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Self-Care Weekends: 5 Lovely Things to Do This Weekend

The weekend is finally on the horizon and it’s been a pretty busy and very tough week. You might have been chasing after the kids, working hard at your 9-5 or maybe somehow juggling both! Well, now a well-deserved break is on the way, you’re going to need to fill your weekend with plenty of fun but will also leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead.

Sure a mini break to watch the opera in Florence over the weekend sounds like the perfect way to get some much needed R&R but it might not be logistically or financially possible. So instead I’ve rounded up 5 lovely things to do this weekend when a mini-break it out of reach.

Self-Care Weekends: 5 Lovely Things to Do This Weekend | UK Lifestyle Blog

Head out for a family walk

There’s nothing better than feeling the fresh air in your lungs. And although the kids might kick and scream at the idea of it, a family walk is actually lots of fun. Choose a nice walk through woodland, along the beach, around an area of natural beauty or even a ramblers favourite.

It gives everyone an opportunity to move their bodies, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and spend some quality time together. It’s also a great opportunity for the kids to burn off some energy and you not have to worry about them getting into too much trouble!

Have a date night

Many couples worry that they don’t get to spend as much time together as they would like, So, put the kids to bed early and rustle up a romantic meal together. Or order it from your favourite place and enjoy each other’s company.

Self-Care Weekends: 5 Lovely Things to Do This Weekend | UK Lifestyle Blog

Catch up on a good book

If the weather isn’t great then don’t worry! If you’re on your own and find yourself at a loose end then pick up that novel you’ve been meaning to finish. Get cosy on the sofa, pull up a blanket and get plenty of snacks. If you have little ones to entertain then let them choose a short story and cuddle up together. Nothing beats family time.

Give yourself a little TLC

When was the last time you had a nice relaxing bath? Well, wait until the kids have gone to bed if you need to, and run yourself a nice hot bath. Drop in a bath bomb or some Epsom salts to help with those aching muscles and make it feel fancy with a candle or two. Pour yourself a glass of something cold and bring a book if you want or put on a relaxing playlist. Shave, exfoliate and buff your skin, then when you’re dry apply lots of moisturisers and a bit of fake tan if you want. Spoil yourself!

Self-Care Weekends: 5 Lovely Things to Do This Weekend | UK Lifestyle Blog

Pack a picnic

Wondering what to do for lunch? Why not pack up a bag of all your favourite treats and goodies and head out on a picnic? The kids will love doing something ordinary – a little differently! Don’t worry if it’s raining (it’s forecasted to be rainy in Cornwall), sometimes a picnic in the car is just as fun!

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Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

It’s always tough to choose a gift for the couple that seems to have it all. Maybe they’ve lived together for years and have built up a collection of all of the homeware they could ever need. Or perhaps they’re minimalists and are comfortable living with very few possessions.

But don’t worry! Here’s a list of unique wedding gift ideas for inspiration, from DIY to affordable to splurge-worthy splendour. Rather than getting them an item that they may already have, or something they won’t often use, treat them to a thoughtful present that’s truly out of the gift box.

Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Tastiest Gift Ever

Buy them a culinary experience they’ll never forget; your favourite couple can never have enough delicious food. Treating them to a unique dining experience will serve as a gift and a post-honeymoon date all wrapped up into one. This is your opportunity to brainstorm what would mean the most them; do they love fine dining?

If so, splash the cash on a luxury culinary experience at Michelin-starred restaurant. If they’re homebodies and enjoy a movie night on the couch, get their favourite takeaway food delivered right to their door after a long workday.  Bonus points if you throw in a great bottle of wine!

Make Them a Succulent Arrangement

Add some green, leafy vibrancy to their new lives as husband and wife. This is an easy, fun gift for the couple that wants Instagram-worthy home decor, but doesn’t want another chore to add to their list. It’s great for younger couples, older couples, and everyone in between.

Succulents only require watering about 3 times a month, which means it’s easy to keep this gift for ages. Plants are a long-term gift compared to a bouquet of flowers or a box of fancy chocolates. Visit your local garden centre and arrange one yourself, or order an arrangement from your local florist.

Host a Party For Them

Celebrating never gets old! Host a barbeque or a late-night wine session on the patio. We love this for summer weddings and warm-weather neighbourhoods. If the weather doesn’t permit outdoor celebrations, embrace the cosiness and host an intimate party on your friends’ behalf. Winter parties pair well with string lights, hot chocolate, and yummy comfort food. Spice up any party with unique decorations, photos of the couple, and a party activity like a photo booth.

Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything | UK Lifestyle Blog

Organise a Trip for Them

From a lovely road trip to a grand world tour, celebrate their love by creating their latest travel itinerary. Adventurous couples will appreciate a tour of a national park, and culture vultures will love museum tickets. Think long and hard about this one- is there a place your friend has always wanted to visit? A gallery they’ve been waiting to see? Buy them a pair of train or plane tickets and send them on their way. If you’re feeling extra generous, treat them to premium seats!

Buy Them a Piece of Art

The beautiful couple needs beautiful artwork to match! Visit a local art print shop or gallery and pick something that strikes your fancy, keeping their taste and home style in mind. Frame the piece, and make sure to include all of the materials necessary for hanging it in their home.

Matchy-matchy: Robes, Slippers and PJs!

It’s cheesy. But it’s so damn cute. “His and hers” outfits and accessories are always a great way to celebrate married life. Personalized items like robes or slippers will fit anyone that loves to be cosy and cute.

Stock Their Bar Cart

For the duo that likes to entertain; supply them with all of the trendiest bar cart essentials! Put together a gift basket with liquors, mixers, and garnishes. Add classic mixology tools like a shaker, strainer, and bottle opener to the basket. Keep a consistent colour theme throughout the bottles, packaging, and tools so that your gift basket looks twice as nice. If you just want to give your newlywed friends some classic bar cart tools, throw in a bottle of champagne to keep the celebratory vibes going.

Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything | UK Lifestyle Blog

Buy Them a Museum Tour

If they’re itching to learn something new, set them up with an exciting museum tour.  This gift is perfect for teachers, historians, or any twosome that loves to learn. Don’t forget to add that extra cherry-on-top: book transportation to and from the museum to charm them from beginning to end. You could even treat them to a souvenir from the museum so they have a way to remember their fun, experiential gift!

Get Them Ready for Adventure with Luggage

A high quality, modern luggage set is an unusual but useful gift. The newlyweds can use it on their honeymoon, on business trips, or anywhere else they decide to venture. After all, the couple that packs together, stays together.

Gussy Up Their Powder Room

Make a gift basket with all things spa-like: candles, luxurious towels, and bubble bath. Soothing scents like lavender and jasmine pair well with post-wedding joy! Allowing the newlyweds to unwind in their home makes for a great gift. The candles, bubble bath, and cosy necessities will make their bathroom feel like a real, luxurious spa.

Book or Buy Them a Date Night

New couples are much more likely to embrace date night. After the wedding, your friends are going to want another way to enjoy their time together, instead of planning or going on their usual dates. This gift could even be as simple as calling an incredible restaurant on their behalf. Buy them a fun date night and keep it lighthearted- they’re going to love any excuse to go out and have fun!

Gift giving for newlyweds can be loads of fun. Some may seem to have everything, but when it comes to marriage, all that matters is finding a way to celebrate the love that they have for each other. Whether it’s a gift basket or a dinner reservation, personalize it depending on your friends’ tastes, hobbies, and passions. Even the picky pair that seems to have everything will appreciate these unique presents and experiences.

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How we transformed our garden with less than £100, and you can too!

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been deep cleaning the house and preparing the garden for summer. Okay, okay, yes it’s a little bit crazy that when business is booming and the wedding is literally days away we’ve decided to give ourselves all this extra work… But it’s really important that our house is lovely and clean when we leave it for our honeymoon, so when we come back we’re not coming back to lots of jobs to do.

We’ve had astroturf in the garden since I moved in 4 years ago, and I’ve never truly been happy with it. It never looked real and it was always wet and horrible (we live in England, why didn’t I think of this before!). The garden became a dumping ground in the winter and it ended up getting so out of control. One wet soggy day I decided just to rip the whole thing up and replace it with decorative stones. Little did I know how much of a job it was going to be but we’re FINALLY✨ getting there (not finished!).How we transformed our garden with less than £100, and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Why we chose gravel

Decorative stones can come in all different shapes, sizes and colours and they can play a variety of different roles in a garden from providing driveways to creating a unique garden border.

Gravel is easy to maintain, by topping up with extra aggregate if needed or if the area becomes dirty. There is also a range of colours and shapes to suit your home and outdoor space from traditional or creating a modern flair. Crushed gravel is ideal for pathways or driveways as the stones fit and come together.

