6 Ways To Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have given our home a little TLC. After being forced to stay indoors and saving a bit of money, we started investing in the space we were confined to. I’ve loved seeing people’s renovation projects, whether it’s been upcycling a small dresser or building a home extension.

We moved house in the middle of lockdown (felt like awful timing after we sold our house at the beginning of March 2020 but, thankfully, it worked out!). We had a big blow-out when we moved in and decorated our home to get it exactly how we wanted. The first room we finished was the bedroom, so here are my top tips for decorating:

6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!   | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Define your palette

Choosing a colour palette is the first thing you need to do when designing a bedroom. Before we moved house, I pulled together inspiration on a secret Pinterest board. Personally, I always go for lights and warm neutrals, such as beige, sand and oatmeal. I love natural tones and steer away from bright colours or grey.

Once you’ve chosen your palette, you can begin playing with different ideas and researching textures and materials to fit your aesthetic. It’s much easier to go shopping and pair items when working towards a uniform theme. Generally, everything I’m drawn to matches my overall vision, so it comes together naturally.

6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!   | UK Lifestyle Blog

2. Invest in quality bedding

In most bedrooms, the bed is the focal point of the room, so investing in good quality linen is crucial as it sets the tone for the room. Cheap materials stick out like a sore thumb, they don’t last as long, and they aren’t as comfortable. We spend half our life in bed, so never feel guilty investing in good quality bedding.

This summer we’ve been sleeping under the NightOwl 10.5 tog coverless duvet from the Fine Bedding Company. Originally, I was attracted to the fact you can throw the entire duvet in the washing machine without faffing with bedcovers (which means fresh bedding more often because it’s not such a chore – bliss!).

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6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!   | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s been a month since we’ve been sleeping with the coverless duvet and we’re completely sold. It’s irresistibly soft, even after being washed, and it drys incredibly quickly. We’re on a journey to living a minimalist lifestyle, and the coverless duvet really helps us achieve that, as we don’t need a cupboard full of bedcovers anymore.

We opted for the white linen coverless duvet, as everything in our house is bright and natural, so it fits perfectly with our aesthetic. There’s different material, weights, and colour types available, whatever your style and preference though. We’ll definitely be looking at getting one for the colder months, so I never have to fight a duvet cover again.

6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!   | UK Lifestyle Blog

3. Layer up textures

Adding textures and layers to a bedroom transforms a room from boring to luxurious. Start with a throw or a bedspread to add some colour then create a depth using different textures. Opting for natural materials will give your room a luxurious feel, it’ll last longer and be more sustainable.

Layering up on textures gives the room some interest without the need to introduce too many colours. For example, if you drop a neutral cashmere knit blanket over a similar shade linen bedsheet, it’ll create a subtle contrast without being too harsh. Not to mention it’ll be irresistibly comfortable.

Instead of just thinking of soft furnishing, think of ways to incorporate textures in other ways…

6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!   | UK Lifestyle Blog

4. Add some greenery

Adding some plants to a bedroom is a quick way to introduce a bit of life. It adds a little colour without being overwhelming and it creates intrigue. If you don’t have much room, considering a hanging pot with a trailing plant such as a pathos (otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy) or a String of Pearls.

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Nothing brings a room down more than plastic or dead plants, so do a little research and find out what plants will thrive in your bedroom. If you’ve got a sunny windowsill, you might want to consider a small cactus collection. If you’ve not got a lot of natural light and you forget to water your plants, maybe an Aspidistra plant is the best option!

6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!   | UK Lifestyle Blog

5. Keep furniture low

I read about how tall furniture can make you feel claustrophobic and you should always choose low-profile furniture to give your room a sense of lightness and space. I applied this theory when decorating my bedroom 6 years ago and I’ve been completely converted ever since.

If you must have a wardrobe in your bedroom then consider built-in storage. This will blend into your walls, offering a calm and cohesive look. If this isn’t an option, consider investing in a chest of drawers and placing a small wardrobe away from the bed and pathway to the doors on the left-hand side of the room.

6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom That’s Instagram-Worthy!   | UK Lifestyle Blog

6. Don’t neglect lighting

Investing in Philips Hue bulbs was one of the best decisions we made when we recently moved house. I always dim the lights in the bedroom in the evening when I’m winding down, which is far less intense than having the overhead lights on full brightness. The option to set lighting schedules and sync them with our Google Home is so helpful, too.

We also have bedside lights and lamps around the house to add a little intrigue and depth to the rooms. If we haven’t got a plug nearby where we want to place a lamp, we use USB chargeable bulbs, available from Amazon. What’s your top tip for decorating your bedroom? 🌿

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