Choosing The Right Roof Window Blinds To Compliment Your Home’s Aesthetics

When choosing your roof window blinds, it is important to consider the look you want to achieve for your home. There are many different styles of blinds available in a variety of colours and styles that can be used with any type of room décor or architectural design. Let’s take a look at what you need to consider before choosing the right roof window blinds for your living space.

Choosing The Right Roof Window Blinds To Compliment Your Home's Aesthetics | UK Lifestyle Blog

Before You Start: Choose The Correct Size For Your Windows

The first thing you need to do when looking at any kind of window blind is to decide which size fits best into your windows.

There are two main sizing options available –

Standard Width – This choice will work well for most window types, however, if you have an unusual shaped window, an example being one where there is less than 1/2 inch from the top edge of the glass to the bottom ledge, then choosing a custom creation will work best.

Custom Sized – If you require a size-specific window blind, then this option would be a much better fit, as they allow more flexibility within the dimensions of the window itself.

When selecting a new set of blinds for your windows, try these tips:

Don’t Forget About Your Existing Décor 

If you already have décor on your walls or ceilings, then they should be considered when picking out shades and colours for your new blinds. This way you won’t clash with anything else that may already exist in your house

When focusing on colour, in particular, some colours can complement or contrast with each other. Certain combinations can create a beautiful effect. For example, soft pastel blues paired with dark wood furniture creates a calming atmosphere while bolder hues like red and green make rooms feel energised and brighten up spaces.

Materials And Fabrics

Most people prefer lightweight materials such as cotton fabrics and linen due to their breathability and ease of cleaning. However, heavier textiles tend to offer greater insulation properties which can help keep energy costs down during colder months.

You also need to think about how much light gets through each fabric, so choose accordingly depending upon whether you live in a sunny climate or somewhere darker.

Be Inspired Before Buying

Many homeowners use social media sites like Pinterest to share photos of rooms they love.

Try browsing through images posted online and see whether anything catches your eye. If you’re unsure about how a particular style looks in real life, then simply get in touch with an expert who can guide you through the decision process.

Choose Shades That Fit With Your Lighting 

Lighting fixtures in your living space should be taken into consideration when buying new blinds.

For instance, recessed lighting usually has a very narrow beam angle meaning that the amount of light coming through the shade might be limited. It is therefore advisable to select a blackout fabric to block all light getting through. On the other hand, overhead lights often project a wider illumination pattern so it makes sense to purchase lighter weight fabrics to avoid blocking too much light.

Manual Or Electric Blinds? 

Electric blinds are generally easier to operate and adjust, compared to manually operated ones. They come equipped with sensors that automatically open or close according to conditions outside the home. You don’t even have to lift them! But manual options do give you full control over opening and closing times and positions.

The main difference between both styles lies in how easy it is to change settings; electric models typically feature remote controls whereas manual versions rely on buttons located at the side of the slats themselves.

Choosing an electric option provides ease especially for homeowners who want to control their blinds but have high ceilings that are inaccessible. 

Having an expert help you with your roof window blind choices is important. The knowledgeable team at YARD Direct are available to help you with your next choice when it comes to deciding on the perfect Roto Roof Window blinds for your living space

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