to make it easier to clean. You can’t give yourself more time, so let’s find ways to make it easier to keep our homes clean so that it takes less time.

Get Your Weekends Back: Making Your Home Easier to Clean | UK Lifestyle Blog

Add blinds

When we’ve got thick curtains, we generally ignore them. They pick up dust and dirt and make our homes look darker and feel musty, but we don’t even notice. Blinds made from wood are much easier to clean and help your home to look a lot lighter and more spacious. We also have roll blinds in our lounge which lets in so much light when they are up and helps with a spacious, clean feel to the room. 

Declutter your home

One of the main issues many of us have is clutter. We clean around the clutter, but our homes always look messy because all of our shelves are overflowing and plenty of our possessions don’t have homes. Have a good declutter, getting rid of anything that you don’t need or want and suddenly your home will be much easier to keep clean and tidy. It’s important to do this with your cupboards and wardrobes, too. 

Get Your Weekends Back: Making Your Home Easier to Clean | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Pick furniture carefully

If you want your home to be easy to clean, watch what you are buying. Some upholstery has to be dry cleaned or taken apart to clean. It’s fussy and complicated, so we just don’t bother. Buy furniture that’s easy to clean at home, stain resistant and with easy to remove covers. I should have listened when everybody said not to buy white carpets… We protect our furniture with quirky covers and throws that can be washed without too much fuss.

Keep microfibre cloths to hand

When you are short on time, give your work surfaces and sides a quick wipe to refresh them. This will kill any germs and pick up dirt and dust, and it only takes 2 minutes. We have a stack of microfibre cloths on a daily basis to clean the house with. Once we’re done with it, we can just bung it in the washing machine. 

Get Your Weekends Back: Making Your Home Easier to Clean | UK Lifestyle Blog

Invest in cleaning equipment

Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little more for things like vacuum cleaners to make your life easier. You know you’re getting old when you get excited about a washing machine. Investing in a tumble dryer was one of the best decisions we made when fitting out our kitchen. You don’t need to worry about hanging washing out to dry (which doesn’t feel like we get a lot of opportunities to do so in Cornwall!). We’ve also got a steam cleaner and I’ve been eyeing up a wireless vacuum to make going upstairs much easier than our clunky pet hair Dyson.

Hire a cleaner

For many of us, a cleaner seems like the ultimate luxury and an unnecessary expense. But getting someone to come in for a couple of hours a week could save you time and make you happier. Sometimes your time is better spent working or having some ‘me-time’. So don’t force yourself to do something that’s going to leave you feeling drained, when you can easily outsource it. 

Get Your Weekends Back: Making Your Home Easier to Clean | UK Lifestyle Blog

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