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Are you ready to hit the road and travel this summer? 🚐🌞

The long awaited action, spy film, ‘Fallout’, will finally be released later this month. The film is basically about people who go out on a mission with good intentions but the mission goes terribly wrong thus causing a fallout (spoilers!! 😉). But hey, when it comes to your van or car, you could also Fallout of your own mission, if you are not careful. People snap up a van and think they’re ready to hit the road, but there’s more to it than that. Many of them do not service and maintain them regularly – just assuming everything is fine so long as its moving. 

Having a van from the 90’s, we know this isn’t the case! It is especially important to service and carry out maintenance on your vehicle before going on a long trip, because this would be the worst time for something to go wrong. A long trip tests your vehicle to the maximum and even a small fault could cause you lots of trouble. Below are some things you can do a few days before the long trip to ensure that your motor is in tip-top condition:

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This should be done by a professional so that all faults can be identified. The professional test drives the vehicle and listens for noises, watches the gauges for any trouble signs, and identifies any shakes. 


After identifying the faults, your van should be serviced. This involves fixing and replacing faulty or worn-out parts. The oil and other fluids should also be checked. If they are low, they should be refilled and if they are finished, they should be replaced. 


Van tyres contribute greatly to fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety. Their pressure should therefore be checked and the tread of all wheels examined to ensure that they are not worn out or unevenly worn. 

General Maintenance

Ensure that general maintenance of the van is carried out to prevent failure of any of the systems. Maintenance includes tuning the engine, checking the condition of the battery, and rotating and balancing the wheels. The steering, braking, lighting, fuel, and exhaust systems should also be attended to. 

The consequences of neglecting your van are many. It can lead to accidents that endanger your life and that of others. When on a long trip, you could end up being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Neglect makes replacement and maintenance costs high. In addition, driving a faulty van does not give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

The importance of servicing and maintaining your car or van regularly cannot be overemphasised. 
It is therefore advisable to be proactive rather than being reactive. You could visit Fife Autocentre for car batteries and many other car services in Dundee.

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How to Create the Perfect Scandinavian Guest Room

If you have a spare room that you are not using for your family or as an office, you can turn it into a stunning guest room that will allow you to have your friends or relatives stay overnight and spend more time together, without having to fork out the cost of a hotel room. Before you get started with the project, though, you will need to plan the process and make sure that you are using the space available to your advantage. Find out more below.

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When you design your house, you need to make sure that you choose the location of your guest room in the beginning. You might want to keep this room away from children’s bedroom, and have the smallest bedroom turned into a temporary accommodation. You want the room to be close to the bathroom, but away from the noise of the road or neighbours as much as possible. You can use a small wardrobe room and put a pull out futon bed in to function as a bedroom occasionally.

Lighting and Shading

When you have guests, it is important that you give them the space and comfort they need to stay comfortably. You will need  a main light in the room, as well as a reading night lamp, so your friend or relative can read at night in peace if they feel like. Having a plug next to the bed will help them charge their gadgets overnight, or allow them to work on their laptop at night when the rest of the family has retired.

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Sometimes you will have more than one person staying over. If you have the space, you might want to add two single beds that can be turned into a double. You can find hotel quality zip and link beds that will give you the flexibility you need from the space. Divan beds with a storage will give you additional space for the guest bedding, as well as your spare clothes and sheets, duvets you don’t currently use.  Adding a mirrored built in wardrobe is another great idea, so you can make the most out of the storage and space available.


From ottoman beds to stools with a storage and over-the-door cabinets, there are several ways you can save money and space at the same time. You don’t need a permanent wardrobe if you are not using the room, or a large storage area. A bedside chest and a chest of drawers will do just as well as a large wardrobe with a huge hanger area. If you are short of space, you might want to opt for sliding doors.

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Less Is More

When it comes to designing the perfect guest room, less is more, and you will not have to add too much decoration or furniture. After all, your visitors will only spend a few days in the room, and most of the time they will be asleep. One or two pictures on the wall and a bedside rug will be just homely enough, and you might not want to leave your personal touch all over the room.


