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Freelancing Myths Busted: The Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss

If you are thinking about becoming self-employed you have probably already spent quite a bit of time online trying to find out what life as a freelancer is going to be like. Unfortunately, there are quite a few common misconceptions out there, and you will probably read a lot of myths about the life of a freelancer.

Trust me, I hear it all the time “well, you just get to go to the beach everyday, right?” and “oh you’ll never be able to re-mortgage”. To help you figure things out and work out whether going freelance is the best option for you, here are some of the most common myths about freelancing busted.

Freelancing Myths Busted: The Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss | UK Lifestyle Blog

Myth 1: You Will Never Own Your Own Home

Big old NOPE, right here! Lots of people believe that being a freelancer means that you will no longer be financially stable, this doesn’t be further from the truth. I make more money being my own boss than I ever did working for somebody else, which makes saving dead easy.

Whilst technically it has the chance to be unstable, I always have people wanting to work with me and I have a loyal client-base, so I actually feel more stable than ever. If I need extra money for any reason (we’re looking at going somewhere epic for our honeymoon…) then I just do a bit more work, it’s really that easy.

I bought a house before I quit my job to go freelance because I thought I’d never be able to do it once going self-employed. It’s true, you need three years of accounts before they consider looking at you, but once you’ve got that then there’s no problem. It’ll fly by, I’m already 2 years in and I’m not planning on moving yet, so it’s worked out perfectly for me. 

If you are worried about buying a house and then experiencing a significant drop in your income, you might want to speak to or a similar foreclosure expert. They will be able to inform you of the measures you could take to protect your home in the event that freelancing didn’t work out for you.

Myth 2: You Won’t Have To Answer To Anyone Else

Hate to break it to you, but nope! One of the main benefits that most people think of when they think of freelancing is that they can be their own boss and won’t have to answer to anyone else. However, this isn’t strictly true… After all, you will still have to work for clients and make sure that you follow their instructions and stick to everything they tell you.

I can’t just disappear and not answer my clients emails, they’re the one that are paying my mortgage and my business expenses. There is always someone you need to answer to if you are going to continue getting new contracts and projects as a freelancer. The silver-lining is that you are in charge of the situation though.

I’ve worked in jobs before where I’ve been bullied and harassed but still had to carry on working. When your freelance you can simply decline work if you feel like it’s becoming too taxing on you financially or emotionally. 


Myth 3: Freelancers Just Can’t Find Employment

Definitely not true. When I first went freelance I left a great job at a digital marketing agency on the beach. The pay was good, the people were lovely, we had flexi time, and we got free food on a Friday. What more could I ask for!? This was my number 1 reason I was so scared of going freelance because I actually had a great job.

Lots of people choose to be self-employed because they want to be. They might prefer working from home, choosing the exact projects they work on, or not having to deal with colleagues in the office. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why people choose to be freelance, some of which are outlined at

For me, the driving factor behind quitting my job was to regain my work-life balance that I craved. I felt like I was wasting away the best years of my life behind a desk when I could be outside enjoying life. Now that I’ve been my boss for 2 years, there’s a hundred reasons I wouldn’t go back to working for somebody else (that’s for another post). It was the best decision I ever made, and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Myth 4: Freelancers Get To Do Whatever They Want

This is probably the biggest myth of them all! Of course, freelancers can choose what work they take on to a certain degree, but when there isn’t much work going around, they just can’t afford to be choosy. After all, waiting around for their dream project to turn up could result in them missing out on a few months’ worth of work from other less desirable projects. At the end of the day, you need to go where the money is!

It also means that just because it’s 33 degrees outside doesn’t mean you can just take the week off. If you did that, you’d have very unhappy clients and your business would probably tank. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your laptop in the garden or down to the beach and piggy-back off the café’s WiFi.