It is a cost-effective and low maintenance way to decorate your outdoor space. Other than being cheap and low maintenance, there were two other reasons we opted for gravel, as opposed to alternatives such as patio:

  • Drainage – The use of decorative stone can be an ideal solution for drainage in your garden, pea gravel which contains small round stones are available in different sizes and colours. Pea gravel can provide decorative drainage for flower pots and beds.
  • Weed Control – Placing stones on a rockery or border can help prevent unwanted weed growth. It is ideal to remove any pre-grown weeds and roots before placing the stones, the stones will then create a barrier and prevent any regrowth of weeds or unwanted plants.

How we transformed our garden with less than £100, and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s pretty versatile, too. The use of decorative stones on a driveway is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to add a personalised touch to your home. With an aggregate driveway, no matter how heavy your vehicle is you do not need to worry about damaging the material underneath the wheel, stones for driveways and paths are extremely durable and do not chip and crack with excessive wear.


We received this shed c/o Wayfair a couple of months ago, which was great because it’s something we really needed. We always wanted to put some type of storage underneath the decking but struggled to find something that would fit. Luckily we found this one, and with a bit of DIY, we managed to get it underneath the decking. The great thing is, we also have tons of room behind the shed to store bits and bobs, too without it being an eyesore.

As you can see, it’s still not finished. This is where we still need to do a ton of work like pressure washing the walls and floors, cleaning the kayaks and organising the shed a little bit more (perhaps put some shelving in there). But for now, it does the job and it’s had a decent clear out. These are always things we can do another time and at least now we know it’s only an afternoon job, rather than a mammoth task.

How we transformed our garden with less than £100, and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog


Honestly, who would know that going to garden centres and filling your garden with luscious plants and shrubs would be oh so satisfying? I love shopping but I never thought I’d care about getting my hands dirty in the garden to plant some flowers. It’s pretty addictive and there’s so much to learn about when it comes to gardening and it’s pretty cool to see them flourishing. My fiancée says I’m old before my time because I like to bake fresh bread instead of buying it at the shop and I get excited about going to the garden centre to get new bedding plants 😂

Buying plants can be mega expensive, so we’ve started with some plug plants and small bushes, as opposed to buying mature trees etc. It’s slow progress, even our Jasmine tree is almost 4 years old and it feels like it’s barely grown, but it isn’t in the best spot. We might end up investing in some more plants but for the meantime, this will do (especially as we’ll be on our honeymoon this summer and barely be able to properly enjoy it!).

How we transformed our garden with less than £100, and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Borders and Planters

Another good thing about decorative gravel can create an appealing border and can help protect plants from the attack of weeds. Using an aggregate with plants can help keep moisture into the soil the summer months. Depending which gravel you choose you can create different effects, whether it is natural or sand effect to blend in with other natural elements such as stonework and paving or black gravel to add a dramatic modern effect to your outdoor space, there is a large range that will suit any project.

Gravel is also a good way of adding extra drainage to your outdoor space and can protect excess water from building up and damaging foundations. Our hydrangea bush and border flowers are only just beginning to flower (and some haven’t even got that far), so I’m going to leave it a few more leaks until layering our pea gravel over these. We’ve started to do it for our rose bush and jasmine in the corner though, as these are a little bit more mature and I figure they’d be able to handle it.

How we transformed our garden with less than £100, and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog


We had the decking put in when the house was built and although it requires a little bit of upkeep, I do love it. I’m always so surprised how much better it looks when it’s been pressure washed and been stained. This year we decided to go for a slightly deeper colour, teak. Every year we seem to opt to go a little darker to cover a multitude of sins but I actually prefer it being dark like this. We’re planning on pressure washing and staining the fencing and decking surrounding the gravel area, too which will bring it all together.

When we were talking to our friends and family about re-doing our garden lots of people said about getting more decking at the bottom of the garden, but there are a few reasons that turned us off it. Firstly, it’s waaaay more expensive and time-consuming to install, especially when you have a wonky shape garden like ours. Secondly, we liked the contrast that the gravel gives to the garden, instead of it all being one colour.

How we transformed our garden with less than £100, and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Cost breakdown

  • Bulk bag 800kg grey 20mm gravel £40 delivered from a local supplier
  • Colours teak matt decking stain 2.5L £20 from B&Q
  • Bedding plants, planters and shrubs £39 from a local hardware store

The thing that really transformed our garden here (other than blood, sweat and tears), was the gravel. So, if you are looking for a healthy-looking garden with low maintenance the use of decorative aggregate may be for you, it is easy to manage throughout summer and can create some stunning features in a garden adding colour and character. For landscaping projects, it allows you to keep the cost down as a decorative aggregate are cheaper than paving or other more extensive projects and you can enjoy your garden rather than maintaining it.

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