5 Ways To Bring a Calmer Environment Into Your Home

We all know that there’s nothing better than getting home after a long day and leaving your stress at the front door. However, if your home fails to give you a sense of calm, here are a few additions you can consider that will have you desperate to return home and put your feet up.

5 Ways to Bring a Calmer Environment into Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Opt for succulents instead of flowers

The sight of a dried up plant or a wilting bunch of flowers isn’t something that we want to return home to so why not opt for low-maintenance succulents instead? Succulents such as Haworthias and Gasteraloes thrive well indoors as they only need about 6 hours of sunlight per day. They’re a great option for anyone who wants to have some greenery in their home but is always too busy to keep up with the maintenance of house plants. They can even purify the air in your home, too.

Choose a calming colour palette for your walls….

Interior design experts and even psychologists suggest that creamy, earthy tones and cool colours in your home can make you feel calmer. Blue is said to reduce tension and is therefore always a popular colour choice for bedrooms, green evokes nature and allows us to stay refreshed making it a great option for living rooms or conservatories. Even grey, which many can consider to be dull, can provide a soothing presence in a variety of rooms.

5 Ways to Bring a Calmer Environment into Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

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…..Or keep them plain white

White and cream walls will not only give you full flexibility about further design choices, but it looks less busy and therefore less stressful. If you want to display art or photographs in your home, a white wall will provide the perfect backdrop, and it looks perfect alongside antiques and original wood.  London Interior Designers, Kia Designs, know exactly how to pair colours with furnishings to establish a calming environment all year round.

Invest in some luxe furnishings

When you think of being calm, you might think of being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket, especially during the winter months. A light coloured faux fur blanket can be added to your bed, your couch or your favourite chair, so it’s there when you need it the most.

5 Ways to Bring a Calmer Environment into Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Add more natural light

Natural light in your home is incredibly important because it is believed that regular exposure to daylight contributes to reducing our stress levels and enhancing our mood through the production of serotonin. Trim any bushes or trees that may be blocking light and make sure all of your windows are clean enough to let the sun shine through.

Use essential oil diffusers

Something as simple as an essential oil diffuser can give your home that feeling of relaxation that you need. Some of the most popular essential oils to diffuse to combat stress include lavender, jasmine, rose, citrus oils and geranium and as well as helping to calm you down, they give your home a fresh smell.  

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