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6 Breakfast Options for Surfers That Will Give You a Boost of Energy

The morning is a challenging time of day to get through. For those who aren’t naturally morning people, it can be even worse. Everyone has a routine that helps get them through to lunch, but have you considered if what you’re doing in the morning is actually helping you wake up? Some of what you might be doing every day could be defeating the purpose of your routine.

Think about your energy levels after you wake up. If you shower, exercise or walk the dog before you go to work, do you still feel tired? It might be time to take a second look at what you eat for breakfast. And yes, you should be eating breakfast!

6 Breakfast Options for Surfers That Will Give You a Boost of Energy | UK Lifestyle Blog

What you choose to eat in the morning can give you that extra boost you need to be productive before lunch. It’s all about what foods you use. Buying the discount box of premade sausage and cheese biscuits in the freezer section of your grocery store isn’t going to cut it. Learn how to fuel your body the right way by checking out some easy and healthy breakfast options. Try a different one out each day this week to see what works best for you.

1. Berry and Yogurt Smoothie

For those who don’t prefer to eat in the morning, swap your breakfast for a smoothie instead. Smoothies can be just as filling and energizing as a full breakfast, without taking up time by making you sit down to eat. What you’ll need are fresh or frozen blackberries and blueberries, one banana, Greek yogurt and some milk. Blend it all together and play around with the amount of fruit or milk, depending on your preferences. The berries and yogurt will fill your body with protein to help you get going.

2. Quinoa Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a great option to have for breakfast because it’s so customizable for people who want to change things up or have dietary needs. To make an energizing quinoa fruit salad, combine your favorite berries and fruits with one cup uncooked quinoa. Top with a honey lime glaze or even a bit of salad dressing. The sweetness will pack a punch and make you energetic all morning long.

6 Breakfast Options for Surfers That Will Give You a Boost of Energy | UK Lifestyle Blog

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3. Easy Poppy Seed Chia Pudding

Poppy seeds are a great way to throw some energy into your normal breakfast. They’re used on everything! They’re a great source of fiber, antioxidants and good fats—all of which will keep you from feeling sleepy. In just three hours, you can whip up an easy poppy seed chia pudding with chia seeds, milk, poppy seeds, honey, a banana, and cocoa powder. You can also change out the cocoa powder for your favorite flavor of protein powder for an added boost.

4. Avocado Toast with Egg

Eggs are a classic breakfast food because they provide protein to keep you from feeling hungry until it’s close to lunchtime. Add avocado to your egg sandwiches to get more potassium and heart-healthy fatty acids in your day. Fry up two eggs sunny side up the place on two pieces of bread that you’ve put mashed avocado on. Sprinkle salt, pepper and lime juice to your liking and this is a great meal to eat on the road (as long as your egg is cooked all the way through!).

6 Breakfast Options for Surfers That Will Give You a Boost of Energy | UK Lifestyle Blog

5. Overnight Crock-Pot Egg Casserole

Another appeal of skipping breakfast is not having to make it, but there’s still a way around that if you have a crockpot! Don’t wait until the morning to hope you have time to eat. Take out your crockpot and put together a delicious overnight egg casserole. The sausage and egg in it will give you loads of protein, which your body can then use for energy all morning long.

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Apple Bites

It’s always good to balance out the breakfast recipes you can make and sit down to enjoy with those you can create and eat on the road. Some people don’t have time to eat until they sit down at their desk, and if you’re one of those people, slice up some chocolate peanut butter granola apple bites. They’re easy to eat while you work away, and they’ll still give you all the nutrients your body needs. Smooth some nut-based chocolate over apple slices and cover with peanut butter. Sprinkle with granola and you’re set!

6 Breakfast Options for Surfers That Will Give You a Boost of Energy | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Eating breakfast every morning can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, one of the best ways you can get the most energy out of your mornings is to consistently eat healthy meals for breakfast. Whether you’re snacking on the drive in or sneaking a few bites of egg casserole while you do your makeup, you can start eating better tomorrow morning and notice a change in your energy levels just as quickly.

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Stretching Out To Spring: Preparing Your Body for the Summer Surf

It is so close we can see it. Life is starting to spring out of the ground right before our eyes and the grey and whites of winter are being edged out by the yellows, pinks and reds of spring.  We’ve survived it! All those dark, damp runs, freezing cold surf sessions and the cold dash from the sea to our towel.  The weather is about to turn and we can start transition out of our winter suits. Hooray!

This time of year is a really good time to think about having a little fitness detox.  We know, why would you ease off now? You just spent 3 months wrestling with yourself to get out of bed and motivated? We aren’t suggesting you ditch the fit, we are saying think about preparation to get your body relaxed and refocused for the great weather ahead.

Stretching Out To Spring: Preparing Your Body for the Summer Surf | UK Lifestyle Blog

Low impact sport is your friend

Stripping back your high impact exercise for a few weeks can be a great idea to take the pressure of your stressed muscles. Start by booking yourself a course of sports massage sessions to iron out the creases and help push out any built up areas of tension.

