4 Essential Work-Life Balance Tips For Working Parents

Even for those without kids, the work/life balance can be a tricky rope to walk.

Juggling work and our families is one of the biggest challenges facing modern parents – a 2019 study showed that 73% of two-parent households had both parents in the workforce.

And lockdown has only added to the stress, as working from home brought the two worlds into full collision, and on top of that, we couldn’t even pack the little ones off to school for a bit of peace and quiet!

Trying to manage the anxiety that comes with being a working parent can really affect your mental health. But before you take drastic action and hand in your notice, why not try these four handy tips to help lift a little of that weight off your shoulders.

4 Essential Work-Life Balance Tips for Working Parents | UK Lifestyle Blog

Know Your Rights

This might not be something that you’ve considered before but being aware of your rights and entitlements is a good way of relieving some of the pressure that you’re under.

Working Families is a leading work/life balance charity in the UK. Not only do they offer free legal advice, but they’ve put together this handy information guide for parents and carers.

This guide covers everything from tax credits, to childcare support and employment rights.

We know carving time out of your schedule for reading isn’t easy, but this could really benefit you long-term – take a look one evening when the kids have gone to bed.


Consider Your Childcare Options

Choosing the right childcare can be tricky. Some lucky working parents have great family support systems who can mind their children while they go to work, but we know that this isn’t the case for everyone.

Whether you’re after a childminder, a nursery, or a nanny service, be sure to do your research, check references, and always trust your gut. Your local council can often point you in the right direction, making them a great place to start!


Don’t Do Everything Yourself

There’s no shame in asking for help. No one expects you to do everything.

And something as simple as hiring a carpet cleaning service like Chem-Dry the next time one of your little ones spills bolognese on the carpet can whittle down your task list, leaving you to focus on the ‘big picture’ stuff.

Whether it’s home delivery, the green fingers of a gardener, or someone to help with the spring cleaning, there’s no need to go it alone.


Turn Off Your Work Phone

This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be amazed how many people leave their work phones on long after home-time!

Letting your job seep into your home life really upsets the delicate balance that we’ve invested so much of our time carefully cultivating.

Set some boundaries with yourself and speak to your boss if needs be. Just make sure that when the workday is over, your family has your undivided attention. That means no more answering work calls and emails in the evenings! Aside from anything else, you deserve a break.

Take a breath, you’re doing great! And we hope you find these tips helpful!


Author: UK Lifestyle Blog

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