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3 Exclusive Mykonos Villas at Pouli We’re Dreaming of Booking 😍

The region called Pouli in Mykonos is definitely one of the most panoramic sides of the island with spectacular views of not only Mykonos itself but also the dotted-with-islands Aegean Sea. In fact, you may be able to see as far as Tinos and Delos islands from up there! No wonder the exclusive villas located there are favoured by celebs, famous athletes, and VIPs looking for intimacy, safety, and soul-pleasing vistas. Three of the most opulent and stylish beach adored by the international jet set are:

Villa Dominique (up to 8 guests – 4 bedrooms)

A luxurious 180m2 holiday home in a beautiful location right next to the sea offering superior views of the Aegean spanning below your feet. Villa Dominique is the ideal retreat for those in need of privacy, peace, and serenity without having to sacrifice style, elegance, opulence, or class. This makes it the perfect property for families with kids or friends that wish to explore the more laid-back side of Mykonos.

3 Exclusive Mykonos Villas at Pouli We're Dreaming of Booking 😍 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Spacious living rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, four elegant bedrooms, two bathrooms and a breakfast room (all rooms are air-conditioned) welcome guests that step foot on the inside.

On the outside, a massive private, infinity pool treats holidaymakers with superb seascapes and the most romantic sunsets while handy amenities like the outdoor shower, guest bathroom, and charming dining and lounge areas make your stay even more comfortable and enjoyable and, at the same time, give everybody plenty of room to experience the Mykonos lifestyle as they please.

Villa Peace (up to 14 guests – 7 bedrooms)

Stretching over 550m2, Villa Peace is exactly as its name suggests – a peaceful haven cut for people tired of the stressful city way of living. Raised on three levels to ensure the privacy of each guest, Villa Peace comprises of the main house, a fully furnished, palatial villa equipped with all the modern amenities.

The separate upper level designed explicitly so that you and your partner can spend some quality time together, and a total of four equally lavish, private guest houses (each with its own entrance) with king-sized beds, en-suite bathrooms, and access to beautiful terraces where guests can take in heart-warming panoramas of Mykonos island and the ocean.

3 Exclusive Mykonos Villas at Pouli We're Dreaming of Booking 😍 | UK Lifestyle Blog

If you decide to spend your day outdoors, you will find plenty of sunbeds and loungers next to the gorgeous infinity pool. Get your cocktail and savour the arresting vistas spreading below you, organise a BBQ party, or even arrange for a helicopter tour (the existence of a helipad makes it a pleasurable option) and explore the beauties of the cosmopolitan island and the other famous islands nearby (see Santorini or Delos) from up above!

Villa Titos (up to 18 guests – 9 bedrooms)

Another sumptuous 550m2 villa in Pouli, Mykonos with breath-taking views and the capacity to accommodate up to 18 people, with all modern facilities provided.

Due to its meticulously designed layout, no one will ever feel lacking their much-needed privacy. The main house is divided into 3 levels, with the pool level being the area where the impressive swimming pool, comfy staff room, fully equipped kitchen, grand living room, posh dining sector, and private outdoor pool (with loungers and many seating spots) are found.

The lower level is created for people that want some uninterrupted me-time, with a double room which has a separate private entrance. As for the upper level, it is where your personal refuge is located, with the king-sized bed and en-suite bathroom, along with another double room.

3 Exclusive Mykonos Villas at Pouli We're Dreaming of Booking 😍 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Leaving the main building, six guest houses (each with a private entrance, double rooms, and en-suite bathrooms) with access to their own terrace allow guests to relish exclusive panoramas of the never-sleeping island. Things like cots and highchairs show the attention to detail and how Villa Titos was designed with guests’ maximum comfort in mind.

**Psst!!** 🙀 For larger groups of people (up to 32 guests), Villa Peace and Villa Titos can also be rented as a single property (they are adjacent). Also, the housekeeping staff will make sure you won’t need to worry about things like cleaning or maintenance!

So, all you have to do is wallow in the grandness of whichever upscale villa in which you decide to spend your Mykonos holiday! Click to Find All Mykonos Villa Rentals by Kinglike here!

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5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations to Consider

If you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know that something insanely exciting happened last month; we finally booked our one-way ticket to Thailand for our honeymoon! We’re leaving straight from the bridal-suite at our manor house wedding in Cornwall, and jumping on a plane to Phuket. The idea is to explore until our hearts content, then make our way to Cambodia, Vietnam, and wherever else takes our fancy.

If you are also getting married soon, chances are you’re about to book your honeymoon, too. No matter if you want peace and quiet or great tours and attractions (trust me, we struggled to decide!), you will find something you like on the below list. Stay close to the beach, connect with ancient cultures, embark on a spiritual journey together, and make the most out of this romantic getaway.

5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations to Consider | UK Lifestyle Blog

Costa Rica

Just a few hours by plane, Costa Rica’s natural beauty and great biodiversity will help you relax and enjoy “pura vida”. There is so much to see in the country; from animal sanctuaries to small fishing villages, stunning active volcanoes, waterfalls, and beaches. You can book a five star hotel near the beach and one of Costa Rica’s national parks to get closer to nature and each other.


