5 Adventures With Jeep For Thrill Seekers & Risk Takers 

I’ve never been one for boring vehicles – at one point I had a bright purple camper-van (with cowhide seats) and a convertible, both sitting on my driveway. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that last year I traded them both in and purchased my first 4×4. It’s something I’ve always wanted, and I feel like my new wheels perfectly balanced luxury, comfort, and adventure.

Even though I’m over the moon with my new car, my heart sinks a little every time I see a Jeep Wrangler. They’re the ultimate adventure vehicle. So much so, you can even book Jeep tours when you go on holiday (Yes, I’ve looked into them! Yes, I’m going to book one). Here are some adventures you can have if you’re lucky enough to own a Jeep or maybe a little food for thought for your next holiday when we get out of lockdown!

5 Adventures with Jeep for Thrill Seekers & Risk Takers  | UK Lifestyle Blog


If you want to get into the wild and do a bit of camping in nature, over-landing is for you. Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal and purpose, not the destination. It’s all about taking the road less travelled, seeing the real country as well as the highlights.

Safari holiday

Dreaming of watching lions and elephants lurking right next to you in an open Jeep? Yeh, me too. There are so many amazing safaris tours in Tanzania, Botswana and Namibia, and there’s a reason they all use Jeeps. They’re great for the rough terrain and the open-top design means you can catch some rays with the best views of all the animals. Magical!

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Northern Lights tours

Anybody that has been on holiday in the hopes to see a glimpse of the Northern Lights will know it’s a tricky thing to time. It’s hard to know when the aurora borealis is going to make an appearance (especially when you’re booking your holiday so far in advance!), but it helps if you have transport and you’re able to drive to the middle of nowhere, far away from light pollution. Obviously, don’t attempt this in any old car, you’ll need winter tyres and a 4×4 that can handle the ice.

Dune bashing

Perhaps trekking in ice and snow in the middle of the night isn’t for you, and maybe the thought of coming face to face with lions is a little much for you. I get that! Instead, you might want to consider going dune bashing in a Jeep. Explore incredible scenery in the Arabian Desert whilst climbing up steep inclines and enjoy the thrill of the drop on the way down.


You don’t have to go on holiday in order to have an adventure. In a matter of fact, you don’t even need to spend the night way. I’ve been desperate to go offroading for ages now (we were going to go on my birthday but the trail was flooded!). It looks like so much fun so it’s 100% something we’re looking into for a bit of summer fun.

These are places you obviously don’t want to break down, so make sure you have the car looked at before you go off on your travels. It’s always best to get a professional to take a peek, whether you own a Jeep or you’re renting one for an adventure. There are tons of helpful dedicated Jeep forums online and you can order Jeep spare parts at www.buycarparts.co.uk saving yourself a fortune.

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