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Stylists and trainee hairdressers alike, have the ability to make Stylebook their own by showcasing their current skills and experiences, almost as if it’s a CV to get you that dream job you’re desperately after. Salons can use Stylebook Directory to hunt for the most appealing and appropriate stylists to employ.

Displaying only the most quality hairdressers in any given area, Stylebook Directory offers hairdressers to add images, videos, and bios to their portfolios. This way, their accounts are fully detailed and when the time comes for salons to search for their new stylist/trainee hairdresser, the ease of Stylebook allows them to sift through the directory to find the perfect person. 

A New Way To Employ Stylists - Stylebook Directory | UK Lifestyle Blog

Stylebook really allows you to connect to the right stylists and salons – the specialised, dedicated service truly is an all-in-one, go-to service that is free and so simple to use. Making a good first impression is absolutely essential, especially in the hair industry.  By optimising your profile on Stylebook Directory, you’re giving yourself a greater chance to show the prospective salon see your unique selling points and why you’re the best at your job. It’s so much more effective than using a basic CV that doesn’t actually help you display those photos you really want to shout about.

A New Way To Employ Stylists - Stylebook Directory | UK Lifestyle Blog

Moreover, you’re expected to pay attention to detail as a hairdresser, in the same way, you should take your portfolio into account to enhance your skills! Thus when it comes to hair – hairstyles, colours, shapes, and trends can mean a lot of different things to different people. With Stylebook Directory, however, anyone from stylists, salons, trainee hairdressers, and customers can make an account to sift through the styles and most common trends. 

Whilst this directory is excellent for customers to use, it’s just as important for people to seek the right hairstylists for their salons and for those hunting for new jobs. Your next salon could be right around the corner – check out Stylebook Directory today.

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