It is also crucial that you give your guests the sense of privacy and safety. Install a sliding lock on the inside, as some people don’t feel comfortable sleeping with the doors open. You will also need to get some blinds or blackout curtains, so they don’t wake up when the sun rises and don’t get distracted by the street lights, either. You might want to leave a sign in the room, so your guests can let you know when they don’t want to be disturbed or woken up.

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Comfort Features

While a plain guest room works great, you will also have to add some comfort features that will make your guests’ stay more pleasant. You can place a mirror and dressing table in one corner, if you have the space, provide them with towels and a spare bathrobe, bed slippers, so they can feel at home. Leave some spare pillows and blankets out, in case they need it and feel shy to ask.

Having a guest room in your house can improve your social life and help you connect with your friends regularly who live far away. Your room should be simple enough to impress everyone, functional, and welcoming. Take into consideration the individual needs of your family members or friends, and give them the space they need to have a good night’s sleep under your roof.

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Designing A House? Selecting Rooms One By One

When it comes to designing a house space, you can become overwhelmed with options. This project is a wonderful one, but it can often lead you to stress at just how you’re going to complete it. Well, just like anything, small steps can often lead to long-term gains. It might be that you’re designing a home extension, or you’re finally building your entire place on a rural lot as you have dreamed from childhood. No matter your reason, it’s not hard to feel excited for the finished product. This does not mean you can ignore the many small foundational steps it takes to make this a practical reality, however. You will need to pay your dues.

We’re going to assume that you have all of the services booked and that you have some basic blueprints for the fundamental floor plan. If not, then this should be your first priority. You can find guides to help you here. However, when you have the blueprints, it can be hard to know where to situate certain rooms. Right now you only have the bare bones shell of the potential build, but it’s important to think about this now. This is because wiring, plumbing, window installation among many other things are dependant on knowing what room you hope to place where.

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Your bathroom must be oriented in a direction that affords good privacy and light. This is why main bathrooms are often found on the second floor of a household. They must also be one of the centralised places for your plumbing network, meaning that a good amount of surrounding space must be allowed. You can get away with this being one of the smaller rooms of the house, but be sure you have enough room for some of the vital components you install, such as radiators for the bathroom or an entire shower basin.

Consider certain size requirements for installations you might like. For example, storage, a bathtub, a bidet or many other features will all have their own requirements. Only in the case of storage can an implement be installed mid-wall, so consider this and make the correct choices. Fortunately, you can also get away with this being the least naturally lit area of your home, as you can always install powerful mid-lights and mirror lights to help counteract this.

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Bedrooms can often be placed anywhere in the home, but consider their proximity to other rooms. It might be worthwhile to have one downstairs in the event that you invite guests over. For example, you might consider how a certain bedroom might suffer more from being next to the flushing plumbing system as this can be loud at night. It might be worth placing an office there instead, switching the utility of this space with said bedroom, as offices are likely only occupied in the day.

Bedrooms can be as sizeable or as small as you want them or need them, so this is the most versatile room in the house. Just consider how the doorway will suggest people enter the room, and which direction to make the bed face. This can be a deep consideration in small rooms. Also, consider who the bedrooms are for. Can small children double up to make more use of the room until they grow? Might it be one larger space you had originally considered would be more suitable for two bedrooms by installing a dividing wall?

Also, consider privacy. For example, a home designed in a relative horseshoe shape might have two rooms looking into one another, which might be fine, or might be considered less than appropriate. Even with the use of blinds and curtains, this is worth thinking about.

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Living Room

The living room is often the most spacious feeling when aimed towards the usual daily direction of light from the sun in summer. This helps your space feel more vibrant. Ideally, this room should be located on the ground floor, and looking out of its window should afford you a good view of the front door or at least garden. The living room is often the first comfortable hub of the home, meaning that a short distance from the front door is often ideal. Also consider how you might benefit from installing a satellite dish outside of your home, and where that might be placed. This could influence which space you choose to house your living room.

With these simple tips, selecting your new houses rooms one by one will be more than achievable.

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