3 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Beautiful eyes are one of the most coveted features all over the world. They have been the subject of songs, poems, art and even films! With so much makeup advice online in the form of articles, videos, and written tutorials in can be hard to know where to start. But eye makeup doesn’t have to be complicated!

Some of the most beautiful makeup looks are often the most simple. Remember that great, natural-looking makeup simply enhances. You don’t always need dramatic colours and shapes to make a major impact.

With the right tools and a few tips and tricks, you can draw attention to your eyes in a subtle but noticeable way. Make lots of eye contact and flutter those lashes. The eyes are the window to the soul!

3 Tips and Tricks To Make Your Eyes Stand Out | UK Lifestyle Blog

Know Your Colouring

A lot of people worry about how to make their individual eye colour stand out. In general, this comes down to basic colour theory. Selecting the opposite shade on the colour wheel to your eye colour is what will make it stand out. Red and purple make green eyes pop, for example. For blue is is more orangey and golden tones. Brown eyes are particularly flattered by silver and other brown shades. But what many people fail to recognise is that this isn’t always the way to make your eyes look their most beautiful.

Many makeup artists agree that the key to a simple but beautiful look is to notice all your colouring together. Your skin tone, hair shade, and eye colour all work together. They should all be taken into account when choosing a look. If you have red hair but blue eyes, for example, an orange look around the eye may make the blue stand out but not look great overall.

We can even change our eye colour just for a day or event with hazel contacts other shades. Select neutral shades instead that work on any skin tone. A bone shade for the lid, a cool or warm toned brown for the crease, and a black to line the eye. With neutral shades you will always look chic and timeless.

Eye liner

This can be a step where many of us slip up! But be patient with yourself. Never rush the process and make sure you’ve got the right formula for you. If we love a winged liner look then a gel eyeliner with a brush might be best.

If we like to line our eyes simply to make our lashline look thicker, then a dark powder or eyeliner pen is easiest. The best formulas are the ones that are pure black (as opposed to greyish or charcoal black) and that set matte. An eyeliner that sets shiny can be distracting and is often more likely to wear off in the day.

False Lashes

False lashes are often associated with special occasions or even the stage, but some are very natural. There are some incredible double-layered, black and fluttery numbers. But if we want a subtle, daytime look why not try adding a few individual lashes at the outer corners of the eye?

There are also strip lashes that are thin and brownish rather than deep black. They can add length and thickness but are not overly noticeable. They add a little extra drama without looking over the top!

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  • I always struggle with the winged eyeliner look so I’ll try a gel and brush, individual false eyelashes in the corner of eyes is a good idea 🙂 and keeping in mind of colouring great tips xx