I’m settling into the new office pretty quickly 🐚🐠

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Whilst being freelance is full of opportunity and it’s undoubtably the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, it’s not always what it seems. We’re working our butts off over here to keep the roof over our head, and we’re not just sunbathing, promise! 🍑

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How To Make Sure You Recruit The Best (and Avoid the Worst!)

One of the most nerve-wracking, milestone moments for any small business owner has to be when they make the move from solo entrepreneur to the employer. I recently wrote about how one of the hardest lessons I learnt in business is hiring and outsourcing without recommendations. It’s not easy, and sometimes you need to cast your net far and wide to find the right person for the job.

Bringing other people on board is a time of mixed emotions – immense pride that you’ve built your business to the point where it needs and can sustain others, mixed with doubt over giving up sole control of everything and worry about finding the right person for the job. If you’ve never dealt with recruitment before this can be especially daunting. You know the basics you need to ask – their experience, qualifications, and why they want the job – but how do you assess their true qualities and get an idea of what they’ll really be like to work alongside?

How To Make Sure You Recruit The Best (and Avoid the Worst!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s so important in a small business, as you’ll be spending a lot of time with that person. Someone can walk in their best suit, kitted out from tiesrus but that doesn’t mean they will be the best fit for the job and your company. These creative interview questions will get you started.

Ask What They Would Do Differently

Although giving up the sole influence on the direction and operations of your company is daunting, it’s also a chance to gain a valuable perspective outside of your own. See the interviews as a chance to find an original mind to challenge and complement your own thinking. This question determines if a candidate has a proper interest in your sector and company and if they’ve done their research. Don’t be intimidated to ask for their vision – a detailed response can help you identify a future leader who could grow with the company, and those are the types of people you need on board.

Check Their Metrics

Our businesses are run on data, and analytics have a lot to teach us when it comes to insight into human behavior as well. Using behavioral metrics can be an important part of a successful interview process. Take them in balance with other factors that demonstrate the attitude the candidate has, and alongside previous examples of quality work they can point to.

Evaluate Their Critical Thinking

Some people can perform well in tests, but not have as much capacity for independent thought, so look for a list of questions to evaluate critical thinking as well. Some of them can be quite left-field! The whole point is that there is no one correct answer – candidates are being given a chance to showcase their logical and creative thinking, as well as how persuasive and eloquent they can be – all factors well worth measuring, especially if the role is strategic.

In a job interview, it shouldn’t only be the candidates for the vacancy who are thinking ‘outside the box’ – employers too can do a lot more to find the right match by combining some new techniques to give themselves a multi-dimensional view of the person they hope to employ. Combining the classic STAR interview technique with a few analytics and some critical thinking curveballs will give a more rounded picture – and for small businesses, those first few hires can make or break the success of the company.

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10 reasons to go travelling in a campervan

Traveling is the BEST, and we dedicate our energy to seeing new places as much as we possibly can. You’ve probably already read (because I keep writing about it…) but I recently bought a van conversion. We’ve got some big plans which we’re publishing on the blog pretty soon.

So far we’ve only done smaller trips but we’re completely in love with our van and cannot wait to do more. There’s something really special about traveling in a van. Here’s why we love it and we’re so excited…

10 reasons to go travelling in a campervan | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Work from anywhere in the world

We are so lucky that we run our own company, and we can make money from wherever we are, as long as we have our laptops. This makes life so much easier for us because it means we’re not restricted when we travel or for how long. One of us can be driving, whilst the other is in the back working on our clients websites using our personal hotspots or portable wifi

People often think we’re an exceptions and that nobody else can do this but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this modern era, there are so many different jobs you can do remotely from a computer, from being a virtual assistant to being a designer. There’s a wealth of information online about how to get started… If you want to read more essays about travel go to this site.

2. Unbounded freedom

During every trip, one of the most important aspects is accommodation. Hotels and hostels always bound you to the place where you are staying, and it becomes impossible to move far away for some sightseeing as you have to return for the night. We all know how much this sucks…

While traveling in a campervan, you can stay for a sleep anywhere and stop off at spot along the way to your destination. You can even park up in front of the sea or overlooking mountains (if parking permits!). The type of views you can get from a van blow hotels out the park. 

