3 Tips To Planning a Stress-Free Vacay With Your Girlfriends ❤️🙋

There’s nothing more exciting than booking a holiday with one or more of your friends. I should know, yesterday I paid the final deposit on a holiday to Jordan next month with my #1 girl. I’m super excited to explore Petra and get in the sunshine. Thinking of doing the same? Here’s some tip for planning a holiday with you friends to make the boring bit (the booking!) a smooth process:

3 Tips to Planning a Stress-Free Vacay with Your Girlfriends ❤️🙋 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Find A Service

Finding a service to help you arrange the vacation can often reduce the stress you might feel on vacation by about a factor of… well, let’s just say it’s a considerable percentage. Firms like Travelbag offer you full itinerary of a day or week out, and can help you view much more of an environment than you might have otherwise, or at least keep you stuck to your schedule.

No matter who you are, the development of a fantastic day out isn’t in the spur of the moment decision making, although that can be great too. Sometimes going along for the ride can help you focus only on the wonder of that you’re being shown, as this can prove thoroughly refreshing if you’re used to micromanaging absolutely everything from top to bottom.

Primaries, Secondaries & Optionals

The primary, secondary and optional activities you might schedule in the day can help you add weight to certain things you want to do, and also fit in smaller things as the day goes by. See a cafe you like? Well of course you might decide to try that instead of one you had already picked out.

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I once heard someone say that treating the day like a video game can be a great idea (hear me out!). You have your main quest, your side quests, and maybe some extra optional ideas you’d like to explore. This helps you make the best use of your time without feeling strained in any direction.

Take It Easy

Clearly, you can also enjoy the world around you, and take things at your own pace if you’d really like to. Maybe schedule one or two days in which you have no obligations at all. This way you can simply explore and wander without worrying about missing that appointment, or this activity.

With this in mind, you have both an unhurried appreciation and also a sense of value, and that should make it much easier to enjoy each and every day you are lucky enough to spend abroad.

With these tips, and the willingness to allow yourself to relax, the daily possibility of your vacation shouldn’t turn into a difficulty.

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