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What the World Can Learn from the Koreans on Skin Care

Back then, France and Japan were considered the leading figures of the beauty industry. However during the 1980s, certain French companies have expanded their operations towards Korea where a few of their experts have created their own quality products. Within a few years time, South Korea has emerged as a leading powerhouse in the beauty industry where they provided several contributions in the market like Skinfood.

What the World Can Learn from the Koreans on Skin Care | UK Lifestyle Blog

Korean skin care includes:

  • Sheet masks
  • Essences
  • BB creams
  • CC cushions
  • The infamous 10-step skin care routine

All of which ensure dewy and radiant looking skin. Thanks to their continuous research and development strategies, it’s not surprising that the country has inspired countless businesses in the west. With their influence growing ever stronger, here are some tips we can learn from the Koreans in regards to skin care:

1. Focus on prevention.

In Korean culture, prevention is often favoured over treatment which is why many mothers and elder relatives encourage their children to start a proper skincare routine at a younger age. This include applying SPF regularly which helps protect their skin from harmful UV rays while also encouraging women as young as in their teens to start an anti-ageing regimen immediately.

This belief is reflected in the products they offer in the market. Many of which include SPF coverage, anti-ageing effects, and moisturisers that retain moisture and keep the skin looking firm and supple. With countless of treatments readily available, many believe that starting a skincare routine earlier in life is better than paying for costly treatments that can bring a lot of risks.

What the World Can Learn from the Koreans on Skin Care | UK Lifestyle Blog

2. Utilising natural ingredients.

In the past, countless of beauty companies have include parabens, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients in their product line. Many of which are included to add more enticing scents into their products while also increasing their shelf life. For Koreans, many of their companies have made it a point to shift to organic substitutes and using natural means to enhance their products.

One example is their various fermented skin care lines. Compared to mainstream products, fermented beauty products utilise bacteria to increase an ingredient’s potency, making it easy for the skin absorb while also enjoying its numerous benefits. Since many of these fermented products use natural ingredients without added chemicals, they also pose as a great alternative for those who generally have sensitive skin.

3. View skincare as self-love.

Other than viewing skin care as a means of preventing harmful skin conditions, Koreans also view it as a means to express self love and relax. In a world where constant pressure and stressors pose as challenges for people of all ages, it is very important that one takes the time to relax by taking the time to treat themselves to various beauty regimens.

Many people may be under the impression that taking care of our appearance is seen as shallow and superficial. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as countless of people have stated that taking care of yourself reflects how you respect and present yourself to the world. People who generally put an effort in their appearance indicate that they love themselves and are ready to face the world head on.

What the World Can Learn from the Koreans on Skin Care | UK Lifestyle Blog

4. Make skincare routines fun.

Many people often see skincare routine as a chore rather than a way to relax which is why many people often opt to skip their nightly ritual. This can be a huge mistake especially since every moment counts when it comes to taking care of yourself and your body. When we neglect to take care of our skin, it can lead to consequences that can affect our overall appearance and self esteem.

In Korea, many of their products are packaged in colourful bottles and jars that makes it hard to ignore. The reason they do this is because they want to appeal to a wider market and emphasise on how skin care can also be fun. Considering that there are countless of products available, one can pick and choose which product works for them without feeling pressured to buy the latest trend.

In a nutshell

With these key principles in mind, it’s no wonder that South Korea continues to be a global leader in the beauty industry. With their research and development team being years ahead of their western counterparts, it’s no surprise that we can learn a thing or two from them.

This include taking an active role in making sure our skin stays healthy while also emphasising that everyone can benefit from this routine regardless of your gender, age, income, and lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is also important to consult with a dermatologist before starting any new skin care routines.

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Feeling Fresh: Wedding Season Might Be Dying Down, But Party Season Is Just Starting

There’s always a great to celebrate; summer is still in full swing, and the wedding invites will have been plentiful for some. Even though autumn is afoot (don’t worry, there’s still sunshine left), there is always a party, celebration, or shindig to enjoy, and you’ll want to feel just as fresh and confident for each event you’re planning to attend.

There’ll be autumn weddings too, not to mention birthday bashes, Halloween and bonfire get-togethers, and dare we mention the festive party season? No? Okay, too soon. However, there’s no harm in thinking about all the fun stuff you’ll have coming up, and preparing a little beforehand so that you can feel your best in every single Instagram shot (alright then, most of them).