3. Value of space

Every vacation requires preparation of things that you are going to take with you. Usually, people bring with them a bunch of unnecessary stuff, and some of them are not even used once! When you’re traveling in a campevan, you’ll soon find out what’s really important to you.

Whether you’re going on a long trip or a short trip in your campervan, you should think twice. Only take only the most important and needed items as space is limited. That helps to reconsider the essential things for you. It really changes your perspective and there’s something liberating about minimal living. 

10 reasons to go travelling in a campervan | UK Lifestyle Blog

4. Revaluation of values

In the campervan, all resources such as food and water are limited, and you have to refill them from time to time. However, when the trip goes far from the civilisation, you start to think about different ways of shortening the consumption. What is the real value of the water and possibility to take a shower several times a day? 

We’ve had to consider this for when we’re traveling in the colder months because an outside shower isn’t so appealing. We’ve read so many inspiring posts, and the verdict is, at the end of such a trip you will look at the world differently. That’s a pretty exciting prospect. 

5. New people, new friends

While traveling in a van, you will ride through big cities to small villages, and you will definitely meet new people that will be very curious, where you are from. There is a chance that you will be invited for dinner.

This is something we’re really excited about, and it was one of my favourite things about traveling in Australia.

6. Nature around us

The magnificence of the Earth cannot be compared to anything else and you can come closer to nature. It is really wonderful to wake up in the morning with leaves rustling and birds singing. Here you will remain far away from the city noises 🍃 What could be better?

I love rolling the van door open in the morning, letting the dog out and feeling the sun rays on my face. Even just one night away in the van and in nature makes me feel so much better. Even if we’re on a slanted field and we’re not in a king size bed, somehow, I sleep better. Would you believe?!

10 reasons to go travelling in a campervan | UK Lifestyle Blog

7. Living is cheap

Traveling is not cheap and there is list of reasons why. When you’re traveling in a campervan, cost is significantly decreased! Everything you need is inside your moving home, and you do not have to book a hotel room, pay for meals out in restaurants, and you won’t need to worry about getting taxis or buses.

When you’re traveling, you’ll find that fuel is the most expensive thing, which is pretty unavoidable. That said, if you’re having a slow month making money, you can always park up and just enjoy whatever country you’re in. The second biggest expenses is food. 

When you go traveling in a van (especially if it’s as old as ours is!), then make sure you have a rainy-day fund for if you breakdown. Our van didn’t meet the requirements for roadside assistance cover, but if yours does, it’s worth every penny for the piece of mind. Take a couple of parts with you for when you’re traveling on the road, like spare bulbs etc that can be picked up cheaply online from websites like, to save you having a huge bill at a garage for something that could have easily been replaced.

8. The project aspect is fun

When I bought the van, the aim was so go traveling and take our dog with us. I didn’t give too much thought about the build of the van, and it kind of stressed me out. We bought a van that (luckily) had most the stuff done, such as electrics, plumbing and gas installation. This meant we didn’t have to fork out for expensive essentials.

BUT we’ve spent every hour of our weekends on making the van our own, you can see our pics on Instagram 📸 From painting the cupboards, through to hooking up fairy lights and putting in new curtains. These little changes make a huge difference, and it feels so good knowing that we did it ourselves (with some help from our family) and it’s all come together.

9. Rest whenever you want

When you’re traveling in a van, there’s no limitations on when you have to leave. This is perfect if you enjoy slow-living because you can take the time out to have a bit more relaxation, without missing out on your trip. I know this is going to work well with our busy schedules, and it’ll take the pressure off us, allowing us to truly enjoy our trip.

These are the main reasons why to go traveling in a campervan is really worth trying. There are always advantages and disadvantages in any kind of trips, and only you can choose the option, which suits you the most.

10 reasons to go travelling in a campervan | UK Lifestyle Blog

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