4 Secrets To Cheap Internet Every Freelancer Needs To Know

Staying connected is feeling more and more mandatory these days, especially when you work from home. Overheads are everything when it comes to running a business and it’s certainly a high cost when you’re starting out. There could be hundreds of pounds to be saved, so we’re going to take a closer look at how shopping around, haggling down, and measuring your needs could see you with more cash in your pocket.

4 Secrets To Cheap Internet Every Freelancer Needs to Know | UK Lifestyle Blog

Don’t get more than you need

First of all, think about how much internet you actually need, what you use it for, and how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re a single person using your broadband, then you likely don’t meet your usage limits. If that’s the case, ask your supplier to switch you to a service with a lower cap and a lower cost.

Consider what you’re using it for, too. If you’re gaming, streaming, and downloading all day, then a high-speed fibre broadband package makes sense. If you’re just using it to work or surf, however, you don’t really need a boost of speed if it doesn’t make much of a noticeable difference in your net.

Make the switch

How did your internet and broadband get so pricey? It likely wasn’t that way when you first signed up for the deal that you’re on. Prices go up over time, and often they go up faster when you stick with one provider. It’s always a good idea to use comparison sites to see what broadband and TV deals are available.

You can switch and save on both at the same time, and many providers offer bonuses for getting a bundled package. Often, there’s very little real incentive to stay loyal to a current provider, so you should consider switching things up now and then.

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4 Secrets To Cheap Internet Every Freelancer Needs to Know | UK Lifestyle Blog

Let your provider know you’re unhappy

Often, switching your provider is undoubtedly the correct option. However, you might be able to pit providers against themselves to your benefit. Tell your provider that you’re thinking of leaving and you will almost certainly get a few offers to sweeten your current deal. Similarly, if you’re ever having problems with your broadband or internet, don’t be afraid to see if they are willing to make up for your inconvenience in any way.

Get haggling

It isn’t always necessary to dangle a switch to another provider over the head of your current one. Calling up and asking them for a better deal can work just as well.

In most cases, this will be a fixed discount on your existing payments, though some providers may offer free equipment, give you access to higher speeds or even increase your data limit. It’s important to know what you’re trading for any bonus your way, however. For instance, it could end up locking you into a longer contract if you get a few months free, but then several more months at a new fixed rate.

You don’t need to start pulling out ethernet cables to cut the costs of your broadband and TV. It’s a wide market with plenty of different providers to check out, so always keep an eye on what your options are.

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