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Avoid Procrastinating: Prioritise These 2 Wedding Purchases

When you are planning a wedding, you are likely to have a whole host of things to organise on your plate. It’s by no means an easy task! It’s not all too surprising that the majority of people begin to procrastinate. Now, there are various ways that people tend to do this. Some simply sit back and watch time tick away, letting the wedding day draw closer without actually preparing for it.

Others will try to make themselves feel productive by making the small, frivolous or “extra” purchases before actually sorting any major purchases out. But it’s extremely important that you avoid this means of getting things done. After all, the wedding can go on without tiny features, such as table decorations or party favours. It can’t really go on without some of the bigger parts that keep the wheels of the event turning.

Avoid Procrastinating: Prioritise These 2 Wedding Purchases | UK Lifestyle Blog


The rings tend to be the purchase that kick starts the process of getting married. But increasing numbers of people are opting to propose without a ring and sort the actual ring out later down the line. You should attempt to purchase a ring as soon as possible, as it is something that is traditionally worn throughout the process of being engaged.

Consider GIA certified diamond engagement rings and, if you’re already engaged, why not take your partner or yourself to try the ring on and ensure that it fits. You should also pick up wedding bands sooner rather than later, as this will ensure that you have your size available, and that if your size isn’t available in the design of your choice, you can send them off to be adjusted. We’re having our handmade, so it’s something we’re sorting in advance!

Avoid Procrastinating: Prioritise These 2 Wedding Purchases | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Venue

Generally speaking, the wedding venue tends to be the most expensive part of any wedding. So, it’s not all too surprising that most people will want to put a lot of thought into which venue they choose. But start your search as soon as possible! Many high-quality and desirable venues have months of waiting list, and you are much better booking sooner rather than later if you want to avoid putting your wedding off for a year or so.

Just make sure to visit any venue before booking, no matter how in demand it may appear to be. Visiting allows you to see the space for yourself and be absolutely sure that it is the place that has stolen your heart.

Avoid Procrastinating: Prioritise These 2 Wedding Purchases | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s time to stop procrastinating and get some actual work done! You won’t only end up rushing about, but you may miss out on what you want for your wedding, as major purchases tend to be in high demand and may sell out or be unavailable at short notice. Here are some major steps to get the ball rolling!

These are just two of the major purchases that you should really place at the forefront of your mind when it comes to planning a wedding. Ensuring that they’re purchased and paid for early on in the process will really lift a weight from your shoulders and allow you to move forward with further steps towards planning the big day!

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5 Quirky Wedding Ideas You Need

If there is one feeling you don’t want on your wedding day, it’s to walk away wishing that you’d done things differently. You don’t want to have another typical wedding reception, either.

You want something that people will talk about for years. It’s those unique things that become the stuff of family legend, where all stories start with: ‘do you remember when?’. Your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest, most amazing day of your life, and finding a wedding style that suits you often means looking beyond the norm in the pretty wedding magazines and thinking a little more broadly.

Whether you decide to check out tricked-out transport with all the bells and whistles, or you want to hire in a live Morris dancing group to entertain the guests while they have their prosecco and canapes, your wedding day has to reflect precisely what you want. So, to make that lasting impression, here are five of the quirkiest ways you can make your wedding memorable.

5 Quirky Wedding Ideas You Need | UK Lifestyle Blog

Table Decorations

Many people go for the standard flower arrangements and table games as a way to decorate their wedding guest tables. With a little thought, you could go beyond that. What about instead of a standard flower bouquet in a bowl, you go a little better with flower arrangements in ice? It’s bold and unique and most people won’t have thought of it at all. You could also choose to swap flower bouquets for small trees adorned with twinkly lights!

Hang Out Space

A wedding is a place to mingle, but there’s often waiting around while photographs are taken and waiting for the bride and groom. Filling a space with squashy chairs and large bean bags is a good way to make a part of your reception room look inviting and give the guests somewhere to relax at the same time.

5 Quirky Wedding Ideas You Need | UK Lifestyle Blog

Some seeerriiouss wedding goals 💖👆

Guest Transport

Some people are working close to their budget when it comes to providing wedding transport to their guests. You could choose to hire an entire bus and decorate it with ribbon, or you could go truly quirky and hire in some hot air balloons or a helicopter. You can customise each mode of transport to your wedding day and make it look great.

Live Escort Cards

Also known as ushers for the reception, you could have your guests taken to their seats and provided with a pre-meal cocktail. This way, you don’t spend money on printing seating cards and if you want to have a little something for the guests, why not go for personalised cake pops?

Party Bags

As a kid, party bags were a big deal after each birthday. Instead of offering favours at the end of the day, why not offer welcome bags, instead? You can have personalised paper tote bags printed and stuffed with goodies like labelled chocolates, a mini bottle of Prosecco and even a bag of confetti for you to throw at the happy couple.

5 Quirky Wedding Ideas You Need | UK Lifestyle Blog

Your wedding has to stand out and be different from all the rest and these ideas can help you get there.

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4 Tips on How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Whether you are the bride or the groom you need to make sure you look great on your wedding day. This means you need to make sure you think hard about what to do with your outfits and how you can be sure you get the perfect wedding outfit. But that’s easy, right? Wrong! Getting your wedding attire can actually be more complicated than you might think. Both my fiancée and I have had first time experience of this, it’s a lot harder than it looks.

There is a lot to keep in mind, and this is something that you have to get right if you want the day to be a memorable one. Getting your glad rags on and looking the part is half the battle with a wedding, so you need to make sure you think carefully about what you’re going to be wearing. Here are a few ideas to help get you off on the right track.

4 Tips on How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day | UK Lifestyle Blog

Think About Your Style

The first thing you need to do is to consider your style, both of you. This is something that is going to play a major part in the process of choosing the right kind of outfit. It is also something that will help you pick something you’re definitely going to love. Think about the choice that is out there, and how companies like John Henric UK can help you get something in the style you want. Choose what suits you and what you feel good in, and don’t worry about anything else.

Match the Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is also an important consideration when choosing wedding outfits. You need to make sure you match with one another, but it is also vital to ensure that you match the colour scheme of the day as well. What sort of dress will the bride be going with? What is the main colour besides white? This will need to make an appearance on whatever the groom is going to be wearing.

Shoes are Essential

Shoes play a big part in completing the wedding outfit in the best possible way. You might think that a bride’s shoes are incidental because they are not going to be seen, but it is something that plays a big part. Shoes help you feel great, they define your posture, and they are an essential finishing touch to your wedding outfit. Make sure you get the shoes right as much as you can.

Consider Tradition

Tradition is something you might want to incorporate into the wedding as much as you possibly can. This is something that will play a role in the process of the day and can feed into your outfits as well. Perhaps the groom would like to wear a buttonhole, or it might be the case that the bride will want her something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

When you are planning the perfect wedding, you have to make sure you think about the way you are going to dress. There is no right or wrong approach to take with this, and it is something that can have a major impact on the course of the day. Keep these suggestions in mind before you make any major decisions.

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