5 Mini Pleated Skirts Perfect For Preppy School Girl Outfits

The preppy style is a term you will often see in the fashion industry. While not everyone knows what it means, they have probably seen it many times and loved it without knowing what it is. Way back, wearing preppy clothing has something to do with social status, as these clothes are often expensive, but nowadays, it is not impossible to look preppy without spending too much.

Confidence is key to pulling off any fashion style, and it’s vital for this style. You also need to remember that the saying “less is more” is applicable here. Do not wear anything extra unless it is an essential part of your outfit. Preppy outfits are known for being neat and sophisticated, so you would not want to pile various accessories for this style. 

A mini pleated skirt is one of the essentials for preppy schoolgirl outfits, especially if you value comfort. Here, you will find perfect mini pleated skirts that can help you pull off this style without spending too much money. Check them out!

5 Mini Pleated Skirts Perfect for Preppy School Girl Outfits | UK Lifestyle Blog


Everose Pleated Mini A-Line Mini Skirt

If you think about schoolgirl outfits, a plain mini pleated skirt is the first thing that will come into your mind. Having a plain pleated skirt is an excellent decision as it is very versatile for any outfit you want to do. However, you need to ensure that your skirt comes with inset shorts, especially if it’s mini, like this skirt. 100% cotton is used to provide maximum comfort and features inset shorts for security. Choose from colors purple, pink, white, black, and gray. 

Finishing your look with platform mary jane shoes will help you achieve a classic, sassy school girl look. These shoes are failsafe footwears that will not let you down whenever you’re trying to go for a chic, preppy outfit for any event or occasion.


Niji Smile Plaid Pleated Skirt

Plaid mini skirts are having their time in the spotlight since last year, and women have been experimenting with different tops and accessories. Some pair it with button-down shirts and high-knee boots, while others go for their good ol’ sweaters and their favorite sneakers. 

In achieving the best preppy school girl outfit, you might want to look at the classic British and Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. Getting inspiration from the two countries, these skirts come in different styles and colors made from mixed fiber. You can easily pair them with plain button-down polo shirts and long-sleeves, ties or ribbons, and coats or sweaters. 


Ashlee Plain Pleated Mini A-Line Skirt

Side pleats skirts never fail to look simple and elegant, and they have always been easy to style. This side pleated mini skirt is excellent for a neat outfit. It comes with an inset belt for a more comfortable fit and inset shorts for safety. For a failsafe preppy school girl outfit, pairing this skirt with a plain blouse and a coat is a perfect start. You can also utilize vests, which are an excellent alternative to coats. 


Miss Puff Mini Pleated Skirt

If you want to ditch the classic plain pleated mini skirt, you would like to check this out. This skirt comes with two small buckles for a neat, uniform style and inset shorts for safety and comfort. To achieve a preppy smart casual school outfit, you should lean into polo shirts or blouses, knee socks, and sandals. However, you need to keep everything straightforward and avoid unnecessary accessories that can ruin your look. You can get this skirt in neutral colors, black and gray. 


Shinsei Pleated A-Line Mini Skirt

Here’s another side pleated skirt that made it to the list. This skirt is an excellent buy because it is highly versatile. Whatever style you’re going for, it will not let you down, but that’s only applicable if you know how to style correctly. You should go for this mini skirt if you’re into minimalistic outfits. You can rock a preppy schoolgirl outfit with a collared blouse with an elegant tie or ribbon. Complete your look with Oxfords or ballet flats, and you’re good to go.


Final Thoughts

Preppy schoolgirl style is one of the hottest styles this year, and you would not want to miss it. Even though this style had a fair share of controversies, it has become a part of pop culture many women loved. Start stepping out of your comfort zones and exploring styles like this, enough of the mainstream fashion trends. Check these mini pleated skirts out, and enjoy the preppy outfits you’ll come up with!

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