You might think of the Maldives as a location for the millionaires, but actually there are plenty of budget friendly packages available for honeymooners. You can book a bungalow on the beach and enjoy the independence of waking up when you want and going to bed whatever time you feel like. To make your vacation even more memorable, you can even go on a week cruise around the islands on a catamaran.


From stunning beaches to great nightlife and low cost accommodation, you can find everything in Thailand. Try the food at the market, shop around for souvenirs and decoration for your new home and take your travel to the next level. Bangkok has fantastic markets you can walk around all day, and there are several islands to discover on a boat tour.


The Greek island is famous for the locals’ hospitality and the great atmosphere. The weather is great all year round, and you can find ancient temples, great monuments, and fantastic wine to taste in Crete. There are regular flights in the summer, and you can get active, cycling, horse riding, or hiking on the beach. Before you start booking your honeymoon, look for beach resorts with great bars and all inclusive packages, as eating out can be costly.


To have a water themed honeymoon with loads of things to do and see, Malta is your destination. From old churches and forts to shipwrecks just off the Mediterranean Coast, local markets, and small villages and festivals, there are plenty of reasons why you should go to Malta. There are also several famous diving schools in Malta offering basic and advanced training. Whether you would like to sail around the island of Comino, visit Sicily by boat, or try scuba diving, you will find this the ideal honeymoon destination.

Choosing the right honeymoon destination is almost as important as getting your wedding venue right. Choose a place where you can be free from the hustle and bustle of the big city, try new things, connect with nature, and each other while exploring diverse cultures.

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Things Every Solo Traveller Needs To Know

I absolutely love travelling with my partner and my friends – but sometimes I like to travel solo. I first did this when I was 20 years old and went to university in Australia as part of a study abroad program, and it was exhilarating. From there I also did a little bit of solo travel around New Zealand and South East Asia.

Nowadays we’re all queuing up to enjoy the perks of holidaying by ourselves as well as meeting like-minded people with whom we share a mutual interest. However there are a few tasks that we believe all solo travellers should master. Having an emergency plan in place for if you get sick, heaving suitcases that weigh a ton off the carousel and making sure that you’re not a victim of dodgy pickpockets or scammers trying to sell you ‘authentic’ precious jewellery or knock off ‘designer’ bags.

Things Every Solo Traveller Needs To Know | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  Single for the Holidays - 4 Great Ways to Travel Solo

How To Cope With Luggage Alone

When you’re travelling alone, your luggage needs to be very manageable as not everyone will be happy to lift something, or even look after your bags just while you ‘nip to get some water’ so you should work out bathroom breaks and kiosk purchases beforehand.

For example use the facilities before you collect your luggage, or, if you’ve got hand luggage, see if the accessible toilets are free as you’ll have extra room to move about. While on public transport wedge your bags into the corner of the luggage rack, no one will steal heavy bags that are too awkward to reach.

What To Do If You Get Sick

This is probably the issue that puts most people off singles holidays, but it’s easy to navigate if you know how. Become super friendly with hotel staff that way if you do fall ill you can call down to reception, those on duty will then be sure to check in on you regularly and bring you anything you may need. It also means that should you not improve they’ll arrange for a doctor to visit as well and help gather your travel documents in case you need to go into hospital.

How to Avoid Expensive Accommodation

survey by an insurance company has shown that 74% of people have chosen to use Airbnb when travelling alone to avoid extra charges. The study conducted by holiday home insurance company, Schofields Insurance, revealed more about their accommodation preferences when travelling alone. The survey showed that:

  • 44% have stayed in an Airbnb property
  • 18% have stayed in hostels
  • 65% have stayed in hotels


  • Out of those who stayed alone in a hotel, 78% had been quoted an extra single person supplement.
  • 74% of those staying in an Airbnb property did so to avoid extra charges levied by hotels.
  • Hostels appealed to 35% solo travellers because they liked the communal aspect, whereas 29% chose them solely because they were cheaper than other options.

Things Every Solo Traveller Needs To Know | UK Lifestyle Blog

Snap Perfect Pictures Without Help

If you know you’re going on holiday alone; then the best bet for taking photos will probably be a selfie stick or something similar. If you aren’t a fan of selfies, then try rotating the camera to face you, holding it at arm’s length as far away as you can and then taking a picture.

Failing that you can ask someone to take a picture for you so look for people who’re friendly, with others and speak some English. Approach someone who has a better phone, or camera, than yourself as this way they probably won’t want to steal something so basic, compared to their own, and they probably know how to take a decent picture too.

How To Dine By Yourself In Restaurants

Many travellers feel uncomfortable about dining alone but it needn’t be the social nightmare people think it is. Don’t pretend you have someone coming because it’ll just be awkward for you and the staff when no one turns up. Just request a ‘table for one’ which is common in many European cities anyway.

You’ll get used to it. Enjoy your meal while reading a best-seller, glossy magazine. Alternatively, do something productive such as planning the next route, catching up on their travel blog or writing emails and or postcards home. This means they’re busy but not completely unapproachable if anyone wants to start a conversation.  

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