Colder training conditions will make any old injuries worse and if you are going to up your game now it is warmer, it pays to be ready for the workout.  Try one session a week for a month.  The first two weeks looking at a low impact exercise to replace your usual exercise, the second alongside your favoured routines.

Replace your run with yoga

Ditch the morning run for a couple of weeks and replace it with a balancing exercise such as yoga. We all know how important yoga is for surfing, but yoga will compliment any massage work you have had done and help your muscles recover better and stronger.  It is also a great way of increasing the natural flow of energy through your body, strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility which can help reduce injury.

Stretching Out To Spring: Preparing Your Body for the Summer Surf | UK Lifestyle Blog

After a couple of weeks you will be craving your morning runs again and that positive attitude will have you smashing your personal bests. Promise!

Time to detox

Consider taking a quick detox. You don’t have to go full on juice diet here. But spending a few weeks resetting your tastebuds and your digestive system will help improve your fitness levels and energy.  

Start by switching up your breakfasts.  Remove grain and processed foods and think clean. Even a quick dip into the world of Paleo will give you benefits with fast results.  Increase the vegetables, go easy on the sugary fruits, switch up high protein meats for chicken and add a good dose of oily fish to improve your omega 3 intake.  

You don’t have to make a huge change to your lifestyle here, just a temporary change to encourage a slower version of the fashionable detox diets. You’ll be bouncing out the door in no time.

Dedicate time to rest

Finally, rebuild the relationship with your bed. You’ve been flying out of it in the mornings without even a fond farewell, so get your head down a little earlier at night and enjoy an extra 30 minutes of sleep a day. You won’t believe the benefits after just a few weeks.

Stretching Out To Spring: Preparing Your Body for the Summer Surf | UK Lifestyle Blog

White Bed Sheets

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5 yoga poses to reduce muscle stiffness for surfers

The dreaded winter is much more than just cuddling under a blanket! As this cold season is approaching, many are beginning to suffer from muscle stiffness and joint pains is increasing. So, I felt there was an urgent need to share some great yoga poses that could help everyone around the world to get rid of their pains and enjoy the winter with no muscle stiffness.

So, here I am, sharing the experiences so that everyone benefits from the simple, yet effective, yoga poses. Let’s get going…

5 yoga poses to reduce muscle stiffness for surfers | UK Lifestyle Blog

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1. Yoga Pose: Rear Arm Lift with Strap

This pose is for those with shoulder pains. Stand straight with your hips width-apart. Hold a strap in both the hands. Sweep both the arms behind your back and pull the shoulders in to grasp the strap with your hands. Keep the hands drawn towards each other and create an opening in the chest allowing the shoulder blades to move toward one another. Breathe in and out as you adjust the shoulders to ease the tension.

2. Yoga Pose: Cobra

This one’s for back pains. Just lie down with your face downwards and your forehead resting on the floor. Keep your hands on either side and draw the legs together, while pressing the top of the feet into the floor. Reach back slowly, while lengthening your legs. Then, press through your hands and draw the elbows close to the ribcage. Lift the head and chest using the strength of the back and slide the shoulder blades backward. Take 5-10 deep breaths and then, gently release to the floor.

3. Yoga Pose: Supported Warrior

Now coming to the pose for the knee pains…Stand straight and place your hands against a wall in line with the shoulders. Step your right foot forward to touch the toes to the wall and bend your elbows as if trying to push the wall.

Step your left foot about 1 feet behind you, while slightly bending the left knee towards the floor. Hold for about 10 to 15 breaths and straighten the left leg slowly while bending the right knee. Hold for 10 to 15 breaths and then step the left foot in front of you to meet the right.

4. Yoga Pose: Wall Plank

This pose is good for relieving the pain and stiffness in the shoulders. Stand facing a wall with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your palms against the wall with your arms extended. Lean forward, slowly letting the body rest on the hands. Keep the arms and the body in a straight line and bend your elbows inching closer till the nose touches the wall. Then, push back slowly to the standing position.

5. Yoga Pose: Butterfly

Yoga has a pose for hip pains as well. Sit on a blanket on the floor and bring the soles of the feet together. Keep your knees wide apart so that the legs form a diamond. Your back should be straight and shoulders relaxed. Breathe in and out as you gently drop the weight of the legs, while allowing the knees to lower to the floor. You may place pillows beneath your knees for support.

Some of these poses may be difficult to practice for those having severe muscle stiffness. But, don’t be disheartened. Yoga has an answer for everything! Until you are fit enough to practice these poses, use the massage balls to eliminate the muscle knots through gentle massage using your own body weight. Just place these balls in the stiff areas and let the gravity take over. This self-healing tool allows you to feel the release of muscles and rejuvenates all areas of the body.

Nothing can be more simple than this! You may continue using the massage balls even after you are able to start practicing the poses for added benefits and to say a permanent goodbye to muscle stiffness.

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