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Alternative Activities to Compliment Your Surfing

One of the key reasons that people struggle to stay in shape is that they quickly become bored of performing the same routine day in and day out. This is understandable, which is why it is an excellent idea to mix things up from time to time and try a new activity. There are many terrific alternative activities which are not only a great way to stay in shape, but also fantastic fun. Here are a few physical sports to try out. 

Alternative Activities to Compliment Your Surfing | UK Lifestyle Blog

Ultimate Frisbee

Much more than simply throwing a Frisbee around with friends, Ultimate Frisbee is comparable to American Football in that points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the end zone. It is physically demanding, fast-paced and competitive – this makes it extremely fun and provides a full workout without you even realising. 

Martial Arts

Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Karate and Capoeira are just a few examples of martial arts which are superb for staying in shape. Additionally, martial arts can also give you an important life skill and help to boost your confidence. By taking classes, you can also socialise and make new friends.


Scooters are proving to be increasingly popular and this is for good reason. They are much easier to master than similar extreme activities like skateboarding, plus it can also be tremendous fun to ride and will get you fit through cardiovascular exercise and using a variety of muscles.

Alternative Activities to Compliment Your Surfing | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  Increase Your Surf Stamina with These Fitness Hacks

They can be used on various terrains and this can also make them an excellent method of transportation. When you shop at specialists, such as Skatehut, you can get a wide range of colours and designs. 


Zumba is a superb form of exercise as not only does it provide both a cardiovascular and muscle workout, but you can also brush up on your dancing skills. Zumba is a dance fitness program which combines dancing with aerobic movements, all to energetic music which often incorporates samba, salsa, mambo and hip-hop. Performed in classes, it is also a fantastic way to meet new people and have a laugh whilst exercising.


An incredible sport which requires speed, agility, balance and grace; fencing will quickly get you in shape and it is also great fun. Using “Rapier-style” swords, two competitors fight and win points by making contact with their opponent. It is completely safe, physically challenging and also requires you to make lightning quick and accurate decisions.

Alternative Activities to Compliment Your Surfing | UK Lifestyle Blog

Any of these alternative activities can improve fitness and are much more exhilarating and fun than going to the gym. For anyone looking to mix up their workout regime or get into shape, consider taking up one of these activities.

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4 reasons you should go sea swimming when it’s flat

4 reasons you should go sea swimming when it's flat | UK Lifestyle Blog

S always says I’m far too optimistic when it comes to gauging the temperature. I have to agree somewhat, but I just cannot wait to get into the sea and enjoy the Cornish sunshine. That said, even when it’s a little overcast, it’s certainly warm enough to go for a dip in the sea in the evenings, so that’s exactly how we’ve spent the night.

I’ve put together my a few reasons why I’ve added sea swimming to your fitness regime, and you should too.

4 reasons you should go sea swimming when it's flat | UK Lifestyle Blog

It doesn’t cost a penny

I’m a regular spa-goer but during the summer, why spend money to go swimming when you have the gorgeous ocean on your doorstep? Granted, you don’t get a sauna but you do get the sun beaming down on you and incredible views of the coat, so it’s a no brainer!

4 reasons you should go sea swimming when it's flat | UK Lifestyle Blog

You’ll quality of sleep will improve

I find myself tossing and turning in the evenings because I struggle to switch off after a long day in the office. If you go for a long sea swim though, trust me – it’ll exhaust you! There’s nothing better than coming home to a hot water and curling up in comfies with a good book.

4 reasons you should go sea swimming when it's flat | UK Lifestyle Blog

Your body will thank you

Physically and mentally you’ll feel 100 times better, believe me. Swimming against the tide builds muscle and tones your body, we’ve already spoke about how it helps you sleep better but it’s also a God sent for your skin. All that salt works absolute wonders.

Look after yourself though and be sure to wrap up and get yourself a hot drink for afterwards.

4 reasons you should go sea swimming when it's flat | UK Lifestyle Blog
Water Bottle from Chillys

Why wouldn’t you?

Because it’s the BEST!

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Increase Your Surf Stamina with These Fitness Hacks

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to improve your fitness. You might want to lose some weight or improve your body shape. Perhaps you want to achieve more in your favourite sport or activity. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to know what to do to make the improvements. There are plenty of choices, but not all will suit everybody.

Many people associate fitness with stamina. But fitness is also about your strength, energy levels and flexibility. All of us want to do more and last longer before we need a rest. And who doesn’t want to feel more energised! Improving your fitness is about feeling better about the body you’re in. You want it to perform when you need it to, and a new fitness programme can help you do that.

Increase Your Surf Stamina with These Fitness Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

Join a bootcamp

For some of us, getting started is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Boot camps are a great way to give you the boost you need. For anyone who thinks they can’t do something, a boot camp can help show them they are more than able. They are designed to work you hard in every way so you can improve your fitness from day one. You can find more info on the benefits of boot camps online. They can inspire you to achieve more.

Be mindful of your diet

If you can’t make it to a boot camp right away, why not make some moves toward improving your fitness from the comfort of your own home? Small changes to your lifestyle can help make exercising much easier. If you lack energy in the evenings, try working out in the mornings. Low energy levels are often caused by a poor diet. Introduce healthier foods into your meals, and ditch the things you know are doing you harm, like sugar.

Increase Your Surf Stamina with These Fitness Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

Hang up your car keys

Walking every day will increase your leg strength. It will help boost your energy levels too because it works your circulatory system. Best of all, it can improve your fitness. Once you have been walking for about half an hour every day for a week, you’ll find you can get started with jogging a little easier. Jogging or running is harder the heavier you are. Start slowly and try intervals if you are overweight. As your body gets used to it, you can increase your running time and distance.

Invest in hand weights

Muscle weighs more than fat, but it is thought it can help boost your metabolism for fat loss. Take a couple of hand weights to work with you. You can do some curls and strength exercises at your desk. This will also help tone your arms. At home, you can try reps of squats to increase your leg strength too. You may soon find that you can also increase your flexibility with different movements of your legs and arms. Be sure to stretch well either side of any exercise.

Changes to your lifestyle are a great way to help you get fitter. Becoming more active prepares you for formal exercise programmes. Fitness can be improved in a number of ways, and it doesn’t have to be intense. Kick start your fitness programme with a boot camp or personal trainer for the best results.

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