4 Simple Changes You Can Make To Feel Good Everyday

It’s January so it’s time I addressed the elephant in the room – New Year resolutions. I mentioned in a previous post that I’m not really one for making NY resolutions, however in 2017 I’m focusing my energy on taking care of myself from both a physically and mentally perspective. I don’t want to call this a New Years resolution because I wouldn’t say this is anything new; as many of you know, last year I quit my job for a better work/life balance.

I know when I was working full-time, blogging and trying to juggle seeing my friends and family, I neglected looking after myself. I spent all of my time making sure the household chores were done and making sure my inbox was empty that I couldn’t even remember the last time I was able to completely switch-off and enjoy a weekend without looking at my to-do list.

4 Simple Changes You Can Make to Feel Good Everyday | UK Lifestyle Blog

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😱➡️  How I quit my job and went freelance

Putting the start of 2016 aside, after going self-employed I had the time to focus on myself and managed a bit of ‘me’ time. The best bit about it? It completely changed my mood just making a few simple changes to my everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, I could have been doing this when I was working, but I was in overdrive and didn’t have time to take a step back. Trust me, it’s as easy as this..

Start your morning with a run

I bet you’re thinking that my last paragraph was a joke now, aren’t you? Initially when somebody suggests going for a run first thing in the morning, you’d hardly consider that a small change in your lifestyle; that’s where you’re completely wrong. Thinking about it is the worst thing, that’s why getting up and swapping your snooze for a quick 30 minute is a great idea. There’s no time to make up excuses and not go – forget your make up and wait until you get home for a shower – you’ll begin the day refreshed and productive.

Give your body the fuel it needs

Learn to cook, experiment with recipes and feed your body goodness every. single. day. You’ll soon realise that cooking a healthy meal doesn’t actually take much longer than chucking an expensive and revolting ready meal in the microwave. Incorporating natural foods is great for your health, and your body will reward you. If you don’t have time to cook every night then try cooking something at least once a week.

You can also swap your caffeinated drinks for a cup of Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions, such as Blackcurrant & Blueberry or Strawberry & Raspberry. Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions are an easy, tasty way to introduce something natural into your day – they are 100% natural (they only contain natural ingredients) and tasty and are the easy way to feel good every day. With less than  less than 4 calories per cup, what’s not to love?

4 Simple Changes You Can Make to Feel Good Everyday | UK Lifestyle Blog

Dedicate some alone time

Never underestimate alone time. I’m a very sociable person and I’m so in sync with my partner that I could easily spend all my time with him. That said, dedicating at least half an hour every day to yourself is so important. We’re stuck in an era where people are so scared of being alone; you see people scroll through social media whilst waiting for friends, instead of just sitting back and watching the world go by. Whether you decide to run a hot bath, go for a walk or even just do some meditation, you’ll experience a sense of calm and appreciation for the world around you.

Bring the outdoors in

Feeling good isn’t just about how you treat your body directly; fill your home with foliage to boost your mood. I absolutely love filling my home with flowers and plants, and although I have a few artificial pieces around the house, nothing beats a fresh bunch of tulips. If you’re a bit tight on cash, then you can always pick up some gypsophila or daffodils. Growing herbs is another great way to add a bit of green to your home, and hey – you can always use them in your cooking, too.

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Author: Sam Charles

Meet Sam, the creator behind UK lifestyle blog, Strawberry Squeeze 🍓 Sam is a newlywed living in Cornwall studying her PgDip in Strategic Direction and Leadership with the Chartered Management Institute 🍕🐰 She's also the Founder + Director of multi-award-winning SEO & PPC agency, Float Digital ✨

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