The following are some ideas, inspiration and advice for those who want to look and feel their very best for each event they have on their upcoming calendar, and even for the ones they haven’t RSVP’d to yet.

Feeling Fresh: Wedding Season Might Be Dying Down, But Party Season Is Just Starting | UK Lifestyle Blog

Make up and nails

When it comes to doing your own makeup for an occasion or party, make sure you have several practice runs in the evenings, or the weekend before the event. You might need to brush up on your eyelash application or get that contouring technique perfected, so it’s worth remembering that practice makes perfect!

Take a look on YouTube and Pinterest for some inspiration and tutorials on formal makeup looks, and test out what’s going to suit your skin tone, hair, and outfit choice. You’ll want to turn up to the wedding venue or rooftop bar feeling your very best, and if you’re not feeling your face; you won’t be able to get into the swing of things with confidence.

Try and work out how long the makeup will take you to do beforehand, and give yourself some extra time, in case you need to correct anything or fix a smudge (it’s bound to happen).

Feeling Fresh: Wedding Season Might Be Dying Down, But Party Season Is Just Starting | UK Lifestyle Blog

For some tips on achieving a flawless makeup look, you can always head towards a friendly face at a cosmetics counter in-store. It’s also the ideal excuse to splurge on that CC cream or liquid lipstick you’ve had your eyes on. You can ensure the condition of your nails by using a cuticle oil on a regular basis before you come to paint them or visit someone for a manicure.

When it comes to your nail polish choice; your options really come down to a neutral, nude shade, or a pop of colour, that will stand out on your fingernails and toes. Classic berry tones and reds suit every skin tone, and will go with a huge variety of colours, ensuring your nails wouldn’t clash with your clothing; but, instead, would complement it.

If you’re unsure and wary of looking too busy; pick a taupe or a pale pink shade, which will definitely go with your outfit, whatever the colour. Or, use your nails as a canvas to have some fun; nail art and mirroring techniques can be beautiful, but, if you’re not trained, these are best left to the professionals, so book yourself in the week beforehand.

Feeling Fresh: Wedding Season Might Be Dying Down, But Party Season Is Just Starting | UK Lifestyle Blog

Hair and skin

Whatever your hair type might be; you want it looking the best it can on your big night out, day of dancing, or whatever celebration it is that you’re heading towards (even if that is the fact it’s a Friday, and the weekend is here). On the run up to the event, make sure you take some time to indulge in a hair mask or two, so you know your hair is as strong and conditioned as possible.

It’s important to nourish your hair before any styling, straightening, or curling, as most of these techniques require the use of direct heat to your hair, along with products and sprays that you’re not used to. Figure out if you’re going to use a professional stylist at a hair salon, or if you’re confident enough to execute the hairstyle of your choice yourself.

If you’re going with the salon option, make sure you’re booked in as soon as you’ve RSVP’d to the invite. Give yourself enough time to get dressed and apply your make up after the stylist (whether it’s you, or somebody else) has worked their magic. If you choose to get your hair done in the morning, ensure your style is locked in with enough spray, and it will see you through until you get in the Uber to go home.

Feeling Fresh: Wedding Season Might Be Dying Down, But Party Season Is Just Starting | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s always a treat to pamper your skin, but in the days leading up to the event; make sure you moisturise each day after your bath or shower. If you plan to apply a fake tanning product, it’s key that your skin is hydrated, particularly around your knees, elbows, and heels. Fake tan a couple of evenings before; so it looks as natural as possible, and there’s time to fix any potential mistakes.

If you don’t feel the need to change the shade of your skin in any way, ensure it’s looking as bright, soft and glowing as possible. Applying specialist foot cream to your feet and toes, and popping some cotton socks on them, before bed each night will ensure they are soft and open-toe-shoes ready. The morning of the event is a great time to use a body scrub, to get rid of any dry areas of skin, and pop your body cream, butter, or souffle of choice on from head to toe.

Glad rags

Just because you’re heading out to a formal event or an invite-only bash, doesn’t mean you have to feel completely uncomfortable, or unlike yourself. You can rock an outfit that fits both the occasion and your personal style; so bear that in mind when you head onto ASOS to do your shopping. Thinking about the best colour palette for your hair and skin tone is a wise place to start; you might think you’ve found the outfit of your dreams, only to find the colour makes you look washed out and unwell. Order a few things; that’s the beauty of free returns! Feeling your best self will ensure that you’ll have a great time, no matter what the occasion.

