Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Gifts For Someone That Has Everything 

Every year I’m either all or nothing when it comes to getting in Christmas spirit. It’ll be Christmas eve and I’ll have barely of spared a thought or I’ll have been pumped about it since October – there’s no in-between. This year, after being extremely busy with the wedding, our business and travelling, I couldn’t be more excited to take some well-deserved time off. It’ll be our first Christmas away and our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs!

I recently went to London with my friends and started doing some Christmas shopping. Finding gifts for friends and family is hard. What on earth do you buy someone that has everything? I have a rule that I try and follow when buying gifts “don’t give them something they need, give them something they want”.

If that still doesn’t help you, here are some ideas:

Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for Someone That Has Everything  | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Sheepskin slippers

Slippers are a classic Christmas gift. I was recently gifted a pair of women’s sheepskin slippers from Celtic & Co and I’m literally obsessed with them. We have a cold tiled kitchen and wooden floors in our lounge, and although I wouldn’t have it any other way, it does mean I get cold feet. I used to buy cheap slippers and if I’m honest, they never last much longer than a couple of weeks because they lose their shape so quickly. These ethical moccasin-style slippers made in Cornwall are so well-made I’m confident I won’t have that issue. They’re ridiculously comfy and I never want to take them off. Never underestimate a good pair of slippers.

2. Beauty elixir

Skincare is one of those things that you either love or you see as a chore. Personally, I’m a big fan of trying new skincare products so I’d always welcome any gifts like this. That said, it especially makes a great gift for those that don’t usually invest in expensive skincare, as it’s a little treat that they wouldn’t usually spend money on but it’s nice to indulge in. The Beauty Sleep Elixir is the perfect treat for those that struggle with dry skin (which a lot of us do during the winter months!) ❄️ Since both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle swear by it, the 14 natural oil product has become gold dust…

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3. Christmas themed gifts

Looking for a gift for somebody that has everything? One thing I’ve started looking at is Christmas themed gifts. Christmas decorations, crockery and glasses that only come out during the festive season. These gifts end up staying in the family for years, sometimes even generations, as they only come out for a few weeks of the year. Growing up I remember particularly Christmas jars and mugs that would only come out when we put up the decorations, and there was something really special about that. That’s why I’ve started gifting Christmas decorations and bits and pieces for family members I really struggle to buy for. I’m loving the adorable Christmas range from Sara Miller London, especially the Christmas goose jar (how adorable!?).

4. Photobook

We’re so lucky that we can be snap-happy without any limitations. Over the years I’ve built libraries full of photos from key milestones in my life and I’ll treasure them forever. The only problem is, most of the photographs we own end up sitting in a folder on our computer somewhere. In 2017 we got engaged at the top of a mountain and earlier this year we got married. These were the two happiest days of my life and we got some amazing photographs. It seems such a shame for them to hide on a computer so instead, we had them made into photobooks. It feels so special holding these albums in our hands, and they’re so affordable, too.

5. Luxury scented candle

Skip Yankee candles and other brands you’ll find on most high-streets. Instead, opt for a truly luxurious candle from Jo Malone or The White Company. Granted, these candles cost a little bit more than what you’d probably usually spend but the fragrance is much stronger and far more interesting. One of my favourite candles from The White Company is the Winter Signature candle. Having owned a few different candles from their collection, I know they have a very long burn-time. All their products are made from high-quality ingredients which won’t give you a headache – unlike cheap alternatives. These candles are the perfect way to add a touch of class when giving gifts!

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6. Jewellery

A carefully chosen piece of jewellery continues to surprise and move people on Christmas day. I recently came across Daisy London and I’m OBSESSED 😍 Anybody that knows me personally will know that I rarely wear silver and I’m a big fan of gold jewellery. Sometimes it can be tricky to find contemporary beautiful gold jewellery but Daisy London really knocks it out the park. My Christmas list of full of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces from their website. There’s something suitable for all budgets and each collection has a unique style. Not to mention their packaging is really something special.

Best of luck with your Christmas shopping!

Author: Sam Charles

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