7 Beauty Tips For Outdoor Girls That Love Adventure!

If you’re reading this, thinking “why does it matter?”, this blog post isn’t for you. Don’t get me wrong – then getting outdoors and getting in touch with nature. But, why can’t girls look good while doing it?! I believe, if you look good, you feel better!

7 Beauty Tips for Outdoor Girls That Love Adventure! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Here’re some of my top beauty tips for outdoor girls that love adventure!

  1. Hide behind some shades. – Looking back at our Dartmoor pictures, I realized that dark sunglasses made EVERYTHING better. It’s inevitable forward the end of a camping trip; you start to look a bit of tired. Packing for Ben Nevis, I’ll be taking my Rayban Wayfarers.
  2. Semi-permanent makeup is a game changer. – That said, sunglasses aren’t always suitable – we can’t hide behind shades all the time. I’m a fan of the natural look and don’t wear much makeup. But mainly when camping or going hiking, I stay far away from anything that can smudge. I’m sure other blonde girls can relate, but the truth is – I hardly have eyebrows. Ever since I had my eyebrows tinted by a mobile beauty therapist, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  3. Sometimes less is more. – When you’re carrying everything on your back, you’ll appreciate that every pound counts. That’s why it’s lucky that blotting paper and face wipes cost pennies and takes up no room in your rucksack. Whether you decide to wear makeup or not, these are both a are a must! Don’t add more chemicals to your face, just wipe and blot away!
  4. Braid your hair. – Trust me, I always wear my hair down, but fighting 45mph winds, you’ll soon change your mind. Ensure you always have a hair bobble and a couple of clips on you. I’ve been experimenting with different styles I’ve found on Pinterest. Find a hairstyle that it easy, will keep the hair out of your face and looks cute.
  5. Don’t get caught with greasy hair. – We’ve got a portable shower that we take wild camping with us. But for those days in-between, dry shampoo is a God-sent! I try not to use it too much because using it often can cause damage to your scalp. Take a trip to the mini cosmetics section in the supermarket and pick one up, you won’t regret it!
  6. Take a hat with you. – Beanies aren’t just for the summer. I take one with me everywhere now! Okay, not everywhere but I do take it on our hiking trips. It stops your hair flying in your fringe, if you have a fringe like me and always lose your clips. It also keeps you cosy in the evenings when it’s getting colder. But the best thing? It hides your greasy roots on the last couple of days!
  7. Don’t forget lip balm. – Nothing is worse than dry lips in a photograph. Keep hydrated throughout the day, and ensure that you apply Blissworld lip balm regularly. Don’t forget that your lips need protecting from the sun, too. There are lots of different types of lip balms on the market, so I’d suggest buying one with SPF.


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Author: Sam Charles

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  • I love this post, what great useful tips, I hadn’t thought about using dry shampoo, I also have long hair that I wear down most of the time! Enjoy Ben Nevis, sounds like an amazing adventure..