Feeling Fresh: Wedding Season Might Be Dying Down, But Party Season Is Just Starting | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Useful tips on how to care for damaged hair

It’s amazing what you put your hair through. From the blow dryers to the flat irons, you literally cook your hair at least every other day. It’s no wonder we complain our hair is flat and lifeless. 😭😭😭😭😭

Are you tired of dealing with dull, tired or frizzy hair? If so, then consider the practices that have brought you to where you are, and what you can change in your routine in order to eliminate as much damage as possible, and learn to care for damage hair.

Useful tips on how to care for damaged hair | UK Lifestyle Blog

But is my hair even damaged?

Damaged hair is usually rough to the touch. Its condition is dry and brittle, and not at all what you have been working for.

Chemical processing is one of the worst things you can do to your hair, whether it’s a permanent dye job or chemical straightening procedure (we’re all guilty of it!). It’s surprising to also realise that frequent shampooing can weaken your hair. Regularly using heated tools and the styling aids can really damage your hair, too. Even too much sun is harmful to your hair, not to mention what’s in the water that you wash and swim in. It seems impossible to win.

The older I get, the more I’m concerned with looking after my hair, skin and nails. We’ve recently been working in front of cameras with a professional production crew, and we’re getting married next year, so I obviously want to look as fresh and healthy as I can.  It takes time and effort and, sometimes, a bit of radical action, but getting your hair back to a healthy place is well worth the sacrifice.

Although I’ve done a little bit of damage to my hair, it’s not all doom and gloom and it can be fixed.

Give your hair a break

Begin by giving your hair time off. On the days you can get by with not washing and styling it, by all means, do so. When it is necessary, wash gently with a protein rich shampoo and conditioner and allow it to dry naturally. I’m lucky that I work from home because I’m not always in a rush to dry my hair. I try to let my hair dry naturally as much as possible, and I prefer to do it in the evenings, allowing it to dry naturally before I go to head.

No matter the texture of your hair, learn to towel blot as much as possible. Do not wring it out with a towel as this contributes to breakage, believe me! I find that using a wide tooth comb make my hair beautifully soft when it does eventually dry.  It was difficult for me to ban all brushes from my wet mane, but I knew it was the right thing to do to ensure the best possible condition for my hair.

Take a look at your routine

Is it time to change it to a more protein enriched treatment? I realised I’d been using the same conditioner for years, and when I was at a friends house I used her conditioner and decided to switch.

Useful tips on how to care for damaged hair | UK Lifestyle BlogThe best budget friendly conditioners click here.

My hair feels SO much better. I’ve started to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week, too. Be certain you are rinsing well as conditioner can build layers on your hair and cause it to become coated and dull.

I always have scalding hot showers, but I was told this is super bad for your hair, stripping it from all it’s natural oils. My hairdresser said to rinse in warm water, and blast your hair with a cool rinse to help seal in moisture once you are certain that your hair is free of any products.

Avoid sun damage

If you feel that the outside elements are really adding to your damage, you may want to consider some cute hats or scarves. There are so many adorable, floppy summer hats, and I can’t wait to dig my Finisterre beanie back out this autumn. Look good and protect your hair, easy peasy!

**Psst!** Is anybody else using Turkish towels? Loving them rn 👇

Useful tips on how to care for damaged hair | UK Lifestyle Blog

If hats and scarves are not your thing, you can purchase a leave in conditioner or protective spray to combat the sun’s damage. Personally, I find these build up and get quite clumpy in my hair, so I prefer a shopping spree to buy new headwear instead of putting more products in my locks. Each to their own!

Seek professional advice

Every 6 months my hairdresser trims an inch off the tips of my hair. Initially, I hated this. I always wanted to grow my hair longer, so it felt like a step backwards every time we took the scissors to it! Now my mane reached the bottom of my back, so I don’t mind losing a couple inches but actually, it does make my hair healthy, thus grow faster. Don’t fight with your hairdresser on this, they know what they’re doing.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and your hair isn’t as full as you’d like it to be, you can always have a consultation for naturals hair extensions or consider getting a hair transplant from companies like This is a sure-fire way to get gorgeous, thick, healthy looking hair quickly, shaving years off your age!

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