8 Dreamy Airbnb Wedding Venues You’ll Fall In Love With πŸ’

Are you planning a small, intimate wedding? Or, do you intend to invite all of your friends and family? Do you envision a cosy setting for your venue? Or perhaps, an adventurous outdoor setting is what you crave. Whatever you desire for your dream celebration, Airbnb has a location perfectly suited for your needs.

Here’s a look at 8 Airbnb options that will ensure your big day is a memorable one, too.

8 Dreamy Airbnb Wedding Venues You'll Fall in Love With πŸ’ | UK Lifestyle Blog

Aegean Island Villa

Seclusion in a beautiful Greek villa? Check! For those who enjoy the privacy of an intimate setting, this gorgeous Aegean will make you feel like you’re on an exotic getaway in your own private retreat.

This Airbnb sits on a secluded corner of the Aegean, yet boasts easy access to nearby Athens and the city’s airport. A barn is available on-site to accommodate additional guests for wedding venues and afterparties.

Absolute Pleasure Super Yacht

If you’re looking for a unique experience best suited for large groups, why not rent out a luxury yacht in East London?

While this Airbnb option is a bit more on the lavish side, who can pass up on a wedding venue thrown in style out on the water? You’ll find it easy to accommodate your guests with five bedrooms and bathrooms and enough space for more than a dozen guests at your party.

17th Century Villa Near Florence

A wedding is always the perfect excuse for a quick getaway to the romantic villas of Italy.

This villa near Florence feels like a step into history, with centuries-old meadows and oaks surrounding the building. After saying “I do,” relax and unwind in an on-site pool, theatre or the dreamy garden lining the back yard.

English Country Abbey

Large fireplaces to warm up next to, gorgeous architecture and vaulted arches that look like something out of a fairytale? What’s not to love?

This cosy Airbnb sits two hours outside of London in the heart of Suffolk, UK. This Airbnb is unique because it was once a monastery β€” providing you with all of the romance and history you need.

Blue Sky Mountain Ranch

If you’re a nature-enthusiast, you may want your wedding to double as an outdoor adventure. Colorado is notoriously known for hosting some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the US β€” making this Black Hawk-based ranch a thrilling option.

Renting this estate immerses you in your own personal Rocky Mountain retreat surrounded by your closet friends and family. You’ll enjoy overlooking the mountains of Colorado while surrounded by beautiful meadows, relaxing streams and plenty of natural adventures.

Glorious Regency Home

When you picture your wedding day, do you envision walking through a large garden, arm-in-arm with the love of your life? Do you also picture tons of guests seated out in nature as you read your vows? Perhaps a large outdoor buffet is a part of your vision, too. If so, this beautiful regency home may be your best choice.

This Airbnb is homey yet dreamy, featuring an extensive garden that is perfect for your outdoor wedding planning needs.

Beggars Barn Country Home

For those who want a “home away from home” vibe for their wedding, this Airbnb in Oxfordshire may just be the venue destination you didn’t know you needed.

Bring your favourite grilling favourites with you to enjoy on the site’s internal BBQ. Tell your guests to pack their bathing suits for the envy-worthy pool they won’t want to miss out on located outside of this country home, too. Other notable features include an on-site gym, sleeping arrangements for 20-30 guests and a large cinema and gaming room to keep you entertained throughout your entire stay.

Romantic Luxury Property in Bali

Bali is notorious for offering romantic getaways for couples, so it should come as no surprise that it’s an amazing destination for weddings, too.

This chic Airbnb option combines modern allure with a sense of intimacy that makes it perfectly suited for tying the knot. Make a quick getaway to the beach on a whim β€” it’s only a short walking distance away!

Airbnb is quickly growing into one of the most popular rental options for wedding planners, providing over 6 million listings to choose from across the globe. Where will you plan your next big adventure?

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