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How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep

At the end of the day, everyone wants a bedroom that allows them to leave stress outside the door. Your bedroom’s interior design can and should support the main purpose of the room – sleep. One of the simplest ways to enhance your sleep is to incorporate plants and natural design elements into your design.

How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Houseplants

This is, of course, the obvious choice if you’re looking for a quick way to bring nature indoors. Luckily, houseplants come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find a variety you like. However, you have to consider more than looks. Some plants require frequent watering and very specific light conditions while others can survive just about anywhere. Take into consideration how much maintenance you’re willing to do and your climate. After that, it’s about finding a plant you love.

If you’re not sure where to start your search, NASA conducted a study to find plants that remove biotoxins from indoor air. Their list included the bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, English ivy, and Gerbera daisy to name a few. Plants on this list can remove biotoxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Fresh, clean air contributes to deeper sleep and helps you feel more alert the next day. The spider plant and snake plant, both of which made NASA’s list, release oxygen at night, providing clean air when you need it most.

2. Artwork and Display Pieces

If houseplants aren’t your thing, you definitely have other options. The goal is to create the same feeling you get when taking a walk outside. Nature walks have been shown to decrease rumination, a habit of negative thinking, and signs of depression. Hospitals incorporate green spaces and use nature-themed artwork because they shorten recovery times. Who doesn’t want that in their bedroom?

Leaves, trees, mountains, and landscapes all have the power to bring your heart rate and blood pressure down for better sleep.

How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep | UK Lifestyle Blog

3. Nature-Themed Furniture and Accent Pieces

While nature-themed furniture and accents may sound a little too log cabin to you, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Organic shapes and motifs on throw pillows, curtains, and/or side chairs have a natural feel that harkens back to the outdoors too.

One or two small accent pieces with a branch or shell pattern don’t scream nature but rather provide a subtle reminder of down to earth places. Themes and pieces sourced from local artisans or that use local vegetation as inspiration can really make it feel like you’ve integrated with your natural environment.

4. Hard Textures

Most of the time when you think ‘natural elements’ you think of wood, leaves, and sky. But, there are other natural elements that can add interest and depth such as stone and brick. The texture of stone and brick, especially when locally quarried, bring a Zen-like feel to the bedroom.

Stone may seem a little harsh for the bedroom but when used as the base for a lamp or display piece, it can provide excellent contrast with the softness of a mattress covered with cotton or linen bedding (remember we’re going natural here). The two can balance one another out so you have the comfort of cotton and rugged strength of stone and both feel amazing.

How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep | UK Lifestyle Blog

When incorporating natural elements, look for pieces that speak to you. A few thoughtfully chosen purchases put nature in your life where and when you need it.

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5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home it can be a stressful time. One of the things that everyone does before putting their property on the market is to take a good look at their rooms and decide which changes they could make to add more value to their property.

The problem is, you don’t want to spend so much on renovating that you can’t recoup your losses when you find a buyer. The key, therefore, is to focus your efforts on areas of the home in which buyers have the most interest.

That’s why the kitchen is a great place to start. Evidence has shown that potential buyers are most interested in the kitchen when on a viewing, so this is one area that should really aim to impress. If your kitchen is past its best, it’s definitely worth making a few simple updates before you start calling realtors.

5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

A lick of paint

The very first thing you should do is to give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint. Even if you stay with the same color scheme, the room will get a lift. If your kitchen is already an unusual color, it’s time to go back to a neutral shade. Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves putting their own stamp on your home, so a neutral color will enable them to see the potential of the room without a vibrant hue putting them off.

Invest in new faucets

If your kitchen faucets are looking outdated, replacing them with some modern new ones could make a huge difference. Modern homebuyers are looking for convenience as their top priority, so choosing a hands-free faucet could swing their opinion in your favour. There are lots of excellent and stylish faucets on the market today which won’t break the bank so look for more information on kitchenfaucets.reviews to help inform your choice.

5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Upgrade your cabinets

Do your kitchen cabinets look tired and boring? Why not give them a lift by adding some fresh new hardware? It won’t be expensive to find some new cabinet handles and drawer pulls, but they could make your whole kitchen look more modern and stylish. There are lots of different options to choose from, but chrome metal ones always look contemporary and work well with all styles of cabinet. There’s no need to have your entire fitted kitchen replaced when you make this small and affordable change.

Switch up the flooring

Kitchen flooring can make or break a sale. If your kitchen still has an unattractive and ageing linoleum or vinyl floor covering, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. You don’t need to go all-out with a hardwood floor – there are some very affordable laminates out there which are easy to fit and which will give your room a brand new, modern feel. Choose a light colour for a smaller room and it will feel a lot bigger instantly.

5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Pop in a backsplash

Lots of people overlook their backsplash when they’re upgrading their kitchen, but actually it’s one of the areas that can become dated very quickly. Take at look at yours now and see if it will really wow potential buyers. If it’s been installed for more than a few years, there’s a good chance that it won’t! If you need to update your backsplash, you don’t need to spend too much money. T

here are some lovely tiles out there which don’t cost the Earth and which will add a lot of value to your home. Glass mosaic tiles are especially stylish and popular with potential buyers, but they can be expensive. You can reduce your costs by opting for a mix of standard tiles with a few glass mosaic tiles thrown in and the effect will be equally impressive.

There you have it, 5 easy changes that you can make in your kitchen that are sure to make it much more appealing to potential buyers. None will cost too much money but all could add value to your home. It’s definitely worth taking the time and effort to make these few changes. You’ll be making a sale before you know it! Good luck with your move!

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Chic Country Charm: Décor Inspiration for Your Home Office

Perhaps you run your own business and need a well-designed and designated space that feels separate from the rest of your home. Or maybe you have the desire to create an area just for you, where you can work on your side project or indulge in your favourite hobby. No matter the reason, there are many ways to style a functional yet sophisticated home office, filled with chic and comfortable country charm.

Chic Country Charm: Décor Inspiration for Your Home Office | UK Lifestyle Blog

Invest in Statement Pieces

For a country inspired office, the key to achieving this look is in selecting statement pieces. From an extravagant accessory to a large item of furniture, a statement piece will act as a focal point within a room and help to pull the overarching theme together.

In your office, make sure your statement items are timeless and fit with the surrounding space. If you have an entire room, this could mean finding the perfect desk. Alternatively, if your office is within another area, such as the dining room, consider storage that complements the interior, such as an oak country style sideboard.

Aim for a Lived-In Look

How would you describe a country home? Words like warm, welcoming, cosy, charming and comfortable may come to mind. As such, when designing a country-inspired office, forgo perfectly finished and polished pieces in favour of items with a raw, authentic feel. These will give that lived-in, rural style while also being sophisticated and chic for years to come.

Consider Finishing Touches

When trying to achieve any look within a home, the finishing touches are vital. For example, if trying to create a boutique hotel bedroom, upscale lighting and luxury fabrics are essential. When creating an office with a country design, the accessories can help to define the space, too.

In a charming country home, accessories are often abundant, with books, ornaments and items adorning every surface. So, when finalising your office, think about how you can emulate this. You could choose a vintage desk lamp, display wild flowers or select a raw wooden letter holder.

Make it Feel Inviting

Lastly, while an office must be practical above all, with space to complete tasks, an ergonomic chair and adequate storage. However, to achieve country style, your workspace must also be inviting. There are many ways to achieve this, including lazily draping a woven throw over your chair or enhancing the ambience by placing lighting at different levels.

Whether you have the space to dedicate an entire room to your office, or you are repurposing an unloved alcove, consider these tips to create a workable, charming and country-styled home office.

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